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  1. I think it cannot find notepad.exe.mui. GL
  2. I guess that's Administrative shares. Still goes through SMB or "shared folders". GL
  3. I didn't understand much of it, but if it is true (and especially after it's developed further) it looks very bad...
  4. remove blue arrows indicating NTFS-compression

    So this doesn't work?
  5. I put Win2000 because there was no option for Win2003, the most stable Windows ever. Maybe I should have put XP, but I think my way of usage is closer to 2000 (which I have also used in the distant past), although not much as a server. My work consists of, it could be said, office and Internet usage. I haven't played games (at least big ones) for a long time.
  6. Abandonware is a myth!

    They type it faster without having to worry about when to press SHIFT, so they save few miliseconds.That's RAPID enough.
  7. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    Yeah, it was the release version, I just copied the numbers from above. Double check: firefox plugin that I kept is here. Beta version never entered my computer. GL
  8. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    It is definitely Flash. Opera worked fine for years, I just regularly updated the plugin (replaced NPSWF32.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\program\plugins\). Now, when I did that with flash, there were few days of crashes. I reverted to and not a crash since. I can't think of a better proof that it's Flash. GL
  9. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    Flash plugin V26 (NPAPI) is a crash fest on my Opera Presto (12.18) on Windows 7, I cant imagine that it would be anything else on lower OS. Just replaced the file with V25 and no problems again. Just FIY. GL
  10. Don't know if this still works for OS>XP (please notice the reference at the bottom). Otherwise, you might try this (I know nothing about the program, can't guarantee it isn't malware ) or Nirsoft's Volumouse (not exactly logarithmic, but allows for finer control). GL
  11. They broke into your house and listemed to your conversations; whether they used them or not is irrelevant. Now Mavroudis suggests you make a special door so they can enter your house and do whatever they want to do, so they don't listen your conversations? Nice job, Mavroudis.
  12. What's in the UnistoreDB directory?

    It seems, data about your music and photos. Maybe also holds data for other UNIversal STORE apps (DataBase).
  13. Remove Driver - ASATAFLT, without boot bluescreen

    Usually it's hiding in UPPERFILTERS or LOWERFILTERS of other devices. Delete ASATAFLT from there. I take a strong hint from the FLT in the name (filter). Also, try searching for ASATAFLT in the registry and track down everything related to it (for example guids or other long strings - search for them; then for anything related to them and so on; taking care you don't delete something you'd need). GL
  14. No MSINFO32 in nLite XP

    Find msinfo32.in_ in your source, expand it (I use Universal Extractor, it is also possible with command line) and you'll see what is needed. It's quite simple. I think (I'm not sure) you can right click it and install it. You'd need to provide MSINFO32.EX_ too (whether expanded or not, I don't know). It is located at the same place as MSINFO32.IN_. I don't see other files mentioned in the .inf file, but there are some with similar names (.dll). Maybe you'd need to provide them as well, or they are already present in \windows\system32 (Nlite doesn't remove them?). Another way would be to put expanded MSINFO32.EXE directly into \windows\system32 and hope for the best. Maybe try regsvr32 msinfo32.exe in the command line (and also provide the .dll if it isn't already present and try that line on it too). I'm not on XP right now, but looking at my preset I can't see it (but then, I didn't remove it there). I think it was called "System Information" or something. GL
  15. Task scheduler? (I don't know enough about it to give a proper example.)