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  1. Grab it before the MS lawyers do!
  2. I'd be interested to hear more of them, if they are suitable for MSFN.
  3. Your image contains questionable language. High probably that you are trolling.
  4. Haha perhaps my sarcasm wasn't dripping enough; a common failure of mine
  5. If you and everyone you know has just X of something (or even worse, are LIMITED to having just X of something)...then being the only one with X+10% makes you the richest person in your community.
  6. jaclaz, you clearly have not met your customer's requirements and are unlikely to receive payment for the work you have done until you have satisified all of his needs.
  7. My advice is to avoid letting Pee Wee Herman do anything to or for you whether or not you're awake.
  8. I'm speechless with amusement of larryb!
  10. I interpreted his question as "I want to reflash my BIOS and get rid of this new UEFI stuff". Toggling between legacy mode kinda does that...I guess? I thought that it was still UEFI but in "legacy mode" when you did that as opposed to actually swapping out for a different BIOS. I'd be interested to know how that works and if it is consistent across vendors.
  11. Poor duffy...we came down kinda rough on this Please continue to post things like this despite our gruffness
  12. By virus they mean worm. And a worm that only has capability against known weaknesses. This is not new...they are just jazzing it up and getting press.
  13. There is an option to create and login with a local (non-Microsoft/Hotmail) account. Create the new local user, give it administrator privileges, transfer your data to a place where you can get it, login with that local account, then delete/disable the Microsoft/Hotmail account.
  14. Outside of significant hacking wizardry, you'd need to get the different BIOS from the motherboard/computer vendor. Unlikely.
  15. Great chance to upgrade to AutoHotKey! http://www.autohotkey.com/
  16. Great news! Glad to have you back. Good luck!
  17. Welcome, we're glad you decided to sign up!
  18. Nice job citing. But for some reason you (or your citations) are focused solely on which *extreme* condition is "more deadly". I'm talking about daily life in colder versus hotter areas. Assuming your cited articles are correct, the assessments would flatten out quite a bit when taken back from the extremes. More deadly diseases like malaria and west nile? Hot areas. More infectious diseases in general? Hot areas. More animals that want to injure/eat you? Hot areas. Generally being sweaty/dirty most of the year? Hot areas.
  19. tain

    EMET configuration

    Krebs has an intro page here: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/06/windows-security-101-emet-4-0/ And he points out a forum thread which lists some known compatibility problems here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/security/en-US/1e70c72b-67b2-43c4-bd36-a0edd1857875/application-compatibility-issues?forum=emet
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