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  1. 2016.. ugh. What about virus definitions, though? And no, I haven't installed other antivirus programs since ages. The last one was AVG I think, before it became bloated, annoying and spyware. I tend to use Virustotal online nowadays, even if some local real time protection would be nice.. I thought I was ok with Defender XD
  2. Ah, I thought MSE was an obsolete program. And.. are you sure that WD is just an antispyware? O_o Anyway ok, if the situation doesn't improve with a future update, I'll give MSE a try.
  3. Hello, since the latest Window Defender update, all my programs are taking various seconds to start (only the first time for each session or for a while). If I disable the Real Time protection, the system works normally again. I don't see any weird usage in the various performance monitors, though. Does anyone else have this problem? I wonder how I could fix this..
  4. Well, problems 1 and 2 seem solved: 1- I tried Safe Mode and also edited some registry \Run entries missing quotations. That fixed it, it seems. 2- I tried temporally changing resolution and updating the graphic drivers.. no change. Then I just used an option to tile the windows automatically and.. they somehow unfroze. XD Problem 3 still persists, instead. I also noticed that junctions kept their previous behaviour. Why MS even bothered to modify it for simlinks? If someone has Windows 7 (up to date): can you please test the Navigation Pane issue? If you can see hidden f
  5. Hello, I've recently installed 1-year-worth of Win7 Security-Only patches (due to the new Spectre exploits, mostly). It all went well, except for these things: 1- various programs set to run at Window’s start in the registry.. don’t seem to do it anymore. I’ve already tried to reset the startup option inside their settings, but nothing changed. Their keys are correctly present in the registry inside the \Run sections, as before the update. I’ve also noticed this new error in Eventviewer (related?): EventID 1530 1 user registry handles leaked from \Registry\User\[code here]
  6. Hello, does anyone know what's a good antivirus+firewall suite for work? For home in the past I used AVG Free + Zonealarm Free, but they became bloated and less good since a while.. so I'm not too keen about trying the paid versions. I asked an estimate to Eset, but they never replied Any suggestion?
  7. In the end I used the Media Creation Tool. It worked surprisingly well. Problem solved
  8. Hello, I have a problem with Windows Update on an Asus laptop left unused for many months. The OS is Windows 10 Home, version 1607 (build 14393). When WU runs, it hangs at 27-28%. The culprit seems to be the patch KB4467691. I tried downloading & installing it manually, but it still fails: "We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes, Don’t turn off your computer" Event Viewer reports the error code 0x800F0922. Can anyone help?
  9. Ah, I use Crystal Disk Info instead of that :P (+MSI Afterburner)
  10. Thanks for replying. I use Link Shell Extension, instead. It's quite cool because it integrates with Win Explorer. (even if sadly I can't customize its menu entries). I thought about some downsides for symlinks on C: - if I uninstall a program\game, it will leave its empty (or semi) folder on the other hdd. - I'll have to actually remember to use C, despite having folders elsewhere. Not a bit deal, overall. I can't come up with other scenarios for which symlink would be worse than real folders. ¯\_(O_o)_/¯
  11. I stopped updating at the end of the last year, despite all the Spectre & Meltdown issues. ¯\_(O_o)_/¯ I've read too many problems about the new Microsoft patches (various still not fixed). At this point I don't trust very much both MS's honesty (=not sabotaging Win7) and competence (they're constantly breaking Win10 too).
  12. Hello, I have to ask a general question about Windows. I use an SSD for my system+programs and a pair of HDDs for users subfolders (Downloads,Pictures,etc), appdata for some programs (Firefox,Thunderbird,Xnview,OBS,etc..) and games. I realized that it could be a problem if I wanted to change letter\hdd. Is it a good idea to avoid pointing directly to the hdd, but instead use symbolic links in C: ? For example: - not installing games to "D:\Games" but to "C:\Games" (with a symlink) - not changing Firefox folder to something like "D:\UsersMoved\..\ProgrUserdata\Mozilla\Firef
  13. Thanks but.. 32bit In the past various KB numbers were different for x64. Oops lol, I confused Win7 SP number with XP. Fixed.
  14. Err.. could you please share such list?
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