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  1. Try to dig out some old Intel WiDi driver from before they scrapped the thing "because M$ added it to Win10". Not sure if one exists for XP though.
  2. I checked some drivers in SDIO and indeed the newer ones are compiled for Vista+ despite what the .inf file header claims. But there are older ones which run or XP. Did you try any of those? Notice the version numbers in the tooltip.
  3. Mine is an older version. the readme file says: I couldn't find the original archive, so attached whatever was in my programs folder. There is a setting to select a hotkey, don't remember if CRTL+ALT+DEL was possible. Try to run the .exe and check yourself. My Win98SE starts only in safe mode currently, since i changed the mobo and video... Starting normally leads to a "It's now safe to turn off your computer" screen, pfff. atm.zip atm22.zip
  4. I'll just leave couple links here: DevManView Installing a driver(.inf) file from command line But still i suggest spending 15min. for a clean install of XP. btw. SDIO shows a proper touchpad driver with a config program.
  5. bummer Better see into making a clean separate install of XP for testing.
  6. There are some requests to add/fix CCC in the bundle over at AMD. But it is supposed to be just the driver. Normally you won't allow customers of an internet cafe to screw around with driver settings.
  7. I use this for polymer1: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0) /off-topic Is there still a way to use the old-school post editor on msfn? Currently i can't see/edit the tags, and various sh!t happens like the nested spoilers in my previous post...
  8. Did you check MultiRes? If it works, you add it to startup in the Start menu. Also, add /basevideo to your boot.ini so it always boots in VGA mode. Before you give up... How much free space you have? Try to squeeze in another partition and install clean XP there. You can use the WinNTsetup tool to do it from either Win8 or your current XP. It can also add the AHCI driver. This way you will know for sure that there are no left-over drivers from your previous system.
  9. The file from that icafe page is here - https://archive.org/details/icafe-winxp-9.00.300.3010-beta1-br294594-sep24 It doesn't have the ID for this GPU though.
  10. @Dave-H So, it boots with VGA mode enabled and will work indefinitely as long as you don't touch the driver settings? Does it BSOD if you try to change only the resolution? Get Multires and see if it can switch to the native panel resolution. @win32 Good catch :D How did you find this? Do you know chinese? All results i get for this file are in chinese.
  11. The additional devices should be fine. There is one monitor for each logical video output, even if there is no physical connector. The "motherboard resources" must not have any driver loaded, don't mind those. That "PCI bus" is a bummer though... This means it loaded the standard driver from machine.inf Check its device ID and see if you can find it in the AMD drivers you have downloaded. Also, check what you have loaded there under Win8. Can you slow down Windows loading somehow? Like toggle some speed-related settings in BIOS, enable boot logging, add login prompt(password)? If you still can boot in IDE mode, use that and switch the controller to a lower UDMA mode?
  12. @Dave-H Find the device your video card is directly connected to. On my picture above it is the "VIA CPU to AGP controller", yours should be diferent. Try to load a different driver for that device. @cdob What do you mean by "cloned system"? That article is about old issue on AGP systems, like mine on the picture. We're dealing with a different bus now, but i think the issue and solution could still apply. On my desktop i sometimes have issues, even BSOD, when at standard settings. Also, if Windows loads too fast, it often hangs and i have to reboot. I had those with a GeForce 7600 GS, i had those with the current Radeon HD 2600 too. What i found to help is slowing down the system a bit. I disabled fast-writes in BIOS, enabled some delays, and i use RivaTuner to switch AGP from 8x to 4x. This way it works fine for many days without a crash (unless i cause it, lol). My system is full of *crashy* components that don't like each other - the VIA chipset, the Audigy2 sound, etc. But i somehow managed to make it stable :P
  13. Ok, try this next: Reinstall the driver, don't disable anything. Restart, hit F8 to bring up the menu, select "enable VGA mode". Does it load now? [EDIT] This seems interesting - http://www.sightsea.com/pghpchd/pages/infinite_loop.html Your system probably uses PCI express instead of AGP, so this is how to find which bus driver to change:
  14. Try this - install the driver, then immediately disable all of its components in Autoruns. Reboot and see how it loads. If it succeeds reaching the desktop, enable some components (start with the .sys) and reboot again. Continue until it fails to load, then disable the last thing you enabled. If there are more disabled things remaining, continue with them and skip the failing one. Or... F8 > enable boot log (although it usually don't help me much)
  15. A search for EMGD suggests it is Intel related. Get a copy of Autoruns and check if you have any remaining Intel DLLs active. I trimmed your .inf file a bit - just removed the other models so only yours should be remaining. Should make for easier modding. ATIIXPAG.INF
  16. I just accidentally found out about this while googling for totally unrelated things... damn. Feels... odd... sad... While not much, we have exchaged a few words in the past... Such a great loss for the community. Rest in Peace, Rudolph
  17. Actually drp.su is(was) similar to SDIO. I stopped using it after they started including browsers and whatnot, with a default setting to install them along with your driver. Did you try modding one of the drivers you got while working on the SATA issue? And, why open a new discussion when you already have one for this?! Maybe ask @dencorso to merge both...
  18. Now, where did this come from, lol?! Maybe Win8 prevented something... Go for the manual approach, both jaclaz and cdob gave you links. Start XP, copy the driver, import the .reg file, change mode in BIOS and boot.
  19. Your device ID for AHCI mode is 7801, that's what you need. The one for IDE mode is 7800. It changes with the BIOS setting.
  20. Complete VBEMP driver removal from WinNT/2K/XP/2K3 system It creates one on every start. I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that DriverInjection requires the driver to be in the same folder as the txtsetup.oem file. Anyways, there is a separate SATA driver package for that system - IN1AHC20WW1.exe It includes the needed device IDs. @Dave-H You may want to install the Keyboard Device Filter driver too, as it should enable the special keys and Fn-x combinations.
  21. @EdSon Try running TeamViewer in XP on a system without SSE2...
  22. Funny how this pops-up just a couple days after i linked a page explaining this exploit here on MSFN, lol. And it's 5 years after that page was published...
  23. Huh, you find the numeric contacts annoying? You can rename them. Also, each system can be registered for a SystemName@ad alias.
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