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  1. xper was the main guy for that. We've brought in other news posters over time. Are you interested in helping?
  2. Perhaps you mean to post an introduction in the intro forum? Vista Business, huh?
  3. Nevermind. Both are *nix so generally follow standards. Just had to figure out where to find and transfer the .vcf files. Silly tain!
  4. I'm a phone noob. Need to migrate from my Meego-based Nokia N9 to a Google Nexus 4 running Android. What is the easiest way to migrate my contacts over to the new phone?
  5. You don't have problems with any other sites? You've tried the usual clearing of cache/cookies?
  6. You'll find various guides around to show you how to do this "safely" but honestly your best bet is to offload the data and rebuild.
  7. I think you are basically asking for RewriteEngine which is not always available. But give it a try in your environment. http://www.htaccess-guide.com/preventing-requests-with-invalid-characters/
  8. tain


    Well if you just maintained a list of download links instead of providing direct downloads...
  9. tain

    FDV's website

    I have faith in Fred.
  10. Here we come to save the day!
  11. It looks alright to me...
  12. Make a video of yourself doing whatever this dance is so we can all judge it
  13. Something does seem to be funky but if you've gotten your config to a state that works then you are probably best served taking the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" route even if the configuration is less than ideal. So let's see if you're the type of person that lets those extra NICs eat away at you until you get so annoyed that you blast an entire weekend reconfiguring your network
  14. Could one of these devices be overheating? Blow the dust out of all the vents, get them off the carpet if that is where they sit, and ensure they are getting some decent airflow.
  15. So both of those boxes multi-boot all of the listed OS's? Are you using (ie, do you prefer) simple sharing or advanced sharing? Are you comfortable with the idea of disabling all security within your LAN?

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