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  1. Все открывается. Возможно сайт опять заблокировал РКН, но у меня он открывается без проблем. Everything opens. Perhaps the site again blocked RKN, but it opens without problems.
  2. The latest version of WinRar supporting WinXP has 6.02, version 6.10 Beta1 no longer supports:
  3. No, in Win 7, if you transition the computer into waiting or sleep mode, then all the counters will stop, too, if you disable a computer from sleep in a year, then the work time will be at the time of shutdown.
  4. I have a more modest result, but I think it is quite worthy to show it.
  5. WebGL support depends on the video card and its driver. In Basilisk browser, it seems there is no black list of video card drivers to block WebGL.
  6. GPU-Z.2.41.0 does not work, no errors, just does not start anything. GPU-Z.2.40.0 works well.
  7. There are approved names for different resolutions, and the resolution of 1280x720 is called "HD". Just Google has already got used to changing standards and impose their own. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_display_resolution
  8. Do you connect a USB flash drive to USB 2.0? XP is poorly installed from flash drives, it is better to take a USB DVD. I have a similar netbook, an Asus 1225B, I installed XP, but because it can only use 3GB of RAM and because the video card uses another 384MB, there is only 2.6GB left. Therefore, it now has XP x64 installed. I installed both systems from a USB DVD, there were no problems. The only thing is, I have integrated SATA AHCI drivers.
  9. officexp-kb833858-client-rus.exe officexp-kb837253-client-rus.exe officexp-KB904018-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB905758-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB911701-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB920816-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB947320-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB955440-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB956464-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB957646-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB974556-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB975008-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB976380-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB980371-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2284692-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2288608-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2289162-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2293422-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2328360-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2509461-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2535802-FullFile-RUS.exe officexp-KB2541003-FullFile-RUS.exe I cannot help with the updates themselves, I have them only for the Russian version.
  10. I've only seen the ICH8 AHCI driver in Fernando's tweaked drivers. Is there nothing on the motherboard manufacturer's website either? Usually there is an AHCI driver there.
  11. Nothing has changed, no signatures have disappeared, neither for the drivers, nor for updates. It looks like the panic was in vain.
  12. Server 2003 and Windows XP X64 shared updates, so you need to install the KB3072630 update, the CRYPT32.DLL file version will be 5.131.3790.5668. Windows XP has a KB2868626 update with the version of the Crypt32.dll file 5.131.2600.6459. This is another normal update, not PosReady.
  13. The 6th version does not support XP, it is already an ordinary chromoclone, download the 5th version.
  14. Firefox 45.9.32 x64 does not start on Windows XP x64, "firefox.exe is not a Win32 application" error. I also checked version 45.9.31 x64, there is the same error.
  15. The program is Chinese, like the browser, but all the button prompts are in English. https://mega.nz/file/LzYyXRQa#3IubkwPvOdxogklvY2fGrZ7tIUNxv-itharvJI1uRI0
  16. I am using the SnapShot program from MyIE9 (ancestor of Maxthon). One file, 690KB. I can unload if needed.
  17. Some flash drives need more voltage, others less, so one will work and the other will not.
  18. It looks like a lack of usb supply voltage.
  19. No, NTFS always works on flash drives. But if there are two partitions on the flash drive, then the OS will show only the first one.
  20. No, this is some kind of problem you have, my XP opens flash drives with FAT, NTFS and exFAT.
  21. No, I'm not talking about resetting the BIOS. Are flash drives detected in the BIOS? There may be a problem with the USB voltage, so the flash drives do not have enough voltage, and this is already a hardware problem. To exclude this, and you need to check in the BIOS or LiveCD.
  22. Oh, this is a laptop. Then check if the flash drives are detected by the BIOS. Or boot from the LiveCD and check there.

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