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  1. MS has released updates adding TLS 1.1/1.2 to XP and IE8. It lacks some encryption methods, but most sites using TLS 1.2 open fine.
  2. This driver is for 32 bits only. Yes, no one seems to have been able to run 10x0 graphics cards.
  3. Anyone got a working driver for the Nvidia 1060? Found that you can add lines with ID to the driver inf file, added them, the driver was installed, but does not work. When the system was turned on, it got 640x480 resolution and 4-bit color. Perhaps you need a specific driver version? I've tried 368.81-desktop-winxp-64bit-international. I have a 1060 3GB graphics card, but I think there is no difference from the amount of memory.
  4. It can be installed on the 370 chipset, but a BIOS mod may be required, and the system installation disk needs to be modified. There are no drivers for the RX5700.
  5. ED_Sln

    6TB HDD for XP

    Any version of Server 2003 x32 can be used.
  6. ED_Sln

    6TB HDD for XP

    GPT support can be added to XP by copying the disk.sys and partmgr.sys files from Server 2003 x32 and replacing them. I do not know how stable this method works, I have not yet tested disks larger than 2TB.
  7. Theoretically, yes. If the program itself did not use system calls that are not in Vista.
  8. Therefore, even if you manage to run the installer, the program itself will not work.
  9. The site has ceased to open in Russia, with different providers in different cities. Connected through a foreign VPN, and found this topic. Is it really impossible to disable these blocks? At this rate, the whole world will soon be banned, and no one will be able to enter here.
  10. FFmpeg / FFplay cannot be connected to the players, because they cannot be installed as a filter. LAV can be installed, but it has not had updates for a long time, and the latest version does not support AV1.
  11. The h266 codec has already been made, and it goes as a replacement for h264-h265, I wonder when it will be added to PotPlayer.
  12. PotPlayer supports AV1 and works in Win XP.
  13. The problem is in the wpsmain.dll file. If you replace it with the old version or patch xompie, then the office will start. The ksomisc.exe error still appears, but it does not affect the work, it can be deleted, without it there is no error and everything seems to work without problems.
  14. Indeed, there is no binding to languages. But why then did all updates share by language? It was possible to make glb for everyone, and separate for localized ones. As done in the 2007 office.
  15. Ah, they are in the form of cab archives. But still, the 2003 office itself, like XP, accepts updates only in its own language.
  16. Office 2003 has a language binding, the correct update names include themselves and the language, for example: office2003-KB2726929-FullFile-RUS.
  17. The inclusion of international fonts should help if the site does not use any characters that appeared in newer operating systems.
  18. MS does not stop, now other languages have been hidden from the update catalog. Displays updates in the system language only. It's good that I managed to download all the updates for XP, but for the server 2003 and 2003 office - no.
  19. At this time, standard drivers are installed, so if possible, disconnect all devices, network card, sound, usb, additional controllers. And what is the code for the blue screen of death? Perhaps it indicates a problem driver.
  20. AOMEI Partition Assistant work on Win XP: https://www.diskpart.com/download.html
  21. No, the system language is not important, the driver is always in English, all the necessary registry keys are also English. In the driver, only lines with the name of the device can be localized.
  22. No, you cannot restore the system for more than 90 days, old restore points are deleted.
  23. In fact, the number of computers with windows XP installed is much, much larger. Almost all payment terminals, ATMs and cash registers still work on XP. Also, a lot of computers are used in organizations where there is not even access to the Internet. And also in special equipment in hospitals, auto diagnostics and so on.
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