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List of software that doesn't support Windows 7


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TEKKEN 8 Requires Windows 10+ 

Arcade, Fighting, Side, 3D, Japanese

By Bandai Namco Studios, Arika, Bandai Namco Entertainment

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Skype +

it has worked having an existing login that it remembered 


but not if you install a new installation installs

but you neither can register an email nor the login works 

the login screen looks bugged up and the buttons do not react (existing user valid login tryed)

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Google just seems to have blocked out version 68.0.2 of Google Drive, which was the last to support Windows 7 (dated December 2022) from running.

The following error message appears upon launching:


Previously, there was a message that this version of Google Drive is no longer supported. A few weeks ago, the message changed to say that this version is deprecated and may soon be disconnected or something in that sense.

Wondering if this is just an artificial block and if there is any way around it.

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I suspect Sigil 2.0.2 x64 can work in windows 7 with the same trick used with qemu 8.20 blender 2.93 and python. i cant test it only win32 here.

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Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale

Genres - Strategy, Tactics, Pirate/Privateer, Turn-based, Third-person, 3D

Companies: Gaming Minds Studios, Kalypso Media

This game requires Windows 10+

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GIMP 3.0 will ultimately not be available on Windows 7 (at least out of the box; the latest v2.99.18 released last month now requires Windows 10, because Python 3.11).

For the Installer you'll need to spoof OS version as Windows 10.

BUT I noticed that the main app itself works without any workaround, just you need to have VxKex enabled (version spoof is not needed) to prevent the crash of one dependency and to stop Python from throwing dozens of "cannot locate xxxxxxx.dll" errors.
I tested how GIMP runs and everything works, even the non-destructive editing. A more deep test is needed tho, to ensure everything is working as expected.

Images: https://imgur.com/a/sBsauRD

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