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  1. Here is a list of all updates in all languages with links. I find only the link to the English version of the update, which adds exFAT support (KB955704), if someone has this update in other languages, upload it. XP Updates.zip
  2. Here is my list of updates. Not sure if it is 100% correct, but after installing all these updates, the WU does not offer anything. Updates marked as SSE2 cannot be installed on processes without support. Updates marked SSE are updates that are needed only for those who have a processor without SSE2 support. KB887606 KB892130 KB898461 KB902344 KB909520 KB922120-v6 KB932716-v2 KB935957 KB941569 KB943232-v2 KB943729 KB944043-v3 KB946648 KB950762 KB950974 KB951376-v2 KB951618-v2 KB951830 KB951978 KB952004 KB952011 KB952069 KB952287 KB952954 KB953155 KB954155 KB954708 KB954920-v2 KB955417 KB955704 KB956572 KB956844 KB960680-v2 KB960859 KB961118 KB961503 KB968389 KB969084 KB970430 KB971029 KB971314 KB971657 KB973507 KB973540 KB973815 KB973869 KB973904 KB974112 KB974318 KB974571 KB975025 KB975254 KB975558 KB975560 KB976323 KB977816 KB977914 KB978338 KB978542 KB978695 KB978706 KB979309 KB981997 KB982316 KB982665 KB2115168 KB2124261 KB2290570 KB2296011 KB2345886 KB2347290 KB2378111 KB2387149 KB2419632 KB2423089 KB2443105 KB2447961 KB2479943 KB2483185 KB2485663 KB2491683 KB2492386 KB2506212 KB2544893-v2 KB2564958 KB2566454 KB2570947 KB2584146 KB2598479 KB2598845 KB2603381 KB2619339 KB2620712 KB2631813 KB2659262 KB2661637 KB2686509 KB2698365 KB2705219-v2 KB2723135-v2 KB2727528 KB2749655 KB2770660 KB2780091 KB2801109 KB2803821-v2 KB2807986 KB2808679 KB2813347-v2 KB2820917 KB2834886 KB2834903-v2 KB2834904-v2 KB2862152 KB2862330 KB2862335 KB2864063 KB2868038 KB2868626 KB2884256 KB2893294 KB2900986 KB2914368 KB2926765 POSReady↓ KB2933528 KB2934207 KB2957503 KB2962872 KB2991963 KB2993254 KB2998579 KB3004361 KB3013126 KB3020393-v2 KB3021674 KB3029944 KB3033889 KB3033890 KB3035132 KB3065979 KB3067903 KB3068368 KB3078601 KB3109560 KB3121918 KB3124275 KB3124624 KB3126587 KB3139398 KB3139914 KB3140709 KB3145739 KB3149090 KB3161561 KB3161949 KB3170455 KB3178034 KB3183431 KB3185911 KB3191203 KB3196718 KB3197835 KB4012583 KB4012584 KB4014652 KB4014794 KB4015383 KB4018271 KB4019276 KB4022747 KB4024323 KB4025218 KB4025398 KB4025409 KB4025497 KB4034775 KB4039384 KB4047211 KB4052303 KB4056564-v2 KB4056941 KB4087398 SSE KB4089082 KB4089175 KB4089453-v2 KB4089694 KB4091756 KB4101477 KB4130957 KB4291391 KB4339291 KB4343674 SSE2 KB4457163 KB4458000 SSE2 KB4458001 KB4458318 KB4459091 KB4462935 KB4462987 SSE2 KB4463103 KB4463361 SSE KB4467689 KB4467770 KB4470118 KB4473077 SSE2 KB4486463 KB4486465 KB4486468 KB4486536 KB4486538 KB4487085-v2 SSE2 KB4487990 KB4489493 KB4489973 KB4489977 SSE2 KB4490228 KB4490385 SSE2 KB4490501 KB4491443 KB4493341 KB4493435 KB4493563 KB4493790 KB4493793 SSE2 KB4493794 SSE2 KB4493795 SSE2 KB4493796 SSE2 KB4493797 SSE2 KB4493927 KB4494059 KB4494528 SSE2 KB4495022 SSE2
  3. Thank! This really fix the error.
  4. Update KB4494528 spoils Windows Installer.
  5. ED_Sln

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    MS Edge works on Windows 7.
  6. ED_Sln

    XP64 VM inside XP32

    I installed a 64 bit guest (Win7 x64) on a 32 bit host (WinXP) in VMware Workstation Pro. You need to enable VT-x virtualization in the BIOS.
  7. roytam1, Is it possible to launch Waterfox in any way? He is better in all respects than Basilisk.
  8. ED_Sln

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    If you open the uBlock0_1.18.*.firefox.xpi file with the archiver, open the manifest.json file with a notepad, and change the line "strict_min_version": "55.0", to "strict_min_version": "52.0", then the extension can be set to 52 ESR (with disabled extension signature verification) or Basilisk 52 .
  9. Now downloaded. Apparently it has not yet been uploaded to the server.
  10. ED_Sln

    Office 2010

    Can be installed using Microsoft Application Verifier x64. Now Open Application Verifier from all programs, click on File-> Add Application. Select and open the office setup.exe from the DVD. On the right Tests pane unselect Basics, Expend Compatibility list and select HighVersionLie. Now Right click on HighVersionLie and select Properties as shown below. Set the following values: Major Version: 6 Minor Version: 1 Build Number: 7600 Service Pack Major: 1 OK the Properties window, then click Save. Now install the Office 2010 Double Clicking on Setup.exe in DVD. Sorry for my english
  11. ED_Sln

    TLS1.3, XP and Firefox

    Use Basilisk 52/55:
  12. Is this impossible to fix? For example, replace the useragent?
  13. Basilisk 55 does not update the add-ons, 52 versions of the add-on are updated. Thank you very much for your work!