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  1. Just recently the regstry backups that Revo Uninstaller creates saved my Win10 when it commited suicide overnight (probably some f#$%d silent update). It was getting BSODs when entering sleep mode, i would wake up in the morning to see a BSOD. I tried uninstalling the last updates and using System Restore, this made it even worse. In the end it was even unable to boot. And, of course, repair reinstalls need to be run from a working OS, pfff. Clean install is not an option for me considering all the little tweaks and programs i have accumulated over the few years since i got this system.
  2. I know, i just thought it was funny. No offence taken or intended. There are too few hours in a day, too often i can't find enough time for all the things i want to do... But i try to catch up once in a while.
  3. I thought you guys were joking and playing dumb Well, since i was catching up and had just read the last few pages, the related issue was fresh in my mind. And i don't shy away from clicking links to the PM forums...
  4. Couple interesting/related articles: The Website Obesity Crisis Is software getting worse?
  5. Sorry if i wasn't clear enough, i didn't mean to I want to prevent this. What i would like is for both browsers to not interfere with each other, to behave like really separate browsers. The issue until now was that they share the profile index file profiles.ini - whichever profile is set as default in there loads regardless if you started NM27 or NM28. I mostly use NM27, and start NM28 only to test something, if i have an issue with some site, or if i want to quickly check a page and close the browser (here both NM27 and Serpent52 have over 150 tabs and start pretty slowly). The way i start NM28 is by using the -P parameter, which brings up the profile manager. This also means that i have to do the same the next time i start NM27. If the wrong browser gets launched accidentally, it will (most likely) mess up the current default profile. Last builds fixed this by making each browser have its own profiles.ini file. Now @roytam1 says this will be reverted in the next builds (if i didn't misunderstand something). Ugh... As i said previously, one way to have your cake and eat it would be to allow a copy of profiles.ini in the same folder as palemoon.exe to take priority over the file buried in "C:\Documents and Settings\". Hopefully, Roy gets the time (and desire) to implement this. The only issue is if Palemoon is in "C:\Program Files\", on newer Windows you would need to start it as admin to let it modify that file. But, since this is optional (and not needed for a single NM2x browser), you can just let the browser use the regular file in "C:\Users\".
  6. The main issue is, if you have both NM27 and NM28, you have to pick the right profile on each start because they share the same profiles.ini file. What if the wrong browser gets accidentally started (through a file association, misclick, etc.)? When you have the NM27 profile set as default, simply running NM28 will use that profile too and mess it up. When each major version has it's own separate set of profiles, there is no risk of one browser screwing with the profile of another.
  7. So, after just splitting my NM27 and NM28 profiles apart, i wll have to join them together again in a single profiles.ini for the next build? Honestly, i prefer the current (separate profiles) way. Could you at least add a check for profiles.ini in the executable folder, so it gets used instead (if found)?
  8. It should just ignore the extra ram. If it somehow gets confused and refuse to work, you can try a trick i used to boot Win98 without bothering to remove RAM sticks or patch system files: Start GRUB4DOS (may also be possible with GRUB2 and/or ISOLINUX) and load a few big ISO files in memory as virtual drives - just enough to occupy all the extra RAM. Then chainload NTLDR and start Windows without rebooting. If that works fine, you can prepare a big empty ISO file, compress it as GZip (7-Zip supports this), and use it to fill the memory. GRUB4DOS supports loading files compressed like this, and in the case of an empty file it greatly reduces the disk transfer time.
  9. It tries to add an entry to the event log (check in event viewer > aplications, listed as winlogon) and/or create a log file in C:\System Volume Information\Chkdsk Then, if there were repairs made to the system drive, it tries to restart the PC and repeat the check. Otherwise it just continues loading Windows.
  10. Not gonna solve any issues (probably), but this fresh upload has some interestng tips and trivia for YT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKOkCpMZ3Z0
  11. Seems about right for a fast-ish system. All TRIM does is send the drive a list of sectors to erase. Depending on how the program builds this list, the time may vary, and also you could have issues like i.e. trimming a sector that is marked as free (due to bad shutdown, etc.), but is actually used. Get some Hex editor, open the disk, and browse to a free sector with non-zero content in it. Perform trimming. Reload that sector in the editor and check if it is zero-filled now.
  12. I think @Dave-H should just cut the last 2-3 pages to a separate topic, if it isn't too much trouble for him.
  13. You could try to replace www.youtube.com with music.youtube.com , but some videos won't start with this.
  14. I found this small tool and was planning to just dump it here in case anyone needs it... I didn't check it in XP, but since the source is provided, i guess it could be recompiled easily. P.S. make sure to check the other projects on that site too.
  15. After changing the setting for the C: drive, make sure to click the "Set" button. Also, it won't hurt to leave a small pagefile in C:, i have mine fixed to 128MB, while there is a big pagefile on another drive. Move it to the very end of the partition (Defraggler does it easily) in another OS.
  16. In the preferences page enable "Show Watch on YouTube button", then you can use YT2P on that button to start external player.
  17. For larger transfers i run Samba Filesharing Server on my Android devices and connect to them from my PC. It can be easily turned ON/OFF, so you don't expose your devices in untrusted networks. For smaller things, or when i can't be bothered to reach to the PC, i use the transfer functions in X-plore or FX on the mobile and connect to the Windows admin shares (C$, D$, etc.). Make sure to disable SMB2 when adding a PC running XP. For transfers between my mobiles and foreign PC/mobile, i just use bluetooth (but it is slooow) or a flash drive through USB OTG.
  18. Which i would totally try to avoid so it doesn't mess up my existing settings As i said, i would prefer to only replace the proxy, and leave the rest as it is. Anyways, it may take a while until i get to it, lots of other things to deal with currently...
  19. Well, i haven't been following these developments recently - got plenty other things on my mind... There are 20-ish more pages in this thread to catch up, pfff... I will check it whenever i can, hopefully it works as a plug-in-replacement without having to reconfigure my whole system, lol
  20. Did you try this driver? They claim it supports even Win 3.x (no mention of Win9x though). You may need to extract it and install manually.
  21. Or set the "Plug and Play compatible OS" to "No" in BIOS setup, if this option is available. It would force the BIOS to configure the devices on startup instead of leaving it to the OS.
  22. @ackmangogo Maybe try to boot DOS first and do the configuring there. Then start grub4dos using the DOS executable and chainload NTLDR to boot XP without restarting.
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