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  1. ED_Sln

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    If you open the uBlock0_1.18.*.firefox.xpi file with the archiver, open the manifest.json file with a notepad, and change the line "strict_min_version": "55.0", to "strict_min_version": "52.0", then the extension can be set to 52 ESR (with disabled extension signature verification) or Basilisk 52 .
  2. Now downloaded. Apparently it has not yet been uploaded to the server.
  3. ED_Sln

    Office 2010

    Can be installed using Microsoft Application Verifier x64. Now Open Application Verifier from all programs, click on File-> Add Application. Select and open the office setup.exe from the DVD. On the right Tests pane unselect Basics, Expend Compatibility list and select HighVersionLie. Now Right click on HighVersionLie and select Properties as shown below. Set the following values: Major Version: 6 Minor Version: 1 Build Number: 7600 Service Pack Major: 1 OK the Properties window, then click Save. Now install the Office 2010 Double Clicking on Setup.exe in DVD. Sorry for my english
  4. ED_Sln

    TLS1.3, XP and Firefox

    Use Basilisk 52/55:
  5. Is this impossible to fix? For example, replace the useragent?
  6. Basilisk 55 does not update the add-ons, 52 versions of the add-on are updated. Thank you very much for your work!