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  1. And there i go looking for 2024, heh... About driver signing, maybe this could be useful. It should work, as long as the interfaces used for booting get marked as critical and loaded early enough. You can check in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CriticalDeviceDatabase\ after installing each next driver.
  2. There are a few IASTOR?.sys drivers in HBCD, loaded through txtsetup.sif Check which one gets running on your system, find the driver version from the .SYS file properties, then look up the full package for that version. As for NT6/6.1 (what are you installing, Vista or Win7?), the generic AHCI driver should work fine. I think it was also backported to XP, may be mistaken though. Try searching at the win-raid forums. Or you may skip all that driver hunting and try the Easy2Boot solution.
  3. I think you need the Intel Matrix storage (or Rapid storage, or whatever the name is currently) drivers. The motherboard/system manufacturer support site should have a copy of those.
  4. If i ever play videos in a browser, i stick to 240p or 360p, and even those are lagging a lot. I even disabled webm so i could get only H.264. Anything higher goes to MPC-HC or MPC-BE to be played through the 3DYD Youtube Source filter.
  5. OK, which driver you are talking about now? The one in my last post includes a network utility. Maybe its install is disabled... Open in Notepad the file 010336\nb-driver-wlan-2002.1.1201.2011\IsConfig.ini Find this section: [SupportOSUI] ;Supported platforms for RtWlan Utility Win98=0 WinME=0 Win2K=1 WinXP=0 Win2003=0 WinX64=0 VistaX86=0 VistaX64=0 Win7X86=0 Win7X64=0 and change all 0s to 1, save, then install again. I don't know if the installer actually checks those settings. As alternate way, use UniExtract2 to extract data1.cab, then look in one of
  6. This has been mentioned here before - https://github.com/iv-org/invidious/ Select a working instance and replace the youtube.com domain with it. You can use an add-on or a GM script to do this automatically.
  7. Seems to be expired certificate error. Couldn't you just change your date or add an exception in the browser, huh?! Oh, well, here it is.
  8. Hm, despite the much bigger size this doesn't appear to have any connection tool included. Try this direct link instead.
  9. You can try making MS bring back support for Windows 98 or XP with the same success rate. Google does what is good for them, not for us. Forcing you to use their browser (and upgrade the hardware if needed) is good for them. Same with any other major company.
  10. Did you get the 010336.rar file with size 26MB? Or something else, huh?! If the phone is next to the notebook and you still get weak signal, this may indicate a problem either with the antenna (but you say Win7 works), or with the firmware used by the driver. Changing the driver may help. Can you post a link to the drivers page at Toshiba? I couldn't find Satellite C855-2kP, only similar models.
  11. So, it doesn't connect even with the driver included tool? What error message do you get? Is the issue only with a WPA network? Are you able to connect to open networks? What about network with WEP?
  12. In PE Network enable the "Show networkkey on input" option and check that you typed the correct password. Maybe the keyboard is going bad and some key doesn't always work? Look for a connection manager utility in your driver and try to use it instead. The driver i linked before includes one, that's why i posted it. Toshiba drivers and tools often need the ConfigFree framework installed before they can work fully.
  13. I found a driver here with XP support and the additional utilities. I only looked at the manually extracted files and didn't install anything as i don't have a compatible adapter anyways. Scan with antivirus before running. Or you can check if the downloads at the official Realtek page still work for XP even though it isn't mentioned there. [edit] Don't bother with the Realtek driver - it's for Win7+
  14. Enabled and running? Did the driver come with any kind of a connection manager program? If not, try PENetwork.
  15. Check if the "Wireless Zero Configuration" service is enabled and running. Without it you have to use the tools included with the WiFi adapter drivers (if any). P.S. What kind of WiFi is that? Brand, model?
  16. Few days ago i was doing warranty repairs on a notebook - after finishing the hardware part i tried to check how it works with their existing Win7 install... It was locked, nobody thought of providing me with a way to test (i hate it when they do this!), and the password hint said "none of your business"... Obviously, i left it patched after i was done
  17. Hmm, the "Submit reply" button got bugged in NM27...
  18. It starts with Trident (IE). Use the icon at the right end of the address field to change.
  19. This one is locked, change it to part 3. "File does not exist" Got a copy of this? Could somebody with XP and SSE2 try Avant Browser? Here only the Trident engine seems to work, Gecko crashes immediately, and Webkit is not shown at all despite its files being available in the browser folder. Lunascape looks interesting as well, but needs SSE2, no clue about XP support ... Github releases
  20. Run Process Explorer. Double-click the svchost process which is torturing the CPU. Select the Services tab to see which services are running in the process. Stop those services one by one until you find which one is responsible for this.
  21. German Amazon good for you? I also tried the turkish Amazon, which should be closer, but the damn thing don't have a translator. And i didn't see IDE in any product name there, you will have to check those one by one. OK, i found one locally
  22. EnTech have some useful display utilities. For a start, check if softMCCS can read the EDID. You can try to generate a customized .inf file for your TV with PowerStrip. There is a guide at TechRepublic.
  23. Isn't the Created date when the file actually got created on that specific drive? I think this should be a good indication of install date. You just have to ignore obvious "fake" dates. That is, if scandisk or another similar program considers a date invalid and tries to repair it, the date would be reset to a specific one like 1980.01.01 or the Modified date would be copied over. On my ancient Win98 install most dates are 2005.12.31 with the time around 20:40 - 20:50, so this should be when i installed it. Sounds like a typical New Year's Eve for me, lol. Fun thing - my SYSTEM.
  24. @TechnoRelic If a clean profile doesn't help, rename your HOSTS file and try again.
  25. Look for WindowsServer2003-KB914961-SP2-x86-ENU.exe with your favorite search engine.
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