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  1. If this was manual deletion, it may be a problem that cannot be easily solved. If you made a list of which files you replaced you may be able to revert. A repair install may be in order. This part of the OS is not redistributable. Since you have access to VMs, you could make a new one and install XP and IE6 and get the files yourself.
  2. It is clear you did not read the forum rules. We can start this again after you do that, as well as request a name change here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/71610-you-want-to-change-your-username/ Since the name you chose tries to work around a ban filter.
  3. First, as you'd expect, anything attempting to connect to a name on an interface that does not use FQDN is going to generate a DNS request. However, it seems that this Default-First-Site-Name is the default site name in AD which will show up in the ADDS snap-in. That name will also show up in DNS under _msdcs.domain\dc\_sites. I'm not sure that they are actually "crazy" that these requests are being made IMO. Perhaps the issue is specifically with LDAP. Presuming the server is not using LDAP for anything, maybe it is possible that the LDAP specific requests will cease to be made after disabling LDAP in the OS.
  4. You need to be more specific as to what the software that this disk is loading.
  5. The primary mistake of those large platforms was that they wanted to get everyone onto there, and didn't understand how people on the internet are. You can't have a platform for everyone, especially not everyone in the world. There are too many disagreements and too much funstering that exists to make it viable.
  6. All social media and large platforms do this. You either choose to accept that this happens or you don't use the service. There's no point in trying to form teams for or against any particular service or program.
  7. They don't really. People just eat whatever they want. The news articles make it seem like this maybe but it really isn't the case.
  8. It is just information warfare. The US wants the data to themselves. This isn't about data privacy or security or else they would be going after all the major platforms. Also all third party apps should be banned from government devices. I don't even know why that talking point comes up. Anyone who has worked in a legit enterprise environment knows that corporate systems are only allowed to use vetted programs.
  9. Twitter is actively trying to combat the large scraping operations that are evidently effecting Twitter's performance negatively. Or perhaps it is an IP situation. Either way, there are a large amount of websites (at least) in China and Taiwan that basically are just twitter aggregates. A lot of them shut down a couple months ago when the API changed but that only seemed to effect Japanese sites.
  10. Are we in grade school? In what world would the title be any better now? This isn't an E.E. Cummings forum.
  11. Everyone uses many different hardware and OS on this forum. If a person knows how to do this, they may not visit the site immediately or be here all the time. It is possible that no one here can answer the question. Bumping the topic doesn't do you any favors.
  12. I didn't even know about this yellow triangle. I had it and it was because an extension wasn't working and I was able to fix it.
  13. If the situation is that you are faced with keying differences on the connector vs the socket, then there are three ways to handle that. 1. Buying the correct power supply 2. swap the connectors. This will be tricky because you need small tools, steady hands and to do it right. It can be hard to do this and if you've never done it you'd want to practice on something that didn't matter. Issues that may occur is that the pins can be deformed so that they do not go into the connector properly and do not make contact with the board properly. Obviously the potential for ruining the new thing is high here. If a pin gets damaged, it can be replaced, but again you'd need the tools to do that. 3. cut the tabs as required to get the connector to fit. Obviously this is purposeful damage and you should first verify that the pins are actually at the correct values so that you do not start a fire. A multimeter could be used to verify the pinout.
  14. Client may not be able to use the relative path of the bootrom, you may need FQ path. I read that it is possible to omit option 66 and put FQ path to the bootrom in option 67. I haven't worked with multi-site PXE in a long time, I've moved onto using different methods and I don't even use those DHCP option anymore.
  15. The forum does show the account locking and also the LA IP address. However, that login attempt was using the same device you normally use. Furthermore, when you changed your forum password, it was done using a Moreno California IP address, which you continued to use that same day (6/17) and even made posts, such as this one: https://msfn.org/board/topic/184737-mental-health-awareness-month/page/19/#comment-1247114 The CA IPs that were used that day are registered to the same ISP as the ones you normally use, so it appears to the forum that it was your own device that generated the failed attempts.
  16. I forgot to mention in regards to the previous issues with Far Cry series games. I never got Reshade to work to a point where a game would actually launch but now the point is moot. Ubisoft has moved to a new version of Ubisoft Connect that no longer generates any sort of error. The process just exits (cleanly it appears, as there is no crash log) after a few seconds. I can't do any more troubleshooting or testing with it because I just decided to uninstall all of those games.
  17. If the system drive is not being connected via USB or other external means, and you are connecting with SATA, make sure the board supports hot-plug on the SATA port. Normally I would just use a USB enclosure for an instance where I don't want to have the disk connect at boot time.
  18. Any place we would go to for refuge cannot be a place we just pick in this thread, but a place where the forum owner or admins allow us to go. That being said, MDL is not a place we can have an official relationship with due to the nature of the content they post there. RyanVM was a good place in the past as there was enough user crossover (particularly staff and older users) and Reboot.pro is a site similar in that way at least. They aren't always particularly reliable either and still somehow do not use HTTPS which may turn off a lot of people. The MSFN twitter was the first place I looked (out of habit for when a site isn't working) but it really hasn't been viable for things like this. With the exception to the tweet made 4 hours ago, there hasn't been anything done with that account since 2019. The only other official place I am aware of is the Steam group but it isn't utilized afaik.
  19. I posted on Reboot.pro about it, but since Xper doesn't post anywhere, there isn't really a place to get reliable info relating to the server. There just are places we can congregate temporarily if need be.
  20. BTW it seems that page is now deleted entirely.
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