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List of software that doesn't support Windows 7


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The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria 2023

Genres: Action, Third-person, Managerial, Strategy, Survival, 3D, Real-time

This game requires Windows 10+

If someone knows how to fix, please let me know.

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On 10/29/2023 at 5:43 AM, Dixel said:

This game requires Windows 10+

I was hoping to play this one, when I'm back home, alas.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage specs


Requires a 64-bit Windows 10/11


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On 11/2/2023 at 3:58 AM, D.Draker said:

I was too waiting for the game, and doesn't even work with Vulkan enabled. Windows 7 drivers are too old.

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I'm doing a big edit on the message I posted in August, it seems that VS2022 17.7.x runs on W7.

VS Installer is blocking the install but if you select "Download all, then install", VSI will show the popup when the download finishes, but if you click on Cancel, it will install VS and all component you selected as if nothing happened.
Surprisingly, no modifications are required after that, VS just works as previous versions does.

It also work for updating an existing install, by doing "More" > "Download, then update"

So here again, another case of artificial limitations...
Not tested for the current 17.8 pre-release, but it'll probably also work.

EDIT : 17.8.0 works

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Added information
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On 7/22/2023 at 8:41 PM, Zastava 101 said:

does anyone know if easyanticheat still works on Windows 7?
MCC, a game which used to work for me, but after the december 2022 update it for some reason stopped working for me and i still dont know why, nor how to fix it.
On the steam page it still states windows 7 as being the minimal system requirement, however 343 does not provide any tech support anymore for Windows 7 users just stating, that they should upgrade to a newer version of windows.
The game works when you start it without easyanticheat though

edit: MCC being "Halo the Masterchief Collection"

easyanticheat looks like a not nice thing to have on ones PC. Probably some of the later Windows 7 updates simply blocked it, like it was at some point in time with securom, which was declared to have a rootkit and officialy removed from Vista and disabled from running with some of the later Vista/Windows 7 updates.


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There's even more.

"My Epic Experience"

"Easy Anti Cheat is a virus that makes games unplayable"


But if you still want to run it, try this fix.

Right click the game, go to properties, installed filed, browse, look for a EasyAntiCheat.exe, run it from there.


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On 2/25/2022 at 7:08 PM, ivanbuto said:

So I ended up downloading the missing dll from dll-files.com and placing copies of both 32-bit and 64-bit versions in the respective Windows system directories. Managed to install Vidcoder 7 successfully! (Whether there might be issues with the software when actually using it is to be determined).

Latest stable version of Vidcoder (9.17) still seems to work on Windows 7.


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Another big let down! RoboCop: Rogue City Alex Murphy Edition

Requires a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with DirectX12 (not available on Windows 7).

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Dakar Desert Rally: Deluxe Edition

Genres: Racing, Simulation, Cars, Motorcycles, Open-wheel cars

This game requires Windows 10 as the min.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VI REUNION

Genres: Action, RPG, Japanese

Companies: Square Enix, TOSE CO., LTD.

This game also requires Windows 10

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