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  1. Open "view page source" and search for e.g. expanded_assets -> https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/releases/expanded_assets/68.13.2b Thanks for the info I tested and downloaded the latest version. Many years I have missed many downloads at gitnub because of not knowing how to. Now should be able to download versions of MyPal that can run on SSE CPU when available. BTW the above way of browsing. One site at a time applies only to Commercial sites like Supermarkets.
  2. A a note in case it makes a difference, browser opens to a blank window. I navigate to one shopping site never open or browser across two different sites at once.Never browse using Tabs. Example a supermarket site I would enter products page such as tinned foods and sub category for tinned food products list. From that list If need to view a product further I will open a new window and view it there. if need to compare that product with another product will open another window to do so. Then after compare the last window open will be closed leaving only two windows open. Normally no more than three windows open at any time. I don't use browsing tabs. Usually always never browser more than one site at a time.
  3. @feodor2 PC Memory 1.5 GB OS Windows XP SP3 All Roytam SSE versions seem to use older javascript code where all supermarket sites now use newer code. All downloads at your MyPal gitnub downloads tags pages are not available we see only rotating icon, no downloads can be seen. Likely another newer javascript code thing affecting many browsers. Needed are direct links to all MyPal versions. Maybe placed on the main MyPal web page instead of in a nested tag or folder, downloadable without javascript.
  4. Could MyPal be coded to run on XP-SP3 with P3 CPU SSE Use for supermarket and many similar shopping sites that will have many small graphic pictures. Need higher better than 52 base which many commerce shopping sites now do not work, once past the viewable home page.,
  5. Are the uBlock Origin and eMatrix add-ons very much out of the box use in that for the site you could install in browser both of them and as is they would work fine. I had heard of these add-ons but didn't realize they control scripts also as noscript will do. I thought they were just add blockers and I don't have need of those, I don't see any ads really the browser takes care of that. Ok that said some Russian sites have thin porn pictures on the side of pages. But I never visit Russian sites enough to be concerned about them. And yes I would prefer not to see them there, I don't need ads. For no script I would install it and remove all the whitelist sites and I think that is all. Why would noscript that accepts only the top level site be worse than two add-ons uBlock Origin and eMatrix yet to be seen. Does uBlock Origin and eMatrix show what sites it is accepting and those they are rejecting. If uBlock Origin and eMatrix need adjustments what are the best settings for use so only top level site that I visit such as this site.com is only one that is white-list allowed. Also do you have noscript installed, even though for this site you don't use it. Have you a link for the versions that work best with Palemoon-Newmoon for P3 SSE 1.5gb mem running XP3 updates are mostly all SP3. Or maybe more if softwares have installed any. Didn't bother with MS when they fuddled there XP updating system for everyone long ago. They told us to get lost for far to long to ever go back and try again. The link is correct but I don't, didn't want to promote or advertise. This said a thought occurs it seems ridiculous to me shops shops need customers to survive. But make it near impossible or harder for customer to shop with them at all when our browsers aren't able to do so. All we need is to browse, choose and checkout do so quick and easy. This site isn't doing this maybe they don't need customers. Also is the browser user agent you used a mobile one or standard Palemoon-Newmoon default Browser updates latest well I visit find it bad then get an update and try again always the same result OT: Any softwares you know that work today that can do same as microsoft update used to be able to do, that is update XP3 to 2014 or maybe up[date further if possible POS updates to 2018 while still been XP3. That is like MS was with descriptions for each update and ability not to download. But unlike MS can be downloaded as one pack or all at once so able to do all the updates off-line. I've had a quick look but all I see is Windows 7, 8 and 10. The problem with web sites today is the rely heavy on Google script and I think that is problem many sites have. I agree the site is crappy heavy on loading. I wonder why any shop would want to lose customers. They outsource their site design but seems they never check the site, for what browsers and PC's people are actually using to visit their site. Or optimize their site so they could visit and shop. Isn't this what any shop would normally do for more customers and profit.
  6. Highlight the disk in Virtual Machine Settings in the Disk information panel what does it read. Disk space is preallocated (This is -FLAT.vdk type and is what you need to write it to to disk as a RAW image) Disk space is not preallocated = This is growable and would need to be expanded to full size before it can be written as a disk image to disk. Unless you know of a converter that can do this on the fly or convert the file before and keep that original as is. This information below will erase all data from your hard drive. Do below or first try in VMWare maybe with a Hirens disc or similar in XP mode or Win7 or by using Dos Tools to write the image to a virtual disk. Then with confidence if needed you will be able to do the same with a real physical hard disk away from Virtual Machine on a physical PC. You will need a RAW image tool that can write .img or .bin files You will need to rename the ...-FLAT.vmdk file extension to either .img or .bin which one the RAW image writer tool needs Write it to disk afterwards rename the file extension you changed ...-FLAT.img or .bin back to .vmdk
  7. BTW I need to say I use No Script Add-On and when visit the site mentioned above or other sites I will only allow top level site so it is the site above .com that I allow. Sometimes I may need also to allow a script for payment but I find that out later at payment. But always only top level of the site and not normally any other site I accept as I'm only dealing with the top level site. No other plugins I use that would harm or hamper the site. I have tested with VMWare-Player with a new XP3 install and with browser and no plugins the result is the same. I don't normally do that but did so to test and that was last week. Result is as written above. The above is the same for normal desktop XP3 and the one in VMWare-Player with XP3. Using Roytam1 browsers SSE and IA32 versions of Palemoon-Newmoon v27 and v28 also basilisk52 and Firefox-ESR. all failed the same not one had any difference for the above post mentioned site.
  8. Please excuse my lateness in replying. It's not love of the computer the reason for needing to use an older computer. It is poverty and depression that the country I live in is always in. So little money all can hope for is for people to be kind to donate old computers. But you know as I do this never happens. I do rely on internet for food shopping and for where I live. Without transport the internet is all I have to get provisions. XPerceniol says he uses 360 v11 is the 360 a Google Browser Clone (google chrome) XPerceniol Thanks I will try the Mathwiz about config settings you have posted. Google ...enough to say they just wannabe A God ... There Captcha kills people ... I don't use Google or trust Google. I don't use anything or try not to use anything with Telemetry. That said Roytam1 browsers I see has a connection when open the browser that has add-ons, updates and telemetry turned off should expect not see any connection then from the browser. Would prefer no telemetry or connection sending data to unknown. A browser we use is one we need to trust not to steal data like thieving Google or Microsoft will. The issue for me mainly is site such as .@.A.@.S.@.D.@.A.@. UK a home shopping grocery site. I'm told it does outsource to a web design team who in my mind don't understand the site they are updating the browser for and the country the customers are in a the country depression leading to most people without money fro better computer hardware. That said the customer service also say it is more designed and optimized for mobiles and their browsers. And they don't really support desktop browsers now but the latest browsers should work without issue. I believe Browser developers should include this site and do the site Main page > Grocery Page > then do a Product search as part of browser testing each build. Because it is the worst site I have ever come across on the web that should be easily accessible to all but it isn't. As a test it doesn't even need a the test to login to test it. Maybe if have people testers they could register there and do some more test would be beneficial. No site seems to be updated as much and not work as much equals a good test site. BTW you need to wait after loading a page because it does look like it is going to work but then all of a sudden will become a white blank screen and it stays like that forever. All browser developers need to test with real world sites that we all use and need to live. Not just the Main page which for nearly every site will be made to show. But need to compile a list to test with sites that are the worst and that always can be sued as test sites for various pages that always cause problems. I know people may say that takes time, for a computer to run through them automated not so long after all it is only one or two pages maybe need to test for each site. With the results can make better browsers and maybe if those bad sites pages work then many other sites problems will go away. You would think a shopping site would be wanting customer not turning them away. I wouldn't normally bother to say anything but when only have one site and more than two is preferred. Been a grocery store and need to eat to live. The problem is like this and has been for many months, well years. At the site enter groceries and do a search for any product bread, eggs, milk etc. For any Roytam1 browsers I can use SSE or IA32 and I guess will be same for all other browsers. The search will try to come up but then end up as a blank page. And that is how it is also for all product pages after you login. Sure you say other shops for me there is very little choice only one and so to have a second for when the only one is unavailable is needed also I prefer to have choice of which one I need to shop with. One shop maybe have issues so need to shop at other or any other issues, such as prices so on. I also notice something strange for a long while I use windows for browsing I don't get on with tabs. This I assume maybe the same with Tab browsing. With more than one window open when update a page selecting something so it changes such as next page. The window will switch to another window it loses focus to remain on the same window. So then need to keep switching back and forth between Windows. Is there a fix so it keeps on the same window. I know I could write this elsewhere but these two bugs have been around for years I'm sure they are known but are never fixed. PC has 1.5 GB memory with normally over 1 GB available in Task Manager with browser open before browsing. I Browse without video and audio, they are not activated in the browser.
  9. Not a real world test at all, need to be tested on actual hardware. Tested with real hardware (sometime ago) OS install varies with CD, DVD, BluRay optical drives used to install (Manual Install) - 40 minutes approx (have seen 30 minutes previously, that optical drive now dead) (HDD Quick Format) Boot from cold - 20 seconds approx Boot from cold with loaded softwares DIrectX9c, VisualStudios many, NetFrameworks 1 to 4, GFX, Sound drivers - 30 seconds approx Similar observed with Intel P4 just in case someone posts about a test for that CPU. Why would it take longer !, Why would anyone think it would take longer !, What was the reason for testing. If they needed a faster XP3 install. Would install from USB from an XP3 CD image by now or is that not possible yet. I did read some do the same from XP3 image on HDD different partition or was that for an update install. Above tests were vanilla XP3 installs. I didn't take a look at the above links, they may have been April 1 foolery if that still happens today. I cannot think why that would happen still today in the 20th Century and 22 years (2022)
  10. Roytam1 you code forks of Palemoon (Newmoon) and Firefox that are indicated to work with CPU SSE (-sse) on end of the filenames Are there any other browsers you code that can be run on XP SP3 with CPU SSE .. I look for end of filename for indication of those, ask incase there are others without the filename -sse indication.
  11. With browsers now is not like it was previously in the past. To me it seems that the web sites or scripts they use are more in control of the browser. Is this known and is there something we can do at our side with about:config or other to stop this happening. Such things like the browser after page has loaded takes forever until able to scroll the page. And even when able to do so the page will like stall or hold. Further attempt to scroll the page the browser will white out or top left of the browser. For example with Palemoon-Newmoon v28 the moon icon at top left of the browser will white out when this happens or when try to intercat with the page as it happens. I guess which may mean the browser is stuck or unable to fight web script or similar. Some sites will just remain with the whole page white out and no amount of waiting any loads, even they they started to load before whiting out. What can we do to stop the web site from having control, sometime and I do I Ctrl-Alt-Delete and be rid of it. But that should not be what we need to be doing since we are there to view it not having to fight it. And it is a fight sometimes. We should not be having to fight the browser to view pages. No sites mentioned since it is many sites and many pages. Mostly I used to think those with mostly graphics but can happen with any site. But only those that need Javascript enabled to view. Yes even this site does it with javascript active, it makes it impossible to interact with it. Looking for about:config or other to overcome from happening. I tagged this Palemoon, Newmoon but it can also be applied to other Firefox same Based Browsers. I don't use Google, Microsoft or Chinese code base browsers.
  12. Thanks checking and for writing a reply.
  13. Reboot has been down for me for a few days or more now, anyone else having the same issue.
  14. The PCI HDD controller works on all drives except Drive2 has issues as you say it is not correct so I will later re-partition as did with Drive1 (hd0,4) logical partition E which fixed that. So it will work with the PCI HDD controller. The PCI IDE controller works fine with Grub4Dos not an issue normally so long as the Drive partitioning is good. I guess this is the same for all HDD controllers. Thanks for now I have plenty advice to read, try and do what you have written. I will persevere with this as the scope for what is possible using Grub4Dos with HDD this way far outweighs for me what can be done with USB. For someone that doesn't use USB for portable between computers. As USB Flash is limited by writes but not reads I decided on HDD which for me is far more suitable faster and not limited the same. I think it is a shame that more is not written, for using Grub4Dos with HDD instead of USB. Grub4Dos not installed to MBR but using Grub4Dos with boot.ini and grldr, menu.lst in C;\ drive (or other Windows boot drive).
  15. I am able to use an hex editor to change with the correct advice what to change. This would save a lot of time to backup current files of a drive re-prep and then copy files back. As I did for Partition E which took a while to do. My thinking is the worst Drive from what you have written Drive2 Partition F the one that also has an issue with Grub4Dos when it is n the IDE controller, the only drive that has an issue with the IDE controller. Hex editor layout I have here the layout is like this offset (hex) 00 to 0F With as below it would be easy to follow change Drive hex values to fix them. While ignoring not change any values at locations that have any XX XX XX XX these are there so easier to read correct locations. Drive1 OLD. 1920 XX AB NEW 1920 XX A0 .. OLD. 2020 46 56 XX 36 02 03 41 XX XX XX XX A2 NEW 2020 56 76 XX 86 00 00 01 XX XX XX XX 02 Drive2 OLD. 7000 XX XX XX XX 07 B6 XX D5 XX XX XX C4 NEW 7000 XX XX XX XX 0A B7 XX DB XX XX XX C1 Of course the values would need checked they are correct and at the correct hex locations. This is what I think you were referring to earlier in the posts and would probably make things very easy and quicker than having to redo each drive manually with less wear on each drive. I have done again Drives1 and Drive2 with your Tiny Hexer MBR scripts and again MBR_Backup script you can see what is actual now. Is there a batch file that can be used tat will do the Tiny Hexer MBR from with Tiny Hexer MBR from Structure Viewer a script batch here to process all scripts of yours for open drive or all drives or External Batch for the same. Reason as When save first script all scripts there after have the same initial script name so lot of name editing is needed. And with many drives a lot of to and fro needed to gather them all. Updated Archive Of drives now and drives that will remain as were when started this post topic. The Password I will PM you here. Drives and USB Results 05 March 2022 (Disk1 D Disk2 F).rar
  16. I have changed the drives back to how they were when we first started this is. Drive0 is Drive0 Partitions C active boot and E (Internal IDE Controller) Drive2 is Drive 1 Partition D (Internal IDE Controller) Drive1 is Drive2 Partition F (PCI IDE Controller) Drive3 is Partition G (Grub4Dos USB Drive) I can post the Drives And USBs Results again if needed. The only difference likely will be only Drive1 and Drive2 are swapped and the Partition Letters remain the same --- Testing with drive config as above Grub4Dos (1st Boot Menu then Key press c and typed geometry (hd#) These geometry results below are the same for 1st boot Menu and The Payload Menu geometry (hd0) Drive 0x80 (LBA): C/H/S=9729/255/63, Sector Count/Size=156296385/512 Partition Num: 0, Active, File System type is NTFS, Partition Type 0x07 Partition Num: 1, ......... File System type is NTFS, Partition Type 0x07 geometry (hd1) Drive 0x81 (LBA): C/H/S=9729/255/63, Sector Count/Size=156296385/512 Partition Num: 4, ......... File System type is NTFS, Partition Type 0x07 geometry (hd2) Drive 0x82 (LBA): C/H/S=30401/255/63, Sector Count/Size=488392065/512 Partition Num: 4, ......... File System type is NTFS, Partition Type 0x07 geometry (hd3) Drive 0x83 (LBA): C/H/S=510/255/63, Sector Count/Size=8177148/512 Partition Num: 0, Active, File System type is NTFS, Partition Type 0x07 Partition Num: 1, ......... File System type is Unknown, Partition Type 0x21 A check to see if any other drives list with geometry (hd#). Found these all are ghosting the same geometry information as (hd3) all have Error 25 Disk Read Error geometry (hd4) geometry (hd5) geometry (hd6) Drive 0x83 (LBA): C/H/S=510/255/63, Sector Count/Size=8177148/512 Partition Num: 0, Active, File System type is NTFS, Partition Type 0x07 Partition Num: 1, ......... File System type is Unknown, Partition Type 0x21 Error 25 (https://grub4dos.chenall.net/e/25) Disk Read Error I Continued to check with geometry to see if any further drives found geometry (hd7) Error 21 (https://grub4dos.chenall.net/e/21) Selected Disk Does Not Exist geometry (hd8) Error 21 (https://grub4dos.chenall.net/e/21) Selected Disk Does Not Exist ------- Find (1st Boot Menu then Key press c and typed find) (hd0,0) (hd0,4) (hd1,4) This is where it hangs for 1 minute with geometry --lba1sector (130) . Then reports the same line after 20 seconds more, then twice more each after 5 seconds. After 1min30secs continues with. (hd2,4) (hd3,0) (hd3,1) (hd3,3) Find (Payload Menu then Key press c and typed find) (hd3,0) (hd0,0) (hd0,4) (hd1,4) This is where it hangs for 1 minute with geometry --lba1sector (130) . Then reports the same line after 20 seconds more, then twice more each after 5 seconds. After 1min30secs continues with. (hd2,4) (hd3,1) (hd3,3) If type ls (hd3,1) Or type ls (hd3,3) both produce Error 25 Disk Read Error ------- uuid (Key press c and typed uuid) These geometry results below are the same for 1st boot Menu and The Payload Menu (hd0,0) (hd0,4) (hd1,4) (hd2,4) (hd3,0) They all list quickly but it hangs after listing (hd3,0) for 20 seconds then exits to grub> --- I noticed an issue with Grub4Dos I was looking around listing drives for example ls (hd0,0) a drive with many files it will list a page of files and folders. Then it will pause when screen is full and says similar to. To stop Hit Q to Quit and any other key to continue listing. Pressing q or Q does not stop the list and exit to grub> it keeps on listing the next screen of files and folders. There is no exit to grub> need to reboot PC --- Is there a command to skip the geometry --lba1sector from showing and hanging, so no check is made for a selected drive or all drives. Where it is written in Grub4Dos boot menu.lst that for me is on partition C: And can be on command line in Grub4Dos.
  17. I Have changed all the PC HDD Cables and replaced with another PSU to one with more wattage, old one had enough but to be sure. Have checked all drives (not USBs) with MHDD scan in DOS all good this took time. Tried again with Partition F on the IDE controller it still has an issue hanging at Boot to second menu with Grub4Dos but Partition D doesn't have still. I have left it with Partition D for now, but prefer Partition F drive to on the IDE controller. Still I am sure there is something not correct with Partition F as Partition D has no issues with it. I used to think it may also have been 4GB USB but tried that as a normal NTFS 4k boot and again as no boot extended. And just before posting this forum it was FAT32 that I tried. Seems it is Partition F hope the results may show that. And now more extensive with your Scripts used more detailed about all the drives. Have downloaded a few tools you mentioned and your scripts for TinyHexerMBR. These results are all in the archive posted here. The Archive Password I will PM to you. Drives and USBs Results.rar
  18. Drive0 Partitions C and E So can be done while XP3 is booted Ensure all data of drive E is backed up Using a Partition Manager Delete Partition E Create a new Partition E (4K NTFS) Copy data back to Partition E
  19. My level of understanding MBRs and PBRs is not at a level that you are at, for understanding them. Is this also referring to Disk0 or other MBRs of disks Easier for now I think for me to start with a (near factory) fresh Drive0. 1. Secure Erase Disk0 using the G.Hughes secure disk erase tool 2. Partition the Disk0 using a Partition tool to as previous Partitions C and E 3. I have ATIH standalone backups for each partition. I will also make separate RAW images of both partitions in case ATIH fails. Restoring the Disk with ATIH little use as the partition structure would also be copied. So need to use copy files mode this may mean no disk signature is then regenerated which also would be needed. Unsure if partition tools do this or command to use for a disk signature if the XP Microsoft Install Disk has to do it. Would then Disk0 system Disk partition C be able to boot or something I have missed.
  20. I have been testing the external HDD Controller Device Silicon Image 0680 ATA Cable and more. With Drives as listed above Drive 1 D and Drive 2 F swapped by cable to drive connect not cable to Device Connection. Booting Grub4Dos now doesn't hang during booting with geometry (it doesn't show or is to fast to notice) and goes on to show Grub boot menu quickly. But now doesn't go to the payload menu. If when at Grub Boot Menu I type uuid instead of 5 partitons listed I see 6 and also 3 invalid partitions. Which I assume could be RMPrepUSB on the USB. So I deleted USB back to no Partition and created a new one Basic Logical Extended NTFS 4k and viewed with RMPrepUSB Drive info and it shows 4 partitions still but on the first has any numbers data. Boot to Grub4Dos boot menu again > type C .> uuid and the same is showing with 4 invalid partitions. MAybe MBRs or other so I have attached here in an archive of all the drives MBRs and all Drive Infos from RMPrepUSB Drive Info and UI pictures of Disk Manager, Partition Master, and Check Disk GUI showing all the drives as they are now. The archive is password which I will send to your PM inbox. As I am not sure or informed enough to know if posting MBRs contains any drive information that could be used now or in the future to target a drive with Virus or otherwise. The archive contents may give you a better insight in to the system drive layout, all drives MBR and Infos and if they are correct or any have any problems. Drives CDEF and USB G.rar
  21. That said I have an issue first that is I have a Silicon Image HDD controller which recently I added a drive that has been not used for a while. The controller is fine without te drive but with the drive it makes Grub4Dos work strange. The drive in question is this one as listed above and here. Disk 2 Bus Number 0, Target ID 0, LUN 0 (IDE Controller) Volume F I have seen various errors and one constant error but I believe it is not the problem. #1 When boot past the Grub4DOs (first) Boot Meu to the payload menu there is a long wait. And the error then says I need add [ geometry --lba1sector (130) ] (without [ ]) to first line in the menu.lst - I guess this would need to be on the grub4dos (first) boot side menu.lst. I did try this geometry thing on first line but never committed to it in menu.lst or Grub4DOs the next command it would need. As I didn't believe what I read further or what happens if do commit it to disk. #2 When I boot to the Grub4Dos (first) Boot Menu and press C button then root to (hd2,4) which is where this drive is always at in Grub4Dos. It then gives this error. FATAL! inconsistent data read From (0x2) 0+63 FATAL! inconsistent data read From (0x2) 1+1 FATAL! inconsistent data read From (0x2) 0+63 FATAL! inconsistent data read From (0x2) 0+1 #3 If I reboot then at Grub4Dos (first) Boot Menu Press C this time I type. map --status at the bottom it will say Int13 is OFF or similar. #4 If I reboot and Grub4Dos (First) Boot Menu I press C then type. Root (hd2,4) It will shows correct the drive as NTFS (0x7) as normal If I do wait long enough a few minutes the geometry (130) thing will finally pass and will then be at the Payload Menu.lst and able to run menu choices. Today I did XP3 OS (C:) drive backup but the speed and time it took twice as long as usual. I didn't read or write to this drive but other drives these two. Disk 0 Location 0 (0) Volumes C and E Backup C Disk 1 Location 0 (0) Volume D Save Backup image to D The drive That takes forever to be seen by Grub4DOs works with speed in XP3 (UDMA5) and also on live OS and other Live discs I run from CD or DVD. I wonder if it is the controller and without the HDD connected the controller is not an issue with Grub4Dos no Geometry (130) and no long wait occurs. Any ideas !
  22. Yes I have been trying Firadisk And Winvblock yrt to try SVBus maybe that one could work. As you say the issue at hand is that the image file trying to load will always been seen to windows as an image file emulated OS. SO reason for tools to try trick the OS into thinking that the image HDD is a real OS HDD not image but physical. So it will load and map it to C drive. As you have mentioned to windows it doesn't matter if it is on a primary or extended as long as it is physical so a signature can be valid and so will allow to load. Is it Grub4Dos at fault - Maybe I don't know further how it could be. Is it Virtual Software - Well it can run and also install windows if need be so maybe no. I do have another thought how to proceed install to the the image as would a real physical Storage drive HDD or Memory Drive types. My though is rough and so far is this. Bootable CD > Run Grub4Dos Which mounts an empty .img file And XP Install CD Then Runs the disc after first install reset Bootable CD - Run Grub4DOs Which Mounts the .img File And Mounts XP Install CD > Run the .img > Which continues to install XP OS It is rough but if works XP installed and running with correct partitioning of image and correct drive letter C: assigned in XP Windows
  23. jaclaz> Windows NT (and conversely 2K, XP, etc.) was originally designed to work and run from a logical volume inside extended jaclaz> To map an image (i.e. not booting from a volume/partition on disk, but rather booting from a volume/partition inside the image) you will need a special driver, namely firadisk, winvblock or svbus. MAybe it should be Grub4Dos sees the HDD image as the physical HDD. Then it would be a physical disk volume/partition , same as a normal bios does. Use firadisk, winvblock or svbus so it will see the HDD image as a volume/partition a Physical HDD booting from C drive for this project. This could also get rid of the 7B errors this does make sense. Some reading to do for now Firadisk, winvblock and svbus further details for and of them and their usage in Grub4Dos for this project. Also see how a basic NTFS basic floppy disk boot will change things, I will do this first. Embedded menu.lst I did try on boot drive without a menu.lst and yes embedded works booted to the menu.lst and shows the menu nice'n'easy Lots to look at and lots to try :)
  24. Before I start to reply from a user point of view about grub4dos the error messages while been straight to the point do not help. I mean for example [ file not found ] error but what file does the error refer to could be any file. I think a rethink about adding extra info for errors when we get them. Such as [ filename.ext file not found at line ## ] appreciate those with multi commands on one line it may not help those but if they split the line down to many it knowing which filename.ext would help them also. This is not a problem just with filename not found but for many errors more info is needed. Thanks for all the information you have written above so far, you are correct that some of the information is more advanced than the project I have at hand although I will read later when project completed and running. I am saving the page for when it changes each time for later viewing.
  25. The above is taking me a while to understand in that where does it look and what if there are more than one menu.lst or that there can only be one menu.lst allowed on any drive. Else it may invoke that. The above maybe looking at devices locations here if "%@root%"=="(ud)" && calc *0x82A0=*0x82b9&0xff What is (ud) ?? user drive ?? 0x82A0 saved drive (current root drive) 0x82b9 UD Partition Heads and Sector per track. Real Bios Drive 0xff The whole drive How is this emedded invoked To get to a menu.lst isn't hard to do many ways and probably there is many more. find --set-root (hdx,x) find --set-root /Name.tag find --set-root uuid () uuidnumber configfile /menu.lst This is taking me away from the issue I think. I'm wondering does booting an XP3 OS image need to be rooted and mapped to (hd0,0) for it to work correct. Or can it be rooted and mapped to say (hd3,0) and still work correctly. Does it know when it is run it isn't (hd0,0) does grub4dos hep us no matter where rooted and mapped it will always be seen to XP3 OS itself as correct so it runs correctly. If so maybe grub4dos should map itself to be at the end of a SCSI line. So it is mapped far out of the way, from real the PC use we need from it, Do we need to have grub4dos mapped to (hd0,0) at boot we never have a need to go back to it. Except reboot but we don't any thing else there we need with Grub4dos use. It is the other second menu we need for use. And if we fall from that to commandline or go there pressing button c. Then we can get back to it with configfile /menu.lst I have tried to get rid of (hd0,0) so XP3 OS image can be rooted and mapped to (hd0,0). Now I. thinking to try it as is where ever it maybe be mapped and who cares just to see what happens. After all it is virtual no harm can be done. Those times it has worked I got 7B errors whether because it knows it is not at (hd0,0) or Grub4Dos. 7B from past experience Acronis TIH usually means a drive issue, controller, driver or issue relating elsewhere to HDD. Qemu Testing images that fail with grub4dos Raw images just sit there at some point during booting constant read-write but only a few kb to 1mb transferring. Other types of images will boot but once get 7B then those that worked before and those that haven't all 7B for some reason unknown. Cache retain in memory or pagefile and PC needs a reboot before they will work again. If make a new Vmware project and put any image except Raw ,img into the new machine all will boot without 7B error Makes you wonder what the 7B error is all about. Qemu is a slug and no 64bit OS will cure it not that I have 64bit hardware except Qemu. It's problem is HDD PIO mode is there a known command for it to have UDMA mode working with older Qemu before 64bit that work with XP mainly for testing images. Qemu is just R&R between testing just to see what it does. That is with the actual Vmware original and conveterted virtual XP3OS images not yet with also Grub4Dos, as I am testing with Vmware.

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