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  1. Wanted to report a few thing after having used it for a couple of days. 1. At first boot after login, the computer is INSANELY slow. Using Perfmon I found that this was caused by the Search Indexer. Turning that off for the Users folder (the only thing that was enabled besides Start Menu) solved that issue. 2. First launch of already installed programs such as Steam or Chrome were very slow as well. Going to some sites were slow the first time. I think this is because technically it is the first time those programs have been opened or those sites have been visited on the new OS. 3. All pre-existing hardware works fine and all drivers were accounted for except for video, which I had to reinstall. I was concerned for the soundcard, fully preparing on having to buy a new one and/or speaker setup. In the end the SB0090 works fine in Windows 10 and the 5.1 works properly as well. The software for the sound card or for the mouse did not need to be reinstalled. Also the drivers for the gaming controllers didn't need to be fiddled with but I suspect that they just have better support in Windows 10 as I make sure to only use Xbox 360 compatible USB controllers.
  2. I had until the end of the year to put Windows 10 on my gaming computer to maintain Steam compatibility, but I didn't want to go about having to reinstall everything. So I had set out to determine how it would be possible to do an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 to a version of Windows 10. And the main issue was that the version of Windows 10 I wanted to use did not support an in-place upgrade from Windows 7. I ran tests for about 3 months with various different OS versions and even attempts to modify files and images and attempting to follow tutorials posted online. In the end I didn't need to do any fancy modifications. The key to this is one particularly bugged release of Windows 10 Enterprise. I don't have a license for this version but it is just installed temporarily. For the sake of reference, I wanted to post this unsupported upgrade path. I do not know if the bugged version of Enterprise is still available online. I just happened to have found it in my software archives. Again, this is for in-place upgrades without modifying the install.wim, and/or dealing with the upgradematrix.xml. 1. Starting from Windows 7 Pro SP1 OEM (like what you'd find on a Dell or HP) or System Builder Kit. SBK not tested but it should work the same. 2. Install KB2990214 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=46434 3. Copy full install (not just sources folder) from Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (X20-26562) to disk. 4. Run the setup.exe in the main folder (not sources) to perform in-place upgrade 5. Repeat #3 but with the target OS (in my case Windows Enterprise 1809 LTSC) to disk. 6. Run setup the same as #4. Now to be clear on things. the 2015 install does not ask for a product key, so it is ideal to use as a stop-gap in between Windows 7 and an OS that you want to go to that you do have a license for. The main issues I ran into during testing was that the test hardware (I don't use VMs) did not support the target OS, but I didn't figure this out until later. So you may run into problems upgrading from 2015 to a newer version.
  3. Provide a step by step of what you did so we can understand where exactly you are experiencing the problem.
  4. Yes, we can manually create accounts, but someone (like you) would have to act as an intermediary with the person to get information to me. The only information I need is their email address and username that they'd like to use. If you can talk to this person and get that info, you can PM it to me and I can make the account.
  5. There is a red arrow pointing to where the quotes mentioned are being used. Try to be more reasonable on the forum. We make everyone post in English and people from other countries may not be 100% accurate and clear when they post, so it is to be expected that sometimes things can get mixed up. You have the ability to figure out what a person is trying to say, there is no reason to try to catch people in a grammar trap.
  6. The original post was a copypasta from another website. Clear that the leftover color formatting from that site was present. Perhaps some portion of the text was not from that site. However since MSFN is in EU, we have to be careful about content from other sites. So if you want to talk about a news story from another website, putting large portions of text from there onto here is not allowed. You can link to the story or put a paragraph or line into a forum quote.
  7. It would be presumed that all apps with ads would also include trackers. If you want to play in that environment, those are the risks you have to be willing to take.
  8. Find another site to complain about each other and what countries software comes from. MSFN is not the place to do it.
  9. There was an issue with the spam service, you may remember a big thing that happened last month. Registration disabled until that is resolved.
  10. This function is browser based, not on the OS. In Firefox (at least) I think that if you ever put No or Never after logging into something it will not let you go back to being able to save it in the future. You may have to look into your saved logins list in the browser and clear the negative option from the list.
  11. The flood control change did exactly what we wanted it to. It wasn't going to stop people from making posts. The only way to prevent the new accounts from making those spam posts was to prevent all members from being able to make any posts. That is the reality of what features are available in the forum software. Having to deal with hundreds instead of thousands is a good trade off. The expectations and function of flood control has nothing to do with the usability of the forum from a regular person's viewpoint, it is solely to assist Moderators in dealing with the situation on the back end. In the future, do not OTSP about these types of things in tech threads. Make a thread in this section instead.
  12. Flood control disabled.
  13. You can do it. I install the nVidia Control Panel in audit mode then run Sysprep and it is fine. But I do it with a .cmd file that runs on ComSpec, not Powershell. But it depends, some Appx authors do not make their Appx the way MS wants them to, and can't be used. I have run into one Appx that a client sent to me that did not install properly, but Windows gave different errors that indicated what they needed to do. It could be that the one you tried has some hard-coded things in it that mean it wouldn't work from Audit Mode. You can try using an XML with system and put FirstLogonCommands in oobeSystem phase to install the appx when a created user account logs in for the first time.
  14. To build an image with a provisioned Appx. When in Audit Mode, you have to make sure that the OS never connects to the internet. That means does not open the Store or even install updates. Doing so can and will corrupt the "Administrator" profile on the system. In reality what happens is that when you are in Audit Mode, some of those actions write to portions of the Administrator profile, which Sysprep deletes and re-creates. This is why those particular things can cause the OS to become undeployable, particularly apps.
  15. Flood control enabled for users in the Members group. Sponsors and Developers are not effected by this change. If you are a Sponsor or Developer and get a message from the forum saying you cannot post, send to me a PM and I will take a look. Also make sure to not report all posts that a spammer makes. One of their posts is fine. You may not even have to report any of the posts during this current situation as we are going to be checking more often.
  16. It is something that our ancestors have nothing to relate to. I'm sure there are a lot of people in the 90s that didn't think that the internet would last this long.
  17. I can no longer tell whether or not Windows 11 is popular. Before EOL for Windows 10 I could tell that Windows 11 was in the vast minority. That is always the case when a new OS comes out, but there seemed to be an even greater drop-off than in previous years. It is possible that the sales focus has shifted. I have taken exactly zero support calls on Windows 11 which is saying something considering how long it has been available. Then again, there also hasn't been any surge in the IOT side of things, which was a trend in past OS releases where a client will want to stay on the old OS that can't be sold. The same people that are buying IOT now are the same ones who just have the qualified devices that were getting it before.
  18. I'm not particularly interested in cloud gaming as it is, forgetting multiplayer already having issues with server latency that has a real effect on games, putting it into cloud doesn't actually help that. Of course, the companies who do make these services are not interested in this experience or preservation, only to make a buck. So for ported titles (aka things on PC or console already) there is no no big whoop about it. When it comes to exclusive things, that is where the problem lies. There are games that were on the Gaikai platform before Sony bought them that are lost forever. Some of them have physical client versions that are unusable. All online only or required titles have this same fate eventually, they will get lost to time or be unusable at some point.
  19. The link posted above does not fully encapsulate the URL leaving off the locale part, and it seems like that site default to German (de) if the locale is not used.
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