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  1. Actualy since i have two or more uniextractor version running. I would welcome also as with post above but with title [example 'UniExtract v1.61'] seperate for each version i have installed. Easy then to right mouse button select and mouse over for each UniExtract option available.
  2. Can someone who is able to download the latest version from there.. Post them here for us to use also. English version please, say this as i see ui has changed a bit, looking forward to using them. Post as many and as often as you can not only keeps this forum section alive, but also means nitro will be following and maybe join in again at some point. Dare we say even a collobaration may occur bringing the two together. Also do please suggest to Gora to name the packages unofficial version. Like was done previously when someone did previously which Nitro was ok with as long as it was renamed. The one in the thread mentioned has __s2__ is not the same as naming it as 'unofficial version' which makes it clear what it is. Actualy it would better Not doing so could well pee of Nitro and that is something i' sure none of us would want to do. He never said no last time and i think he does welcome other input as long as is renamed. Not the first time Nitro has gone quiet and i doubt won't be the last. If need to contact Nitro you could email or visit his forum here http://legroom.net/forum. Also anyone recently compiled a new UserDB.txt should be 5mb or more by now. Known that Bob has run away from the peid project for whatever reason he had. But even on his pages are no new UserDB.txt updates. Do hope he is putting his time now to better things such as writing unpack database for antivirus and other such softwares to use, for years we have need that. Since what they know now and for many years is sod all, reason many of have need to unpack files with universal extractor. Besides seeing what is inside before instaling, like useless bho's, toolbars,spy dlls, advertise dlls and rest of the rubbish that installers can hide.
  3. Are you still developing any new version soon ? Is there a beta groups (count me in) or any new beta test releases ? What new unpackers expected in newer release when its available ?
  4. exogenesis

    how to create the MINI XP

    Had a look at a few Hiren cd as they say they better ones were the earlier ones. Actualy most of them as same tools and nothing specail on all of them, said earlier ones had mor to offer! Anyway i did like the minixp and a thought why not install to vm thin it down and then put to usb. Though i don't know how would cut down on the omph been installed unless edit xp installer or nlite it some way. Came looking for a script ui to just do this for windows xp and only found vista 7 one linked above. Not wanting to do a bart or simialr just something simple. A ui which knows all on xp with sp3 cd and user able to select and deselt. Maybe even with help explanations for what would be removed. Such as IE - internal xp internet explorer etc.. Anyone seen something like this ? As said could do with vm, but it would be after xp install and that would be the wrong way. Or maybe my mind is turned of today and cannot think what actualy is need if so excuse for my mind having a rest day. Maybe you help it to restart wth some ideas for this Edit: Actualy just having a look at nlite again after some years. Seems it really has come along way since early days. Doing this with nlite alone maybe the easiest way to make minixp, don't know how much it can slim down, but who would want to use a featurless os. When usb flash drives are big enough toeven hold full xp (or vista if it is your os liking). Anyway will have a look at nlite for now and see how it goes, really just need to get rid of ms useless software such as messenger talk thing and others, which xp unistal never does get rid of cleanly. Maybe even IE but think xp relies on that for many things even explorer needs it so i read long ago.
  5. exogenesis

    98 SE SP 3.32

    Any pre built complete install cd of this with all additions installed. Really need it as mdgx page has way too many installs to even start to do this, given that each install will need a restart. A clean fresh install of 98se with all additions, fixes and others etc installed before running to make setup cd for that. Please no settings tweaks or settings adjusted for this unless is on mdgx list of files. Link your file here or a place where a cd setup resides for this. Sorry Mdgx but there is way to many and your site needs a simpler way to do this in minutes not hours. Though thanks for sharing with us even though not yet perfect for quick making of 98se - me setup install disk or even live cd.
  6. Thanks -x- nice page you have there will grab them for nlite install as you say Shame strel hasn't updated in a while. Maybe someone knows him and can get him to agree ok to carry on, that is after he has posted ok here ok to so. Would be nice for update since .net is ongoing and we need this script updating just as much. How about we do an alternative version but is really an update for later as now for newer .net installs.
  7. Have many DotNetFx installs from 1.1 to 4.0. Would like to throw out what isn't needed and keep what is in AIO installer. I have modifies the ini for using 3530=YES the others for that part are = only. And have downloaded four hotfixes and they apply now so cmd.exe continues without stopping. OS used for this is xp sp3, so i assume that the installer will have everything from all DotNetFx installs i placed in the synth directory. When run would install everything needed to for 1.1 to 3.5.30 DotNetFx installs so all applications that need them will not complain. I wonder about two things i have never installed hotfixes since sp1. Only hotfixes applied are those from likes of SP3 install, directx and DoNetFx. I assume would be good to apply many more, is there a location i can download all these from. That is download all for a download manager to grab them in one go. Not so interested on sitting at microsoft all day to to this manualy. Just as i was never interested to sit all day at microsoft online updates, to find like many it fails for one reason or another and more hotfixes needed to fix the ones that fail. Dowanloading all at once location for hotfixes that are original unmodified microsoft hotfix updates. Which is the bestter package to allow DotNetFx to be taken from, i assume 3.5.30 since would be more complete updated than v2.0 itself. Or is v2.0 the best one to use ? (When i used v3.5.30 it ouput file for 30SP2 ? I used v3.5.30 not v3.0 and os i have is SP3 not SP2 would like installer for SP3 since XP SP2 is a problem os compared to XP SP3) What of DotNetFx v4 can snms handle this package as yet. Have had v4 for a while now, or is there a problem with it as to why it is not available to use use in snms ? Additional upated comments in brackets ( as above )
  8. exogenesis

    One Question

    Does using this mean for some operations it will not work without having user passwords set. I ask because i hate to have ever any passwords set. The same reason i hate .NET. I ask because i look at your site and see pictures of pc user password needed possibly to continue.
  9. exogenesis

    XPCREATE 2007

    Use a vpc will then be fast and easy. When think ok test by burning as previously did.
  10. exogenesis

    What If...

    Unofficial to have only the unpackers of the installers that UE can never have included. Maybe it will need to be hosted on another forum and site, a reliable site. Everyone build for one version not multiple different ones. Having newer versions more often. With a final relase version more often, so no beta testing forever. ...I'm not a coder i'm just thinking out aloud for an unofficial version to be scripted/coded.
  11. exogenesis

    What If...

    Unofficial version (only one unofficial version to exist ever, so we all keep track of it) A version that has all extras that cannot be included in UE official version. There are many things that UE official cannot have included, which would improve UE extracting of other installers. Nitro - delete this if out of context or bad for UE future.
  12. exogenesis

    Universal Extractor

    What are the better tools that can identify archives. We have one or two in ue but i'm needing more. I need to know of the custom packers as above for m$ visual c++ to many of these reports. All archives are custom until you know who they are, then find sollution to unpack them. Please list with urls (if poss) all the archive id softwares that know all and the ones that know the exotic ones used on win32. Nitro don't give up Uniextractor, please keep it updated with new unpackers and more.
  13. exogenesis

    Disk Imaging Software

    Which software in dos alows to copy whole partition with no gb limitation, and save it as an iso image. I will be copying the windows os and boot drive c: partition. Anyone know ?
  14. exogenesis

    Universal Extractor

    Nice post and locations there Inferi0r Nitro can you get ones that are missing, into UniExtractor.
  15. exogenesis

    Universal Extractor

    Nitro at least you ironed out some of them, and have some test files for the others not yet able to do. I will keep looking through my different pc's for those installer and other packed archives. That don't unpack with UniExtractor lastest two versions. We can all make Universal Extractor more than it's current version is. Just by posting a link here to those don't don't extract. The tip for not deleting temporary files i did not know, i prefer no temporary files kept. For the archives and installers that need this, could this be automated by UniExtractor in the background. After extractor returning to the last user chosen setting, for deleting or not deleting temporary files. I use UniExtractor only with right mouse click menu (desktop integration). Sometimes there is a option for identify the file, this never seems to work. Even on known file that can be extracted. Is there plans for this option to be available for any file type known, for files with or without an extension.