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  1. I format again and again hehehe. I install the audio driver without problems, but more late i Will test. The USB driver is confuse me: what is the driver hehehe. I have the driver só more late i Will resolve. Please try find another wireless driver. Thanks so much for all
  2. error code 192 when i try install the Conexant AC-Link Audio driver
  3. Dsound.dll and on Control Painel errors have to do with sound driver.
  4. is there any DOS command for restore the entire system?
  5. i have another error: "can't start the DSOUND.DLL", these error is showed when i enter on windows.... is these a sound error or Directx error?
  6. - the video was installed correctly(searching manually on a folder).. now works fine and tested on Directx 9. - the audio driver detects the Conexant AC-Link Audio and try install... but, before finish, i get these error message: "Error installing device: Windows was unable to install the PCI Multimedia Audio Device device." i don't know why the audio driver isn't installed thanks for all
  7. i'm using the version 7. but i see some problems: on Control Panel i can't open the 'Multimedia' and 'Sounds'... i can't install the version 9 above it... and i can't uninstall... so what you can advice me?
  8. honestly i don't know.. on DM i only see ONE... but read these specifications: http://www.notebookreview.com/notebookreview/acer-aspire-1690-review-pics-specs/ i'm testing the drivers.. thank you so much - the audio driver give me an error that can't be installed. - the ATI miss the files: "_atiRcmn.cab" and other 'atidxxx.vxd"(similar).. so i can't install both
  9. the video and audio and more drivers was installed from Universal Drivers Packs: other similar link... but you get he point. now i see what you mean. hehehe sorry my confusion... the pci card is the modem and the other is the audio driver. testing some games: Red Alert works excellent but, sometimes, i can lose the audio.. for get audio, i must re-execute the game... the Serious Sam game don't give me audio both games requisites are for win95 and above. when i reboot the computer the sound.dll give me an error, that can't start... maybe was my mistake installing the
  10. i mean no networking. the RJ45 cable is the ethernet cable(see the image) i'm sorry, but can you share another audio driver: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_266D&SUBSYS_00661025&REV_04 Intel 82801FB(M) ICH6(-M) - AC'97 Modem Controller [B2] and wireless driver: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4220&SUBSYS_27018086&REV_05 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG 3B Network Connection - the audio works.. but sometimes it can fail.. i just lose audio, on game... and no message... only when i reboot\turn on, the windows tell me an error about the sound.dll... nothing more.
  11. seems that i connect using the OCM with RJ45/Bradcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver. but the browser don't detect it... did i miss something on config?
  12. True i don't see the wireless adapter of the driver. More late i Will test the NTFS driver. Can i use external HDD with 500GB's?
  13. 1 - maybe i need a new sound driver... and now the DSOUND.DLL error that cannot start.. and the volume seems down on max; 2 - how can i install the NTFS drivers? i only see 2 files *.vxd; 3 - i can't find my wireless using the Odyssey Client Manager.. maybe is the driver? 4 - i have Revolution(cames with win98 UBCD) Theme installed... but these change too much on system.. i just need a normal ME them..... just like change the icons.. not too much.. what you advice me?
  14. Correct me 1 thing: when i execute Red Alert 2 game, its normal have sound and after some time lose it?
  15. finally the wireless driver was installed manually. my problem is that i don't have the list of my wireless hotspot... can you help me? https://www.dell.com/support/home/pt-pt/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=r155386 on installation manually, i miss 1 file.. seems that the win98 se CD have the rest of files but the driver is installed and enabled.... but no wireless program list
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