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  1. This is a strange one. I've installed Win 10 in a separate partition on my SSD and am booting between them with grub4dos using: title Win 8.1 (SSD) unhide (hd0,0) hide (hd0,1) root (hd0,0) makeactive chainloader /bootmgr title Win 10 (SSD) unhide (hd0,1) hide (hd0,0) root (hd0,1) makeactive chainloader /bootmgr If I boot from cold then they boot normally (well Win 8.1 certainly did, haven't tried Win 10 yet) but if I boot one then reboot into the other (or even just rebooting Win 8.1 back to 8.1 I've found), they both get stuck on the boot screen for about 40s before the animat
  2. Yeah, I'll give him the options and leave it to him to decide what he wants to do
  3. OK, thanks. I'll suggest it to my brother but I doubt he'll feel confident enough to do anything more than stick a head cleaning disc in, so he'll probably just have to buy a new drive.
  4. My brother's Liteon DVD drive isn't working properly and continues to show the same files even when the disc is ejected or changed. I disabled the Windows CD Burning feature in case that was causing it and rebooted but that didn't help. I killed Explorer and restarted it and it still didn't update, although it did a bit after that. Sometimes it does update but it's rather intermittent. My brother says the drive is spinning up as it normally would when a disc is inserted and instead it just makes a brief noise. Does it sound like the drive is knackered and needs replacing or is there anyt
  5. Awesome, thanks. That sorted it out. Nice to finally put that issue to bed He still has an issue where PDFs don't open in IE11 and it just shows a black cross in the upper-left corner but I just uninstalled and reinstalled Foxit Reader and unticked the option "Open PDFs in Browser" so that they open in Foxit Reader when he clicks a link instead, so I'm not too bothered about that.
  6. Still not working I'm afraid. The checksur.log doesn't identify any errors: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1fDI89phEESQWEyZUdhWmdqaHM/view?usp=sharing (I had to copy the CBS.log file as it was locked and wouldn't let me add it to the ZIP otherwise, hence why it's CBS - Copy.log).
  7. Thanks, I'll try that later.
  8. OK, got them now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1fDI89phEESWTRKWXdESFh4dkE/view?usp=sharing I thought I should hide IE11 in case it was preventing any subsequent non-IE related updates from installing but after hiding it and checking for updates, it didn't show anything so I guess it's already up-to-date apart from IE11.
  9. Sorry, only just had a chance to try this. Well it cleaned up a lot of Windows Update files (about 3.75GB I think) and then I rebooted, even though it didn't tell me to. Trying to install IE11 failed again though. I forgot to collect the logs, so I'll do that next time I connect to his PC. I believe when he tried it before, it made him reboot and then went through the "Rolling back updates" procedure before booting and saying that the IE11 install had failed, whereas this time it just failed within Windows and didn't ask to reboot, so perhaps we're getting somewhere!
  10. Well it seems my memory let me down. Next time I was over, I checked and it was set to UMA, not Sideport. As it hasn't crashed on UMA but did on Sideport, it rather suggests there's a fault with the onboard Sideport 128MB RAM. As the onboard audio has stopped working as well, it seems that the motherboard is slowly dying! Anyway, I've got the USB soundcard now so I don't need the onboard audio and the onboard graphics seems fine using UMA, so I can only hope nothing else stops working and the motherboard hangs in there for a couple of years at least. I did run Memtest and that completed th
  11. Yeah, that's what I already use and everything seems fine. I checked with my Mum today and she says it hasn't crashed in the last few days, since I set it to Sideport only, so it does seem to be an issue with using the system RAM (UMA) for the IGP. I guess I should do a Memtest overnight next but I'd have thought if the RAM was dodgy then it would crash regardless of whether I was using it for the IGP or not. There's also the issue of the soundcard stopping working. I might be able to test it in a Win7PE and see if it's a Win8 issue, even though there's a Win8 driver for it but I've ordere
  12. I'm having a nightmare with this system I put together for my Mum. I'm re-using the Asus M4A785TD-EVO motherboard http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M4A785TDV_EVO/ and Athlon II X3 425 CPU that my Dad was using as his own system until a week or two ago, when I built him a new Intel PC. I'm also using the 2*2GB Corsair Ballistix Sport 1333Mhz DDR3 that he used to use in that system until I bought him a 8GB set a year or so ago. I replaced the old noisy PSU with a new Corsair CX430 and installed a new Transcend 128GB SSD (no HDD). It's running Win8.1 Pro Update 2 x64. When I was building and t
  13. OK, I seem to have fixed it by using the DP for the touchscreen and DVI for the U2412M, so basically swapping them over. Now I get the screen filled on 1920x1080p and touching the touchscreen only affects that screen as it should. Tablet PC settings now says the correct thing about each monitor as well. God knows why I had to swap the cables but hey, at least it's working now
  14. I've just got a Dell P2314T touchscreen monitor (1080p) and have connected it in place of my old Dell ST2220M (1080p), as a secondary to my Dell U2412M (1920x1200). However, when I set it to 1920x1080 it only fills about 20" of the 23" screen, leaving a large border. I tested with a few resolutions and none of them fill the screen. If I boot into Windows 7 however, it fills the screen normally at 1080p. I had a look at Catalyst Control Centre and that looks the same in Win7 and Win8, showing under Desktop Properties all resolutions up to 1680x1050 under Basic and higher resolutions under HD
  15. Thanks. My brother is coming to visit for a week or so but I'll try that when he returns home and let you know how it goes.
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