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  1. Glad to hear it! Do you intend to share your work and/or maintain a fork?
  2. This tool is outdated and unsupported. It is possible that some people still use it but I'd be surprised if you got any helpful replies.
  3. Welcome! We have another Belgian or two here, already :)
  4. Maybe something like Alice that uses a GUI to teach coding elements to students? https://www.alice.org/
  5. Welcome back and good health!
  6. Yeah, this has been a long time in the making :(
  7. Linus is just taking a break. He made it clear in the announcement that he still loves the project. Linux itself would still be fine even if Linus were hit by a bus
  8. tain


    And no Kool-Aid was drank that day. Welcome!
  9. As a matter of fact the point is exactly that (with all due exceptions ) most people here are not "fans" of one Os or the other, they are (largely) "simple" users of it, more or less desperately trying to have the stupid thingy work as it should, in some cases (please read as "often") notwithstanding the efforts of the good MS guys to make Windows (you choose) either Android or an X-Box. Microsoft is in the name and has certainly been our historical strength...but I've always thought of our community as one of general hackers (tinkerers). We want to make our OS do things we like even if the developer didn't intend for that. There's certainly a place for us Linux types here
  10. Oh wow, it is Kiki! Your attachment didn't attach...
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