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  1. I checked it out. Looks like Adobe is making a special version for China. Digitally signed by Adobe dated November 25th. After installation, it opens a site with a Chinese game, most likely made in Flash. In addition to Flash, some kind of FlashHelperService is installed, with a Chinese signature, registered in the task scheduler. But you won't be able to use it, writes the message "This version of FlashPlayer is not supported in your region."
  2. Comodo Firewall v12.0.0.6870 work on XP, but at startup, opening the interface, opening settings, and so on, several errors appear. Therefore, you need to look for an older version. UPD. Installed on another computer with XP, there are no errors. Strange, both systems are completely updated, all additional components are the same.
  3. 970 and 980 are officially only in 344.11, in newer ones they have already been removed. And the video cards 1030-1080 were not in any driver.
  4. Now a lot of sites began to switch to new types of encryption, so even if a site with TLS1.2, then it may have encryption, which is not supported in XP. For example, https://www.howsmyssl.com has the following encryption: TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256, it is not supported in XP.
  5. There is an instruction in 1 post of the theme how to install it manually.
  6. No, it doesn't fit. Stunnel is a tunnel that encrypts traffic between server and client.
  7. I use STDU Viewer, in addition to pdf, it opens djvu, fb2, epub and other e-book formats.
  8. This does not work, in host the syntax is: ip address - host. exe, program names and the like do not need to be added there, this is not a firewall.
  9. An advertisement will be displayed in this window, the developer once mentioned that he plans to make a paid version in the future. There is no shutdown setting, and have not yet found how to remove it.
  10. It looks like this is some kind of WU glitch, these two updates were released back in August.
  11. Check that the files are actually in place, the system may have restored them during boot from the dllcache folder. Or the problem is that the USB drive, I only checked for SATA. The language of the files does not matter, they are all identical.
  12. So there is still a setting somewhere that disables the second core.
  13. On some motherboards, you can disable kernels for compatibility with Win 9x. Therefore, it is advisable to reset the BIOS, especially if one core shows even if ACPI multiprocessor PC. Cores can also be disabled in msconfig, but by default everything is enabled there, so there should be no problem after reinstalling.
  14. What processor is installed? How many processors are visible in Device Manager? If the processor is exactly multi-core, then it is possible that all cores are disabled in the BIOS, except for one.
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