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Windows 2000

Extreme Explorer 360 (Chromium 69) - General Discussion

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9 hours ago, VistaLover said:

 That's probably because your system lacks Eastern Asian Fonts (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc...); not saying you'd be able to understand the messages in Chinese (displayed by the installer) had you got them installed... ;) :P Perhaps a native Chinese speaker could create an installation guide with screenshots for those wanting to install this Chinese Chromium 69 fork (myself, I'm using a Russian-made portable version in WinPenPack format, just search for it on line as it's not allowed here on MSFN to post links to "unofficial" packages... :unsure:).

Can't quite understand 

1) an outside-china installer is made in native chinese language :wacko:  

2) a lot of people are using a chinese browser without control on options/where/what is installed. :dubbio:

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6 hours ago, Vistaboy said:

2) a lot of people are using a chinese browser without control on options/where/what is installed. :dubbio:

Could be you're just a little more paranoid than most? :P :angel

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6 hours ago, Vistaboy said:

1) an outside-china installer is made in native chinese language

To be frank, I don't think they ever intended this for a massive consumption outside of mainland China; their site does provide rudimentary English localisation and the app, once installed, does have the option of a (poorly translated) English locale, but, beyond that, the browser is heavily China-centered (pre-installed Chinese search engines, default links to their own proprietary extensions store*, NPAPI+PPAPI flash [older version 29] downloaded straight from Chinese servers[IIRC, these are specially modified versions to allow better user tracking by the regime :angry:], pre-installed Quick Dial with popular Chinese sites, support forum in Chinese only, etc., etc.)...

What little English support exists is probably targeting foreigners already in China, for whatever reasons... Just my 2c, of course :P

(*): While you can install most extensions directly from the official Google Store when you're outside of China, do note that the installed extensions can't access it for update checks, so no auto-update for said extensions is possible :realmad:; for those ones that have such a feature, you should first export to file their configuration/settings, uninstall the outdated version and then install from Google Store the updated version (unlike addons.mozilla.org, Google don't offer previous versions of an extension, and the new, updated, version can't be installed on top of the outdated one, retaining already existing configuration :realmad:); finally, import previous settings from file... ;)

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You don't need to run the installer. Just open it with 7-Zip, extract the chrome.7z, and unpack the 7z file! Also User Data will be created in its folder, kinda portable!Capturebrowse.JPG.bc5339ff9708054c5b353b1154e562f2.JPG

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Posted (edited)

Hello, everyone
  Because I am a Chinese, I want to provide you with some useful information about Chinese browsers.
  Since many government agencies and users in China are using windows xp, at least 80% of browser vendors in China support windowsxp, and you can search engines in Google or Baidu ( https://baidu.com the equivalent of Google in China). Search directly on the "浏览器" (Chinese in the browser), he will return search results of many browsers, such as “猎豹浏览器” (Cheetah browser, based on chromium55), "搜狗高速浏览器" (Sogou high-speed browsing , said to be based on Chrome6x), "UC浏览器" (UC Browser, based on Chromium55), ”2345 浏览器“ (2345 browser, based on chromium56), as well as the “360 浏览器" mentioned in this article, etc.
  But these browsers have the following problems compared to foreign browsers (such as chrome)
 First: advertising, because Chinese manufacturers of domestic browsers need to be profitable, so they will have built-in ads in the browser (advertisements are sent by the browser, you can not use adblock to block it), usually these ads will be at the bottom of the browser Or the bottom right corner of the pop-up window, you are very bored
  Second: privacy issues, due to Chinese government policies and browser vendors need to make a profit, so it can be said that all Chinese browsers will collect your personal privacy data, no matter how you set it in the browser, but because of this Political issues, I am not convenient to say here. (The above users also mentioned why the 360 browser can't log in using the google account, it is also because of the government's policy, so all Chinese browsers are not allowed to log in to the google account)
  For the above two questions, I am here to give you a few suggestions:
  First, and most basic, if you want to use the Chinese version of the browser, then please use the international version instead of the Chinese version.
  Second, if you know Chinese or if possible, you can go to Google or Baidu to search for the browser + green version you want in Chinese, or the browser + Lite you want, or the browser you want + Optimized version, for example, if you want to use 360 browser, then you can use keywords: 360浏览器精简版、360浏览器优化版、360浏览器绿色版 (English meaning:360 browser lite, 360 browser optimized version, 360 browsing Green version) to search,Please note that after downloading, use anti-virus software to check whether the file contains viruses. Because China's domestic software generally contains a large number of advertisements, the privacy collection of the software itself is too serious. Therefore, there are many good third-party modified software collection websites in China. For example,吾爱破解 ( http://www.52pojie.cn , English means I like to crack), qiuquan's blog ( http://www.qiuquan.cc/browser/, a private blog, but the modified version of the blog master made the browser, especially the 360 browser is very famous),This is what he did

-- Streamlined automatic update procedures;
-- Streamlined English language files;
- Streamline presets for each plugin;
-- Streamlined Thunder download module;
-- Streamlined URL query module;
- Streamline the browser doctor module (because it is a bit useful, so use it as an option);
-- Streamlined built-in 360 security guard module;
-- Streamline the win8 metro interface support module;
-- Remove developer mode warnings;
-- Remove redundant menu items from the Help menu;
++ Upgrade the built-in Flash plug-in version to The latest harmonious stable version (because the latest version of the Flash plug-in is preset, the installation package is larger than the official version).
++ Optional install "Advertiser Defender" filter plugin, default subscription "cjx82630" + Baidu Beautification Rules + Add Network Disk interface refresh rules (if you need to overwrite the installation, this box is not selected);
++ Modify the word search engine to be "Baidu";
++Adjust multiple details, optimize program settings, and change the default search to "Baidu";
++ The default setting of the new tab page is 12 squares, and remove the extra button in the upper right corner. Thanks to the group members for "low-key dě gorgeous" to provide technical support!
++Resolved the problem that the previous version could not preset the skin to "Speed 8" (Speed 9 is no longer needed);
++ restore the new tab page to the nine-square grid style;
++ Turn off "hardware acceleration" by default to avoid watching some videos appear card screen phenomenon;
++ prohibits the generation of the "debug.log" log file;
++ prohibits the creation of the "User Data\safemon" directory;
++Add "Xunlei" dedicated chain plugin and "Alipay" security plugin;
The ++ uninstallation process adds "whether to retain browser bookmarks and personal configuration information" to avoid accidental deletion of important bookmarks;
The ++ program is packaged with Inno Setup, which supports silent installation and adds a parameter.

download link: http://www.qiuquan.cc/browser/360chrome.html

Similarly, there is a post in the Russian forum ( http://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=5&topic=49673#1) which is also about modifying the 360 security browser, you can also use this version 

Edited by redapple0204
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