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  1. You have the second revision, there is a driver for it for Win10 only. Therefore, if you want to continue using Win7, you will have to install an additional network card.
  2. Welcome to MSFN. Write the ID of the device. There are two revisions of the I219, one has a driver, the other does not. As a last resort, you can use a PCI-E Network Card, or USB-LAN if there are no ports available.
  3. Because versions for XP, Vista, 7 and 8/8.1 Now separately: https://github.com/Alex313031/thorium-legacy/releases/tag/M122.0.6261.168 And so far the latest version for all of them is 122.
  4. Right this way: https://msfn.org/board/topic/182599-nt-5x-windows-update-urls-dump-inc-custom-support-updates/ In the archive you need the file NT_5.2.3790-x64-Custom.txt in it there are links to updates released for the period July 2015 - August 2019. The links seem to be working for now. Almost all updates can be installed on XP x64. There are also updates for .Net in the NT_5-x64-NetFx.txt file.
  5. Try selecting "Enable VGA mode" from the F8 menu. Maybe some program changed the screen settings and they became incompatible with the base driver.
  6. https://github.com/Alex313031/thorium-legacy/releases I did not make a screenshot of the whole page, there is a whole mountain of text.
  7. @Dave-H Thorium has the setting you need, in chrome://flags #close-window-with-last-tab toggle to "Never" and the browser will no longer shut down when you close the last tab.
  8. You have the wrong version downloaded, for XP you need to download Thorium_122.0.6261.168_WINXP_x32.zip. In the unpacked folder run thorium.exe or run one of cmd for installation or portable mode.
  9. It doesn't require hardware acceleration. Even a C2D has enough performance to open 1080p h265. You need h265 in mp4 to test it. But I've already checked, the h265 video does open. Tested in Win XP.
  10. Offtop: Where did you find out he's from Russia? I am from Russia myself, but I have not seen any posts on any forum that he is Russian. And also in the browser there is no part of localization in Russian. In the web archive, all the snapshots say Oklahoma. https://web.archive.org/web/20220124195629/https://github.com/Alex313031
  11. But you can't call it a clone either, for example Thorium has support for h265 and JpegXL. It may be useful for some people.
  12. No, they are the same emoticons, they rarely change in this top 100. They're just a little different for some reason. Win 10 already supports color emoji, in older OS you have to install an extension in your browser to make them colorful.
  13. Hmm, interesting, the emoticons are different from the ones I have, although the font is the same. But the important thing is that they are displayed. Then maybe that site needs "font awesome", there are several versions of them and each has a set of several fonts. The developer is aware of this problem and is addressing it.
  14. It's possible, but it can be verified. Open the website: https://emojikeyboard.top/ If the Noto font is not installed or does not work, you will see this: But if it is working, it will be like this: If Noto works, then maybe your site needs a different font, or there is some other problem.
  15. Write the website address (apologies if it's already been written, but I missed it), I'll check with myself how it's displayed. I have the font displaying the letters. But I have all language options enabled, hieroglyphics, Arabic, and all possible "code page conversion tables" enabled.
  16. Stop writing this nonsense under every post mentioning Thorium. If you are so disgusted by him, just ignore those posts.
  17. You can try unpacking the image in UEFI mode, but it is not sure that even so the system will be able to boot.
  18. Is the disk selection window empty, or are the disks visible but you can't install on them?
  19. Portable mode is there, the same as in any FF browser. Create cmd with the text: r3dfox.exe -Profile "User" Or in the shortcut add -Profile "User" After launching in the program folder will appear a folder User, in it will be a user profile. You can write any name instead of User.
  20. Already fixed, but for now in test build 2.58.1. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/gpu-z-test-build-driver-unsigned-warning-on-windows-7-8.321246/
  21. DXVA, not CUDA, is used for hardware video decoding. CUDA can be used to speed up video encoding, but not all programs can do it, on such a weak card the speed will be low, and hardware codecs make video quality worse than software codecs.
  22. Then use the v344.75 driver, I don't think OpenGL version 4.5 is required anywhere. And I'm sure you don't use OpenCL and CUDA, so the fact that they're not there won't be a problem. PhysX should probably just be reinstalled, here are links to it, you need to install two versions, 9.13 Legacy is required for games released before 2010 https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/physx/physx-9-13-0604-legacy-driver/ and version 9.19 is required for games after 2010 https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/physx/9_19_0218/physx-9-19-0218-driver/ It also happens that the new GPU-Z does not show PhysX correctly, so I check with the old version, 0.8.5 https://www.upload.ee/files/16448328/GPU-Z_v0.8.5.exe.html
  23. The older driver probably just doesn't have GL version 4.5 yet. OpenCL and CUDA were disabled on lower-end graphics cards until some driver version, because their performance is not enough to be useful. PhysX needs to be reinstalled, and I also noticed that in XP GPU-Z doesn't always detect its presence correctly. Also try replacing in inf not the first ID you get, but from another 710, maybe that also affects what will be installed.
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