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  1. I already installed it since it was officially released, and it install correctly (and works fine). So for answer your question, .NET 7 is still compatible but "unsupported". Also it is very common for some companies to remove an older OS from their system requirements to "force" inexperienced users to upgrade, even if in fact, the application can still be installed and run flawlessly. Remember for OBS, Windows 7 was "removed" from supported OSes as soon its support ended from their website, despite the fact you were still able to install and use it without problems until the transition to Qt 6 in v28.
  2. It applies to both versions. My ole32.dll version is 6.0.6003.21761, modified on October 11, 2022. Also in my previous post, I said this... Which basically means I tested without the Extended Kernel. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my previous post, but what I wanted to underline is that versions 8.4.7 and later will require the Extended Kernel, or Notepad++ will crash.
  3. The latest Notepad++ version (v8.4.7) breaks Vista compatibility by using a Windows 7+ API call (CoGetApartmentType - OLE32.DLL). So except if Vista EK already supports this call, the last version that can run is v8.4.6.

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