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  1. @5eraph: My first reaction was "oh yeah, well then do you donate!?" but then saw your Supreme Sponsor tag. Hopefully everyone that complains of the ads is either a sponsor or in some way contributor to the free, open source project.
  2. I'm holding out hope that maybe the button isn't showing up for you guys because of a browser issue or NoScript or something Not looking forward to the next time they pull this stunt on me.
  3. I could have sworn that I had a solution to this somewhere but it might have involved AHK. WIll have to research some past efforts when I get some free time. In the meantime, I hereby subscribe to this thread Note: I seem to recall one issue I had was that I got a script to work but didn't realize it because the text viewer I was using (actually a file explorer at the time) wasn't properly displaying the unicode chars in the first place. So, yeah...check the obvious stuff first
  4. You can skip it as submix8c said but they will continue to bug you about it frequently.
  5. exactly This zombie thread is about privacy, not heft.
  6. Quite the bump, vinifera. There is also Comodo Dragon for consideration.
  7. You would likely get more feedback by using the General Discussion subforum: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/2-general-discussion/
  8. You've clearly found the right place In addition to this DNS discussion, there is also the concept of a "default route" that may interest you.
  9. With the announcement that they will provide support for one more year, I found this interesting anonymous quote over on slashdot:
  10. Interesting. Does just changing your UA string fix this? (prior to the detection/ban, of course)
  11. In addition to connecting to a different PC, also try a different cable (ignoring the extension you mentioned). I had a bad cable quite recently that was the culprit of a similar problem.
  12. This can only end well.
  13. I often consider diabling/removing WMI for different reasons but always end up being glad it is there when something goes wrong and I need to monitor a box.
  14. Prior to compacting/expunging, I could see how it would report different numbers if different routines are doing the math.
  15. I agree with everything you wrote, jaclaz. I used to get all wrapped up in these things but haven't seen them cause any real-world problems in so long that I rarely go back to these principles of length/interference/attenuation/etc. For the average person using decent cables and modern equipment, he should be fine. Not optimal, but fine. The fine vs. optimal point is one to consider. WIth modern equipment negotiating a slower speed for slow/noisy links it is common to see reduced throughput in such scenarios. But when grandpa's A/B/G/N wifi link negotiates down to B due to a noisy environment...well his email will still load just as fast. (excuse the wifi example, I'm too tired and lazy to rewrite )
  16. Unless you are building custom cables which might exceed specified standards then you should be either way.
  17. In Thunderbird you have to "compact" or "expunge" to actually delete items instead of leaving them hidden/recoverable. Does Outlook have similar functionality?
  18. What were they thinking when they turned down that offer? Seems too generous, even when they were on the upswing..
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