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  1. Nothing has changed, no signatures have disappeared, neither for the drivers, nor for updates. It looks like the panic was in vain.
  2. Why make a duplicate? There already
  3. Server 2003 and Windows XP X64 shared updates, so you need to install the KB3072630 update, the CRYPT32.DLL file version will be 5.131.3790.5668. Windows XP has a KB2868626 update with the version of the Crypt32.dll file 5.131.2600.6459. This is another normal update, not PosReady.
  4. The 6th version does not support XP, it is already an ordinary chromoclone, download the 5th version.
  5. Firefox 45.9.32 x64 does not start on Windows XP x64, "firefox.exe is not a Win32 application" error. I also checked version 45.9.31 x64, there is the same error.
  6. The program is Chinese, like the browser, but all the button prompts are in English. https://mega.nz/file/LzYyXRQa#3IubkwPvOdxogklvY2fGrZ7tIUNxv-itharvJI1uRI0
  7. I am using the SnapShot program from MyIE9 (ancestor of Maxthon). One file, 690KB. I can unload if needed.
  8. Some flash drives need more voltage, others less, so one will work and the other will not.
  9. It looks like a lack of usb supply voltage.
  10. No, NTFS always works on flash drives. But if there are two partitions on the flash drive, then the OS will show only the first one.
  11. No, this is some kind of problem you have, my XP opens flash drives with FAT, NTFS and exFAT.
  12. No, I'm not talking about resetting the BIOS. Are flash drives detected in the BIOS? There may be a problem with the USB voltage, so the flash drives do not have enough voltage, and this is already a hardware problem. To exclude this, and you need to check in the BIOS or LiveCD.
  13. Oh, this is a laptop. Then check if the flash drives are detected by the BIOS. Or boot from the LiveCD and check there.
  14. Where do you connect the flash drive? If into the front panel, try plugging directly into the motherboard at the back.
  15. Are other USB devices working? When you connect a USB flash drive, does something appear in the device manager?
  16. I found that if you enable compatibility mode with Windows 2000, then version 13 starts to open sites with TLS 1.3 and with a valid certificate. Maybe someone already wrote about it, but I haven't seen it. You can check on this site, it only uses version 1.3: https://tls13.1d.pw/
  17. If you open the site in a browser, then it gives an error: This proxy is limited to French IP addresses. Apparently you need to look for a proxy located in France.
  18. Which program to check? I cannot remember any suitable programs.
  19. The theme can be renamed, version 13 is final, it is on 86 Chromium.
  20. Yes, I installed with the online installer. I figured out what was going on, I immediately disabled the FlashHelperService, and without it, that error appears. But I don't really want to keep it running, even in the description it says that data is being collected. Flash Player更新辅助服务,确保使用最新版的 Flash Player 软件。会向重庆重橙网络科技有限公司发送匿名使用Flash相关数据以帮助改进 Flash Player。 Translation: Flash Player update ancillary services to ensure that the latest version of Flash Player software is used. Will send anonymous Flash-related data to Chongqing Zhongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. to help impro
  21. For some reason, all versions of the Chinese flash are completely blocked in Russia. I tried to put on Chrome and Firefox, on XP and 7-8.1, everywhere it says "Not supported in your region." Even local swf files won't open.
  22. I checked it out. Looks like Adobe is making a special version for China. Digitally signed by Adobe dated November 25th. After installation, it opens a site with a Chinese game, most likely made in Flash. In addition to Flash, some kind of FlashHelperService is installed, with a Chinese signature, registered in the task scheduler. But you won't be able to use it, writes the message "This version of FlashPlayer is not supported in your region."
  23. Comodo Firewall v12.0.0.6870 work on XP, but at startup, opening the interface, opening settings, and so on, several errors appear. Therefore, you need to look for an older version. UPD. Installed on another computer with XP, there are no errors. Strange, both systems are completely updated, all additional components are the same.
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