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  1. While it may be the swiss-army knife among similar tools, i quickly got overwhelmed by its capabilities and am currently using it only for the header-dependent redirect to ProxHTTPSProxyMII. My current chains are like this: HTTPS - browser > ProxHTTPSProxyMII Front > BFilter (for easy blocking) > Proxomitron > ProxHTTPSProxyMII Rear > CCProxy (for caching) > internet HTTP - browser > BFilter > Proxomitron > CCProxy > internet I just wish ProxHTTPSProxyMII was able to receive both protocols in the same port without crapping-out...
  2. @Rod Steel Probably because St55 has older engine than St52 (despite the names)?
  3. If it is a true install (as opposed to just restoring disk image), there should be a $OEM folder in the source somewhere. Just remove the installers from there. If you don't want to modify your install disks (read-only media, etc.), boot some live OS after the first restart and search in the C: drive for that folder.
  4. Searching for "deskjet cartridge refill" yields plenty of results And maybe you may even find a local company/workshop to do it for you if you want to avoid the mess.
  5. One small tool i still use is HDT. Got any CDs from old magazines? Check the demos/sharewares there. Or just download it, couple pages - this or this. Web says last version for Win95 is DX8, i remember having DX8 on my Win95OSR2, but can't recall if i got any newer on it or it was after the switch to Win98...
  6. What SBC is that? You could try booting Plop first to use its USB driver, then load grub4dos. Try both v.5 and the new PBM6.
  7. Are you using USB keyboard/mouse? Maybe it doesn't really hang, but just disables USB so it won't respond to your input anymore. If you have PS/2 ports there, try using them instead. Test whether it still hangs if you rename the C:\Windows\INF folder. If it doesn't, try to find which .INF file in there is for the problem device and remove it so Windows won't find a suitable driver. Alternatively, you could try to create a dummy driver for that specific vendor ID and device ID combination.
  8. Any of these fine for you? Or check here. Did you try running the LiveUpdate thingy that usually comes with Norton/Symantec stuff? Maybe it could offer a fix.
  9. It could be. But this "flickering on a frozen frame" coupled with supposed disk activity... ... points more towards a problem somewhere else. @VistaLover Do as they said - try with external display first. You may need to use a key combination to switch displays, and on many systems these won't work during specific points of the boot process. If you're not afraid of opening the thing, disconnecting the internal LCD cable (whichever end is easier to access) normally forces the output to the external monitor. If this doesn't help, try to confirm that the system is actually working - press Caps/Num/Scroll Lock to check that their indicators toggle. Or see if the disk light is blinking as usual. If it boots, you can try to use Remote desktop/Anydesk/whatever to connect and investigate further. If it doesn't boot, try cleaning the RAM contacts. Well, sh!t happens. Last night there was some kind of faint, sweet, fruit-like smell in my room for about a whole hour before i found its source... I lifted my pillow and there was a big hole on the underside, as well as on the electric blanket below, and on the bed itself. When the smoke escaped, the smell suddenly got terrible. The small plastic box in the blanket, where the power cord connects to the heating wire, was completely burned, lol... heh. Now, i gotta buy another electric blanket before the temps go under...
  10. It works here in Serpent52 and NM27. I had a little issue in NM27 where the video div would not show up unless i resized the browser window height, but fixed it with a bit of userCSS (padding-bottom related). I didn't check with clean profiles, but i guess it would work (maybe with some minimal adjustments) One thing to note is that the initial setting in St52 was HD720, when i changed it to "medium" in the player (the only other available option) i got that error too. After switching to DASH in the site settings i had more quality options in the player and they seem to work fine. P.S. That girl is funny
  11. @Dave-H Do you happen to use a proxy for HTTPS? If so, add its certificate to your new browsers. Or change the browser proxy setting to "no proxy" instead of auto/system proxy.
  12. Did you try to just wait some time? It may be that the app suddenly started to rape your CPU and there wasn't enough resources left for anything else. Does the HDD light blink after it locks-up? What app is this anyways? You could also try running it in a VM. If you really want step by step execution, look up some debugger. Many programs detect this though, and they behave differently.
  13. Well, worst case you can try some twisted way of loading like they do for Hackintosh - boot 32-bit Clover => modify ACPI tables in memory (don't ask how, no clue ) => chainload some Windows boot loader => boot XP. Couple links: Clover 32-bit - https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/317521-good-bye-clover-32/ Booting XP from (U)EFI - https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=20327
  14. Regardless of what version you get, it downloads the latest indexes and driver packages. Run the program, let it download indexes and update itself, then when you start installing a driver it will download the package containing it. P.S. and tell us the version of the working driver for future reference when you find it
  15. Did you try the tool i suggested earlier?
  16. Hmm, is this vanilla Win98 or Win98SE? Anyways, i see they suggested you to install an UDF driver over at reddit too. If you want long filenames, you will need Joliet as ISO9660 is limited to 8.3 names. While you are shopping, get couple rewritable disks too if your drive can burn them. Makes testing much cheaper
  17. Get DPC Latency Checker and see what it reports.
  18. Isn't there a touch screen on that thing? Maybe try to use it instead. Another thing i just thought about - examine the device manager in Win10 for any mention of "intel serial io" or "I2C host" or something similar. That's an internal bus they started to use recently for various built-in devices. If a lot of devices are missing in XP, it can be explained by the lack of a driver for that bus.
  19. This worked (in St52 and MyPal), thanks! And the menu there has this link https://web.telegram.org/?legacy=1 which looks like it could work even in NM27, but the part that checks the security code seems to be failing... Here is the error: Are there other versions of the web interface? Any list of them all?
  20. Well, i tried Chrome 34. It won't even show the login page - all blank.

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