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  1. I'm not worried about ending support. My computer is behind a NAT, there is a firewall in front of it, and there is a firewall on the computer itself. I have already solved the problem with the end of support for browsers, too. My computer is powerful enough to run in the background in a Win 10/11 virtual machine, and the browser can be displayed on the desktop host in Unity mode, it supports VBox and VmWare.
  2. If the driver is made after July 2019, it requires installed updates that add support for SHA-2 encryption. Updates KB4490628 and KB4474419-v3.
  3. I have not found how to call this window by standard means, but I found this program: https://www.sordum.org/9205/classic-shut-down-v1-2/
  4. I don't know about that. The only thing I can think of is that the program is not aware of some of the characters in the font, so the character table is shifted and some of them are not displayed.
  5. Download the latest version from here: https://github.com/vxiiduu/VxKex/releases Install it like any other program. After installation in the properties of the shortcut or exe you will see a tab, there you enable VxKex. And if the program requires Windows newer than 7, you choose which version it requires.
  6. You can use font managers with the font load feature. For example nexusfont or FonTemp, there are many more.
  7. Try this unofficial driver for Intel network card: https://mega.nz/file/P2wh2a4D#MaXWUXyunUxS6UiHuM4xvdX-65Dilga4KLEd1ztMfdI
  8. If the virus has encrypted the files, there is nothing you can do, completely clean the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. And in the future install antivirus and all security updates. But sometimes a virus just writes its garbage to the beginning of files, such files can be cleaned by antivirus.
  9. You need to transfer all the data from the old drive to the SSD. Not only the C drive, but also the hidden partition reserved by the system, where the bootloader is located. You can clone the disk with, for example, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition or another similar program.
  10. Most likely, the developer just does not test the workability in 7 and will not answer questions related to it. But all components support 7, so if there are no artificial limitations, everything should work.
  11. Installed and working without any modifications.
  12. SamLab already has a driver for this sound card, and it is a bit newer. It is in this driverpack: DP_Sound_Others_xxxxx.7z\ADI\5x64\Asus_J\.
  13. It doesn't work, there are no errors, it just doesn't start. VxKex didn't help either.
  14. Mkvtoolnix 69 does not work in Win 7 and 8.1. The developers have added a lot of new system calls and libraries like api-ms..., which are not present in either 7 or 8.1. VxKex also did not help, there is no system call in user33.dll, so I couldn't run it in any way mkvtoolnix-gui.exe. mkvmerge.exe starts after adding api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll, so that anyone who uses the console version can continue to use it.
  15. Yes, I tried it, but the program still won't start. There are no errors, the process just disappears immediately.
  16. No, it's not pure QT, there's a bundle of QT+Python. Individually, they can be run, but together I could not run either manually or using VxKex.
  17. Was able to run all unsupported versions of the MPC-BE video player, including the latest, 1.6.3. But there are a few peculiarities. Because VMR 7/9 was removed, you have to install a third-party video renderer, like madvr. Or use Enhanced Video Renderer, even though it says it's not installed, it works. The DXVA hardware acceleration does not work for the same reason. But on my test computer with Core 2 Duo E7300 processor any 1080p video opens without frame dropped, even with AV1 codec. Also the built-in subtitle renderer doesn't work, so if you need subtitles, install XySubFilter or xy-VSFilter.
  18. I found another program compiled with QT6, QMMP version 2. It starts to work after adding in folder API-MS-Win-Synch-L1-2-0.dll from Win 8.1 and dxgi.dll from ReShade. Vxkex is not required. Perhaps most of the QT6 programs will be launched after adding these two DLLs.
  19. Perhaps because of this, here is one of the records of the changlog: * MKVToolNix GUI: when compiled with Qt 5 the character set of INI files is forced to UTF-8 in order to fix reading INI files written by a version compiled with Qt 6. Fixes #3346.
  20. MKVToolNix 68.0.0 works without modifications.
  21. Version 3.05 http://download.findmysoft.com/2017/03/21/ATTO-Disk-Benchmark_3.05.zip Mode "Overlapped I/O" not work.
  22. For .webp, install Icaros v3.0.3. But there is nothing for AV1.

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