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  1. Since the February 16 version of New Moon 28, there are two separator lines in the Help menu above "About New Moon" (screenshot attached).
  2. I can confirm this... For me, it works OK with New Moon 27.9.1, but not version 28.
  3. With the latest version of New Moon 27.9.1a1 (20180818), Google Maps now work for me.
  4. Just tried it now, and indeed, the problem does not happen there. :) Has Google implemented something which is not compatible with the older version?
  5. So here is a screenshot... the memory usage did not exceed 400 MB while loading Google Maps. The computer has 2 GB RAM. So I doubt it's a memory problem. As I mentioned previously, the map does show briefly at first, but then goes into black. Street View doesn't work either. Has no one else encountered this issue? Is there a configuration preference that I could try to modify that might help?
  6. But it did not happen with 52.9. I have 2 GB of RAM on the machine. I will test again and take a look at memory consumption while loading Google Maps.
  7. Hi everyone, I have run into a problem with Google Maps using the latest build of New Moon 27.9. on my Windows XP SP3 machine. The map can be seen at first, but then, as more data is loaded, the map starts to flicker and only a black screen remains. Has anyone else encountered this problem? What could be the cause? It's working OK with Firefox 52.9 ESR.
  8. So do I understand correctly that after installing KB4052978 manually, Windows (Microsoft) Update will work again and give me results of the update check? What exactly happened that the update check doesn't finish, when a few months ago it worked? In your post, you wrote that "updates this month take a long time", from this sentence it is not clear whether in your case the update check actually finished.
  9. Is anyone facing a problem with a never-ending "checking for update" status? I am using Windows XP Professional with Microsoft Update. My Office installations include Office 2000 and Office 2010. I last installed some Office 2010 security updates in September. Though I applied the POSReady registry hack, I have not installed any of the updates intended for POSReady 2009 (only KB4019276 manually). I have tried deleting the authcab.cab file, and also cleaning the SoftwareDistribution\Download folder, but that has not helped.
  10. They did mention some licensed content in their reply... I might try to get back to them at some point. Thanks for looking into it.
  11. That works indeed. Here is the link to the website - livestream: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ct24#live It doesn't work at least on my computer. It works with IE and Flash. I wonder what I should write to the customer service?
  12. I have another question, there is a website (Czech TV - www.ct24.cz) which currently uses the MPEG Dash protocol (in contrast to progressive download) for HTML5 video playback. At least this is the reply I got from their customer service. On Windows XP, this protocol doesn't work and no video is loading. Thus the only way to view their content is with Internet Explorer 8 through Adobe Flash Player. Would there be any way to make MPEG Dash work under Windows XP?
  13. Getting back to my post... indeed with the build by roytam1, H.264 videos work just by copying the LAV dll files into the program folder. Again, why is this not sufficient with the build by Feodor2 and the k-lite codec pack needs to be installed?
  14. Thanks, but can you please be more technical and explain why the codec pack is needed? I do already have MPC-HC as well as the Combined Community Codec Pack, so I do already have LAV Filters installed. Or do some more files need to be registered?
  15. I am not passing the YouTube HTML5 test for H.264, even after copying the three .dll files from lav.7z to the New Moon program folder. Are there any other steps necessary to get H.264 playback? (I am using the latest build of New Moon by Feodor2).
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