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  1. Actually in this Qt forum thread, some people provided some Windows 7-compatible Qt6 DLLs. With these DLLs you can run some Qt6 application like OBS v28.x (v29 also requires a modification to OBS.dll to change IsWow64Process2 to IsWow64Process). So if your application is based on a version of Qt6 that have custom DLLs (6.2.2, 6.3.0, 6.3.1 or 6.4.2), just try them. If not, as Qt is open source, maybe you can retrieve the source for the specific version your app uses and modify them create DLLs that works on W7.
  2. I installed updates on my W7, seems to be okay after 1.5 hour. .NET updates also installed successfully.
  3. That's wrong. No end of support date have been decided yet. Also please note that this is not because Chromium ends support for Win7 that Mozilla will immediately follow. As Firefox does not rely on a Chromium base, they can continue providing support as long they want. For example if they wants to continue supporting W7 until 2026, they can (I'm not saying they will, but they're capable to). As you can see, the latest Nightly build runs on W7. If Mz planned to end the support in February as you said, Nightly should have be blocked on v109, as v111 represents the release that will be released in March. This scenario happened on Chrome & consorts, they blocked W7 on v109 on Canary builds in December when 110.0.xxxx.xx builds arrived, because if you plan to stop support on a product, providing alpha builds of the next version on it is just senseless.
  4. They're not talking about the same Office version. Version 2002 is the last you can run with Office 2016/365 on Windows 7. Of course, the actual version of Office XP released in 2001-02 can run on 7, just the request is to make newer Office 2016/365 releases to run on W7 (2003, 2004 ... 2212 and so on). Also I'm someone who is tempted to support this idea, as they stopped features updates in v2002, while in v2003, they introduced something I was awaiting for so long : the HEX-based color selector, which is much easier to use than the ARGB/TSL selectors. You can't imagine how p***ed off I was when I saw that.
  5. It works on Windows 7 too. I use VS2022 since v17.0.1, and now on 17.4.3 it still works almost flawlessly. I say almost because since v17.3, the built-in terminal is crashing my VS when I open it. And by the way, I don't mind this problem that much since you can open the CMD-based variant from the start menu, which still allows me to use the VS terminal if I need to do something with GPG or Git itself. Honestly I don't know for the moment if the problem is dependent of a certain configuration or if it's just because some features are missing in system DLLs as the crash dialog does not provide me infos. As you can see the whole IDE crash when I tried to open built-in terminal, no errors are displayed at all, and the CMD-based one on bottom right corner which runs without problems.
  6. I already installed it since it was officially released, and it install correctly (and works fine). So for answer your question, .NET 7 is still compatible but "unsupported". Also it is very common for some companies to remove an older OS from their system requirements to "force" inexperienced users to upgrade, even if in fact, the application can still be installed and run flawlessly. Remember for OBS, Windows 7 was "removed" from supported OSes as soon its support ended from their website, despite the fact you were still able to install and use it without problems until the transition to Qt 6 in v28.
  7. It applies to both versions. My ole32.dll version is 6.0.6003.21761, modified on October 11, 2022. Also in my previous post, I said this... Which basically means I tested without the Extended Kernel. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my previous post, but what I wanted to underline is that versions 8.4.7 and later will require the Extended Kernel, or Notepad++ will crash.
  8. The latest Notepad++ version (v8.4.7) breaks Vista compatibility by using a Windows 7+ API call (CoGetApartmentType - OLE32.DLL). So except if Vista EK already supports this call, the last version that can run is v8.4.6.

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