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  1. I believe he meant File system check - scandisk. It can be disabled by setting AutoScan=0 in MSDOS.SYS
  2. @VistaLover I thought this may be the case, but since i get the above error instead of the usual "exception 0xc.....1d" i wasn't sure. Maybe the .exe file is fine, but some .dll needs SSE2?
  3. Is this supposed to work on AthlonXP? I get this error:
  4. It's the same in NM and St52, holding Ctrl does this. But my keyboard is tucked away most of the time when just browsing... I had the setting toggled for some time, didn't like this behaviour as default. I'd prefer my browsers to behave the same way (when possible).
  5. I have been wondering for some time... is there a way to add "Open in foreground tab" to the right-click menu in St52 by any modification in the preferences (without using extensions)? Or, is the default menu hard-coded in the core files? I got this in NM27 with some extension. I would like to have it in St52 without further bloating my (already too big) extension list... It is often very useful, because i can keep opening links in a background tab with a middle-click, but using this i can open a link in a new tab and immediately switch to it (without reaching for the keyboard ).
  6. Hmm, maybe try to reset to free license (in the settings)? Or reset the whole thing? Save your contacts, fully quit AnyDesk, make a backup of the %appdata%\AnyDesk folder, then delete/rename it. On the next start you should get a new ID and fresh settings. About alternatives, what are your needs? Will you only access your XP system at home, or you intend to access other devices as well? What types of device/OS you need supported? Windows PCs only? Mobiles too? Do you use public IP addresses, can you forward ports? If not, you need a server to act as a middle-man like in TV and AD. Do you use the file transfer function, or just remote control? Or maybe even only remote viewing (without control part) would suffice? Also, did you already try the ones suggested here previously?
  7. What exactly did you download (post link)? Maybe it wasn't fully downloaded when you extracted it? Try downloading again.
  8. How did you get there? Did you click that "Test professional features now" link on the "What's new" page? What license does it show on the About page? I have been using AnyDesk ever since i found about it and so far it didn't nag me about buying a license.
  9. How is your russian? Check this post by Naytaco (cached). Also, you may be interested in this post on the same page.
  10. Otherwise i would have first suggested to try another OS...
  11. Could you disconnect the power button after turning on the PC and see if it still goes to sleep? Also, examine the board for faulty capacitors, dust piles, etc.
  12. Some of your current device/driver combo probably doesn't support standby. Try to find which one. You can use powercfg /devicequery all_devices_verbose to see a list of all devices and their supported power states. It's a long list, so you better redirect it to a text file :P Use powercfg /H OFF to disable hibernation.
  13. Well, compile/download the Mesa3D library, rename it to opengl32.dll and put alongside the browser executable. Maybe @PlayerXP could share the location of those precompiled binaries? I found this site, but could only browse its archive... There is also a project on Github, but the installer relies on mklink, which isn't available in XP. You could try to manually copy/rename the files though.
  14. Umm, could you specify what you are asking about? The Quake game? The Mesa DLL? Something else?
  15. Another way to fix it - switch the engine to IE (the lightning bolt in the address bar) :P
  16. @ArcticFoxie Check what happens if you enable the DirectWrite flag. In Win10 this fixed the fonts. It shouldn't matter under XP, but who knows...
  17. Same in Edge for that microsoft.com page. In St52 after a few minutes of waiting i get "An error (502 Bad Gateway) has occurred in response to this request." @D.Draker where did you get that link from? I thought anything XP-related was purged long ago... (hint - 404) Maybe this is their attempt to tell us to go away, lol Even the Internet Archive got blocked there. Last good backup seems to be from 2017, i you still want to read that.
  18. Even 360EE_9.5.0.138 needs SSE2, it won't start here. Anyways... What i noticed about your v11 is that even the browser UI has different fonts. Did you change anything font/language related in the settings or in chrome://flags ? After a quick comparison, i didn't notice any difference in the shown style attributes between good and bad builds. For now i think it is something about the font renderer itself...
  19. I tested v11 from here under Win10 (because my XP system can't run 360), but i could not replicate the issue. I even tried going through the proxy in my XP just in case it could be some unsupported cypher, still no dice. [edit] OK, your v11-rebuild3-ungoogled did the trick.
  20. @ArcticFoxie Are the fonts bad from the first moment the page shows up, or they turn bad during loading? You can throttle the network speed to obsere that better. P.S. got a link for one of those affected builds?
  21. Maybe try NOT blocking webfonts on that page? And reset zoom to 100% Or, it could be conflicting with your desktop DPI setting somehow.
  22. That's a company. It would help to specify which of their products you are looking for. P.S. why does this feel like deja vu?!
  23. I just tried this in the ia32 build and it worked fine. I did just a quick test using a single addon though (google_search_link_fix-1.5.4-sm+fx+an.xpi), don't want to mess up my profile.

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