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  1. Hi. This is still a problem. Has this been fixed?
  2. Can you please add an option to remove the command bar? I don't use this feature and it would further reclaim space in the file explorer.
  3. The command bar blinks when navigating between paths.
  4. You're asking for $3,000 for a license that doesn't require activation? That's a business license. I'm a home user. Can you please clarify? It sounds like it is only possible to rent this software as a home user. Or buy an offline license if you are wealthy.
  5. Would you please offer a provide an option for purchase unlimited use without online activation? I don't like buying software which requires an online subscription to activation and would pay more for this. I would like to buy this software but the only option is to rent it.
  6. The issue appears to be related to attempting to integrate Desktop Protocol 8.1 and its associated prerequisites and updates. The KBs are: Windows6.1-KB2574819-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2857650-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2592687-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2830477-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2913751-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2923545-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2984976-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB3005781-x64.msu
  7. While trying to filter through what I do have, is there a way that I can determine if a particular hotfix already exists in a rollup I've already installed?
  8. While working on building an updated Windows 7 SP1 disc, I found a bunch of hotfixes I had which weren't part of my slipstream but were also not missing as an update while querying Windows Update post-install. http://pastebin.com/cD6CKhH7 Does this mean that all of these updates have been included elsewhere in a rollup I've already installed?
  9. I added a program to install silently with WinToolkit but entered the wrong parameters. I can see the installers on the DVD in /WinToolkit_Apps, but running a grep across the entire disc does not locate any file containing the install parameters. There is a file /sources/install.ini which seems like the right place but it's not in there.
  10. While narrowing this down and installing updates slowly, the problem was avoided. Adding all of the updates at once to a clean SP1 disc still causes this issue.
  11. Still trying to narrow this down. The problem seems to be one of these: Windows6.1-KB2524840-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2525835-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2526629-v3-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2529781-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2529825-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2533552-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2533623-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2535094-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2535158-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2537203-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2538047-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2539513-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2545561-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2545698-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2545735-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2546868-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2547666-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2549067-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2549079-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2550648-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2551090-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2551687-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2554231-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2554859-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2554876-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2555189-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2555392-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2555948-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2559392-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2560289-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2560656-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2564958-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2566314-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2570947-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2574819-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2575866-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2575928-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2577968-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2578214-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2579686-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2581608-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2581690-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2582679-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2584475-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2584577-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2589154-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2591271-v2-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2591500-v3-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2591857-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2592687-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2594586-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2598845-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2600100-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2603203-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2603229-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2604115-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2607047-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2614892-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2615327-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2616386-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2616879-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2618301-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2618535-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2618640-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2618752-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2619082-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB2619260-v2-x64.msu
  12. I am attempting to build an updated ISO of Windows 7 SP1 x64. I am using the "Windows 7 Professional SP1 Media Refesh x64" iso as a base with the following updates slipstreamed with WinToolkit http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ZUZ4gdeD These updates were obtained through Alphawaves' Downloader which is built into WinToolkit. Upon installation on a VMWare image, I receive the following error: I only receive this error after building a slipstreamed disc. I would attempt to narrow down which update is causing the problem but considering it takes over three hours to integrate all of these updates, is very challenging. Can anyone provide some insight on this?

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