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  1. @Klamatiel: I went ahead and checked the permissions for DWMGlass.dll and it already had the "Read & Execute" and the "Read" permission, I believe it was... I went ahead and gave it "Full Control" rebooted and now I am not having that problem any longer..! Excellent Eye, and thanks... it's good that you caught Big Muscle's response to that issue, and that he posted it... Have a Great 2017 everybody..!!!
  2. @dhjohns: I'm currently running Windows 10 x64bit / Version: 1607 / OS Build: 14393.693 The cumulative update I unistalled is: (KB3213986) but after rebooting while Aeroglass installed the issue was still happening. @Klamatiel: I am going to go ahead and test that this morning, thanks..! @UCyborg: Will take that under consideration..
  3. I installed the latest Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.5.2 this past week, and a couple of cumulative updates came in as well. All of a sudden my Start Menu would not pop-up, my Volume bar is not working and my Action Center won't pop up either I have been uninstalling the Cumulative updates to determine which one specifically is causing the issue
  4. Kudos Big Muscle, just finished doing a clean install of V1.5/14393 and well worth the wait. Using Noel's "RoundedCornersNoExtraColor"..thanks for the contribution as well..!
  5. My Windows 10 - X64 Desktop Aero Glass for Win8.1 + v1.4.1 Build 10586.11
  6. Hi Noel; Thanks, that's the thread I had been looking for, and I guess I didn't look hard enough, I'm already there and reading it.. Harry
  7. Has anybody been successful in implementing this new build on a x64 bit machine..? I swear the other day, it seemed as though Windows 10 was performing "Self-Repair"
  8. I was actually updating to the latest 64-bit build 149 version myself when a Windows update came in all of a sudden... I had just finished replacing all of the new files and went to perform a restart when Windows update wanted to install their own update, once the system began to restart, I only got up to a light blue screen with very small code populating the screen. I had to remove my AeroGlass directory from my C:\ into my 2nd hard drive and restart my laptop. That was my fix... So it seems this latest Windows 10 update, which I didn't even write down is breaking my AeroGlass Testing Laptop...just when it was starting to look really good..
  9. How did you manage to get glass in this area?post-387566-0-72739400-1397319016.jpg If you donwload and install OldNewExplorer 1.7 and install it and then use the LongHorn Evolution theme frome DeviantArt, it will add glass to folder and Browser frames..!
  10. Window 8.1 Spring Update + AeroGlass 1.2.1 + StartisBack + OldNewExplorer + LongHorn Evolution 8.1 version 491 Sweet..!
  11. 1. I downloaded Aeroglass 1.2.1 and left it on my desktop for just in case 2. I downloaded the updated UltraXTheme Patcher, there is an update for Windows 8.1 Spring Update (Update1) 3. After Windows 8.1 update 1 was installed, I rebooted my laptop and Aeroglass was still active. 4. I thought I would take a chance and install the updated UltraXTheme Patcher and Aeroglass 1.2.1 over the existing install. 5. I got the cmd prompt after booting into the desktop 6. I deleted the cmd pop up. 7. Rebooted and again, a very happy user..! 8. Thanks Big Muscle and Tihiy...well worth the donation p.s. Can't wait for the first artist to post a rounded theme for the Spring Update..
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say, what a great place MSFN is, I have learned so much by just reading the posts and applying the knowledge and the artistic wisdom that everyone is willing to share. To all the developers, Great Work..!

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