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  1. Yes, you can use Haali Video Renderer, but it has one bug, if the video resolution is close to or equal to the screen resolution, then for some reason the video opens reduced. No, codecs still optimize, for example on Core 2 Duo E6700 Conroe, 2.66 GHz, you can watch FHD h264, h265 and VP9, only for FHD AV1 lacks performance and it slows down, but 720p goes smoothly.
  2. If you need the 64 bit driver, as far as I know, the latest windows-xp-amd-catalyst-9.00.300.3005-dec9, 11/29/2014. But it doesn't have R7/9 300 series video cards in it yet. https://web.archive.org/web/20150510011138/http://www2.ati.com/drivers/windows-xp-amd-catalyst-9.00.300.3005-dec9.exe This driver is very unstable, I checked it on several computers, there were problems everywhere. AMD 5870 - the driver could not install with an error. AMD 6320 (AMD APU) - driver was installed, but when you turn on the video player with DXVA, the system completely freezes. AMD 7770 - the driver is installed, the video player with DXVA shows a black screen, playback does not start. There are no problems in the last official driver.
  3. I found two nasty bugs in Chromium 115 for XP. First, sometimes it doesn't start, it hangs in processes, but nothing happens, you have to terminate the process and restart it. Second, the default download folder is "C:\Program Files\Common Files" and it can't be changed, when you click "Change" button, it opens a non-working window. If you enable the setting to always specify the download location, you have to enter the file name manually.
  4. If you install the "Windows XP Luna Blue theme" it becomes less noticeable.
  5. Strange, maybe some bug, I checked usbxhci.sys file on Virustotal, no antivirus found anything. https://www.virustotal.com/old-browsers/file/3f06a751897751b7469a4a0b7d86bce21a4aa0c6eec1c6096f05ed6cb3ec0c72 Try to re-download or download on another system, my archive is not corrupted, I checked it now, I have Win7, so there is no defender here.
  6. It seems that the update has been replaced by a cumulative update, although it is not written about it in the Catalog. Maybe the driver doesn't work on 7** chipset, I checked on 6** chipset, the driver works there. Then, if you can't reinstall the OS in any way, I can only suggest to buy a PCI-E USB3.0 card, but you need to check that there is a branded driver for Win7. Or make a backup copy of the system and reinstall it by updating, this will save the programs. UPD. KB2864202 replaced by KB3125574.
  7. For USB3 try this driver, you should have the KB2864202 update installed on your system. https://mega.nz/file/GrACwJIY#Xmlc-iRGRd9ZnBZz7dOqDy0qxu_GKaOawfRVIPBEEFw https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB2864202
  8. Using OneCoreApi injection (not installing OneCoreApi on the system), I was able to run MPC-BE version 1.6.6 (a fork of MPC-HC). It has AV1 and AVS3 codecs, but no hardware acceleration, not even for h264. And because VMR7/9 were removed I have to install madVR. But MPC-HC even with OneCoreApi injection could not start.
  9. Oops, sorry, got the numbers confused, KB4539601 does not replace KB4534310, it complements it. KB4539601 replaces KB4534314. And also it can only be downloaded from the Update Catalog, it's not offered through WU.
  10. The latest KB4539602, it fixed the wallpaper bug. My list of updates:
  11. Where to find out how it was able to be launched?
  12. Now extensions are installed, but files are still not downloaded. No extensions work to intercept or replace the download. I installed Download Master (Internet Download Accelerator) and enabled the interception of links from the clipboard in it, now if you copy the link, it will be automatically added to the download.
  13. I know, I meant it would be nice to combine the ability of VxKex to intercept system calls without replacing system files and redirect them to OneCoreApi, which will be located in its own folder.

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