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  1. popov

    Paging File details

    I was just asking because I need tiny file and in order to get it legally, I am forced to download and burn whole iso, install suite and then after, again install needed components. @submix8c Hah. You should also read link I gave, guy there has exactly same problem as I do, and xperf isn't installed with secondary installer, even when installer is there. Maybe because it's WinXP, not Vista. As I mentioned above and in that link, correct way of obtaining xperf is getting whole ISO.
  2. popov

    Paging File details

    I have installed full 7.1 suite and can't find it. Seems that I am not alone with this problem: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wptk_v4/thread/dd241817-c826-41cf-b543-5407b49e9f9c/ Also I don't see how copying single public file would be warez, what's the difference between getting one file and whole iso?
  3. popov

    Paging File details

    No, I have only one antivir, and it is configured to scan only on demand. Also I have found this: http://windowsitpro.com/systems-management/examining-xperf Seems that I need xperf folder from "Windows Performance Toolkit". The point is, I don't have it. Is it possible for somebody to upload it somewhere?
  4. popov

    Paging File details

    Thanks all for answers. Yes, I have some updaters and antivirus running all the time, but they they still take less than 1/4 of my total memory. Except web browser, antivirus is biggest resource hog, but I'd say that it's still fast compared to competition. There are no hidden background scans, I have configured it in such a way, that every action is on demand. System is configured properly, indexing is disable and prefetcher is on. Paging file is managed by windows and is in 1 fragment. It might be disk thrashing actually, I am not really sure, but for example system using 300 MB's of memory is also using 500 MB's of page file, while I have 1 GB. Hard disk is pretty old, but never had any bad sectors and it's being constantly checked and defragmented. I am still analyzing system with various tools, I'll post results later. Btw, just to clarify - I don't use any memory managers, I have tested how they work and in fact I want something completely opposite.
  5. popov

    EMET configuration

    I am currently using Maimum Security preset, but in configuration there are many boxes unticked. Is it ok to tick everything? I've read manual, but most of those options ain't mentioned.
  6. popov

    Paging File details

    It keeps working and working all the time, lags computer and task manager shows more than 3/4 ram still free. Also your link doesn't work, maybe I need account there?
  7. popov

    Paging File details

    Is there any way of viewing what is being actively processed by paging file? Tool or command? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hah, big part of those 85 posts is done by me. If it is a problem, then you can delete this thread so it wont duplicate, I didn't know that "boot" world is so small . I was just trying to find some people who could have similar problems before, to check their findings and solutions. Also from our findings, we assume that it's actually stick itself, not OS.
  9. Hey there, I have started similar threads on few other forums, but it is still unresolved, and the problem is really nasty. PQI 4GB U339 flash drive that has write protection switch, no matter of what, doesn't want to boot anything when in read only mode, while in read-write mode it boots everything perfectly. It seems that drive is not even detected properly. I have tried it on plenty mobo's, and the thing happens almost everywhere. Maybe some of you had similar problems or know how to resolve it? Cheers.