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  1. Ah, I use Crystal Disk Info instead of that :P (+MSI Afterburner)
  2. Oh hi Jaclaz! Lol, you ninja'd me on LSE. :P
  3. Thanks for replying. I use Link Shell Extension, instead. It's quite cool because it integrates with Win Explorer. (even if sadly I can't customize its menu entries). I thought about some downsides for symlinks on C: - if I uninstall a program\game, it will leave its empty (or semi) folder on the other hdd. - I'll have to actually remember to use C, despite having folders elsewhere. Not a bit deal, overall. I can't come up with other scenarios for which symlink would be worse than real folders. ¯\_(O_o)_/¯
  4. phaolo

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    I stopped updating at the end of the last year, despite all the Spectre & Meltdown issues. ¯\_(O_o)_/¯ I've read too many problems about the new Microsoft patches (various still not fixed). At this point I don't trust very much both MS's honesty (=not sabotaging Win7) and competence (they're constantly breaking Win10 too).
  5. Hello, I have to ask a general question about Windows. I use an SSD for my system+programs and a pair of HDDs for users subfolders (Downloads,Pictures,etc), appdata for some programs (Firefox,Thunderbird,Xnview,OBS,etc..) and games. I realized that it could be a problem if I wanted to change letter\hdd. Is it a good idea to avoid pointing directly to the hdd, but instead use symbolic links in C: ? For example: - not installing games to "D:\Games" but to "C:\Games" (with a symlink) - not changing Firefox folder to something like "D:\UsersMoved\..\ProgrUserdata\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" but leave it on "C:\Users\..\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" (with a symlink) - not changing OBS output folder to "G:\Recordings", but leave it on C (with a symlink) - etc.. Can there be any disadvantages?
  6. phaolo

    Win7 post-SP1 patches

    Thanks but.. 32bit In the past various KB numbers were different for x64. Oops lol, I confused Win7 SP number with XP. Fixed.
  7. phaolo

    Win7 post-SP1 patches

    Err.. could you please share such list?
  8. phaolo

    Win7 post-SP1 patches

    Hi, to update Win7 in the past I used a "post-SP1 patches" maintained list (without MS crap and obsolete files), but I can't find it anymore. Do you know where I could find one now? (up-to-date) What about this program: WSUS Offline Update 10.92 Do you know if it's good & safe? I'd like to use+save only the security patches, avoiding all the new telemetry spyware and such. Btw, is it possible to get\create a "cleaned up" version of the cumulative rollup somehow?
  9. phaolo

    Check backup integrity

    It's a bad separator, because filenames contain spaces too. If I import the file in Excel, I have to replace it every time. Anyway, as I said, it's a minor issue.
  10. phaolo

    Check backup integrity

    Ok, "Checksum Compare" is not very convenient if you have to check multiple backup copies. I'm trying the command line version of Exactfile and it seems good, even if.. it's still in Beta since years. Thank you jaclaz. --- Some minor annoyances are that: - it doesn't have an option to output a duration\end time or a % progress. - it uses a space as a separator between hash and path, instead of "tab".
  11. Thanks for the replies. - I'm likely to get ransomware from anything: programs, attachments, vulnerabilities, etc.. It's 1+ year than I don't have an antivirus, but now I'm paranoid (yes, I make backups). I'd need some program that could act as a "watchdog", because mistakes can happen. - I wanted to use a VM to test crap, but it seems that I'd need to buy a new key for a Win7 installed there.. or am I wrong? - thanks. But I need to know if MalwareBytes can block&recognize new ransomware (and not just block executables in some known paths). No love for Nod32, instead? - I remember that the old Spybot on XP used blacklists for the hosts file too. It was nice, BUT at a certain point started causing recurring slowdowns to my entire pc. It took me forever to identify it as the source of the issues, so I'm a bit scared of touching hosts again.. O_o' - I use Ublock and NoScript in Firefox x64, so I'm usually safe enough when browsing. Another point for MB then. Avira didn't impress me much, instead. Never heard of GlassWire. I'll check it, ty. Thanks.
  12. Hello, do you know which antiviruses offer a good protection against ransomware? I've already added SRP whitelisting (Win7 Pro here), so I need some other kind of active protection. Malwarebytes, Nod32 or others? And what about a firewall to replace my free-but-clunky Zone Alarm?
  13. phaolo

    Check backup integrity

    Hello jaclaz. Thanks for the suggestions, even if.. I'm not sure they're much more convenient.. CC already allows to manually save the results, but I wanted something more automatic. Oh well, maybe I could just diff the CC ones.
  14. phaolo

    Check backup integrity

    Hello, can you suggested me some freeware program to calculate+compare+store&reuse hashes of 2 folders? (plus subfolders) I need this to check multiple backups on various HDDs. For now I found "Checksum Compare" (even if the official website seems ko). It's very good, but a bit clunky and doesn't allow to automatically store&reuse the correct hashes.
  15. phaolo

    Just a little Win7 rant

    Oh well, I'll se how it goes for next months. Hopefully you're right. Thanks for the comments.