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  1. On Win7, I see Version : 3.1, not LFS Version, which is not present in the output of fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo C: . Maybe Win7 doesn't expect new LFS versions? AFAIR this "bug" also affected Win7, or in other words, it started with Win8 and every disk formatted by a lower OS version than 8 is affected by any higher OS version. The registry value NtfsDisableLfsUpgrade fixed it for me, so much so that I almost forgot about it. It is always one of the first things I apply to any new installation >8, before it has a chance to see a <8 drive, and never had any problems. GL
  2. See this (It's about Win8, but Win10 is the same). Especially the last paragraph(s). I think when Win10 saw that disk(s), it autoconverted them to higher NTFS version (regardless of the possible incompatibilities of early NTFS versions mentioned in this thread). I had the same situation before (but involving XP and Win8/10) and chkdsk /f solved it. But it had to be XP's chkdsk. GL
  3. Is your date/time correct? Too much drift can cause certificate verification errors.
  4. It turned out I don't need it, thank you.
  5. Sorry if I don't follow, I just now needed Dism tools for the first time. So this tool is dead dead? No chance to make it work? I need to download the full thing?
  6. %Localappdata%\Microsoft\Event Viewer\ ? (That's on Win7, it might be the same on 10.) GL
  7. Try AUOptions=dword:1 in the same key. Link I guessed it even before finding that link, that is the option to usually control updates (and Microsoft doesn't want to know about option 1 and usually omits it from descriptions).
  8. I don't follow this topic too much, but is it possible you have hit the limit of 16 kb or 330 certificates that XP allows? I remember in the past that was an issue. Something like this. Just a wild guess. GL
  9. I guess that's Administrative shares. Still goes through SMB or "shared folders". GL
  10. I didn't understand much of it, but if it is true (and especially after it's developed further) it looks very bad...
  11. I put Win2000 because there was no option for Win2003, the most stable Windows ever. Maybe I should have put XP, but I think my way of usage is closer to 2000 (which I have also used in the distant past), although not much as a server. My work consists of, it could be said, office and Internet usage. I haven't played games (at least big ones) for a long time.
  12. They type it faster without having to worry about when to press SHIFT, so they save few miliseconds.That's RAPID enough.
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