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  1. My sincerest apologies for being scarce and not making a donation. Personal matters have drained me both emotionally and financially. My thanks to all that have contributed to keeping MSFN alive and well. Live Long And Prosper, Y'all. <Hillbilly Spock>

    1. dencorso


      Peace and long life to you, my friend, and glad to see you around here again!

    2. Dibya


      Same to you have a long life !! MSFN Forever

  2. Even further OT, once some odd years ago, RoadRunner support insisted knowing my OS when I had already proven their interface was bad. Even my 98SE would no longer connect. Same hardware. In frustration, I said "XP" because it was none of their business I was running a server. Turns out, it was their hardware that went belly up. I so love ISP's generic tech support (looks in handbook - "Try turning it off then back on"). Again, good find!
  3. submix8c

    Keep getting website uses cookies

    "Just started yesterday..." Nope, it started when the Board was upgraded since 2005.
  4. @Winfried - additionally... https://web.archive.org/web/20160103165653/http://www.pcdisktools.com/download/PCRegedit.iso It's a (in essence) LiveLinux.
  5. "aboutmybrowser" - Firefox 46.0 on Windows XP x64 Edition LOL! Firefox 46.01 on Server 2003 SP2 x86 But thanks for the "spoof" information. Bookmarked.
  6. submix8c

    Freezes at splash screen

    Hooked it up. Unplugged the two 10gb HDD and popped in an IBM 4gb that I got from another old HP (had the Adaptec Add-in) Workstation. Used my LiveXP (WinBuilder) and had to use a Floppy to load the SCSI Driver (apparently disabled in the build due to SATA conflicts). Yep, Win98SE installed for a little grade school girl to learn and play on (various learning and... Barbie Game!). The Driver "drove me" nuts until I found a "TXTSETUP.OEM" set. This was apparently a Windows 95 Upgrade. I finally managed to get it to boot. It found all kinds of "New Hardware" and had a heck of a time redirecting/cancelling since it was done directly from 98SE Upgrade CD. Backing it up now to "for fun" "Uninstall Windows 98 SE" (they left the "Undo" files on the HDD). I'm thinking they installed a Base Win95 (no "extras") to allow for Upgrade (unaware that you can "trick: it). Still not sure how you went about FDISK/Format. You'd have to have a special Boot Floppy with the Drivers on it before you can use the CD. Also, it would have been real wise to set the SCSISelect (CTRL+A) parameters to Defaults, set the SCSI-ID on the HDD to LUN0, set all the other BIOS settings to Default (etc etc) and in the SCSISelect actually Format (Low Level) since there's a possibility the structure was different from whatever your HDD came out of. It would have shown the full size in there (AFAICR) if it fully recognized it. The HDD would have to be Wide/UltraWide (not LVD, AFAICT) SE 60-pin type with the Terminator set on the end of the cable (unless the HDD has built-in Terminator and should be set/jumpered and ON THE END OF THE CABLE). You SPECIFICALLY have to set which LUN# to boot from in SCSISelect (default is as I said LUN-0). Some nVidia cards may/may-not play well with Win9x. Also, I'm not really sure that a USB Mouse would be recognized easily since the BIOS has no setting for "Enable Legacy USB" and NO SETTING at all for the USB Ports (they're just "there"). The BIOS has a lot of limitations (it's HP Phoenix) and quirks. SCSISelect seems to be a (nearly) fully functional Adaptec (Modded for HP). You may want to get a PS2 Mouse and try using an EIDE HDD (older, since I believe the Controller is UDMA-33?) -or- check all of the hookups and settings (etc) that I described above for using your SCSI. MAYBE your Floppy Cable or the floppy itself is bad? RUH-ROH!!! That HDD will (probably) NOT work! It's an Ultra-320 and doesn't jive with straight Ultra-Wide! May/May-Not be LVD. http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=3676381 http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02171562 http://sanwork.com/hp-compaq-bd03695cc8-36gb-10000-rpm-68-pin-ultra320-scsi-3-5-inch-hard-drive.html FWIW, here's the Installation Card (yours is listed - points to a Figure fur jumpers) - ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/c-products/servers/proliantstorage/drivers-enclosures/SCSI-hd-installcard.pdf Seems to be made by Fujitsu (Model# = MAP3367NP) and looks like Dell used them too- https://www.amazon.ca/Fujitsu-MAP3367NP-36-4GB-HP-279785-001/dp/B00OH4CLHU Better Jumpers settings/description (MAY be able to use IF it's set to non-LVD -and- 16-bit, but doubt it since it's U320) - http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/product/storage/pdf/AL_jumper_EN.pdf You may just want to find a less-than-32gb EIDE or maybe a 20gb SCSI-Wide that works with that old horse and an older non-nVidia low-end AGP-4x. (in addition to a PS2 mouse). Otherwise, these old beasts are pretty decent but parts are really hard to find and may be expensive. I lucked onto mine. Heck, the going price for the 4gb is @ $50.
  7. I said WU was at v6. How many Updates did WU offer on the Win2k (I'm curious)? That's the reason I have an archive of all Updates for Win9x's, Win2000, WinXP, and Win2003. Rather than dance with WU, get all of the updates and integrate. See this - Also this - Also this (apparently where they stumbled across it, also it only goes to 2006) - BTW, WU doesn't work with anything less than IE6 SP1. Maybe that's his problem? If all of the Updates are installed (correctly) then (even with WU v6 accessible), what's the point of even using it?
  8. submix8c

    Freezes at splash screen

    Holy guacamole! I just went back and looked at my Everest report. There's USB ports "hidden" behind some silver tape. I don't know if this will help the helpers or not, but I'm attaching the Report (Text Version) that may/may not help. Note that I have extra NIC add-ins. I really don't have the time to hook the beast back up right now to test Win98 Install on it, but if your problem persists (with help from literal specs) I'll hook it up and try (time permitting). BTW, you have the latest BIOS. Be aware, this is the "full" report (sans keys) for XP-SP3, so there will be a load of dross to ignore (ZIP file). Sorry, best I can do for now, but this should be accurate for OnBoard except for your "plugged in" peripherals (HDD, DVD, Video, etc) and any "shared" stuff you see (via my router). BTW, thanks for waking me up on the USB thing (never paid attention, duh). (A topic that clued me in: https://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-Netservers/HP-Netserver-E60-upgrades-question/td-p/312060 ) Edit - You darn well better check for resource conflicts as well in BIOS. (Kind of wondering about that HDD's compatibility, too - Got the Terminator on the end of the cable?) ReportForMSFN.zip
  9. Forget it. It's over. Never gonna happen. That's why you have to use "End Of Line" updates provided/stashed away. Microsoft transitioned from "MS Updates" v4 to v6 server a long time ago and left v4 in the dust (they pressed the DEL key). The same happened to Win9x a long time ago. Even XP/Server2003 is getting the shaft (lucky if WebArchive has any, Catalog still has them so far...).
  10. Kind of looking like MS screwed up somewhere along the line (again).
  11. submix8c

    Freezes at splash screen

    I have the exact model. You never specified the Video Card (AGP/PCI?) that you have installed. Max RAM is 1gb and shouldn't (not really sure) have an effect on install, but you could remove a pair to reduce (if you indeed have full capacity). Indeed, you didn't even specify how much RAM you have. The Built-In Network is irrelevant for Install (will show up as an "unknown". The Mouse/Keyboard are PS2 (Make Model you attached?). There are no USB ports. The were sold with Up To 20gb SCSI drives (you say you have a SINGLE 40gb - Make/Model?). I assume you have the BIOS set to boot from it? How did you Initialize it? It also has PATA (IDE) connectors - have you tried putting a IDE HDD in and installing to it instead? Every single TTF appears to have failed. This seems to be odd in the least. Is your Windows an "untouched" or has it been "integrated" with anything? It may help if you give more specific specs than what you gave (other than what I already said). Just saying "E60" doesn't help much (does it have the last available BIOS?). Also, HOW did you install? Be very specific as to the method (direct CD Boot, Floppy Boot, etc) and sequence you used. Comment - Next time put that Log in a ZIP or rename to TXT file and upload it rather than Copy/Paste. You cluttered up the post. Mine (basically): 1gb RAM, Voodoo3 VGA, Dual PIII-550, CD-ROM, Pair of 10GB SCSI (NOT in a RAID Array), ISA Creative Sound, 3 additional Net Cards. XP Pro (ATM). Noisy as all heck (the SCSI and the Power Supply).
  12. Nope. You were just on MDL asking for these. I may have them, but we're not in the habit of sharing (this isn't a "sharing" website). If I do have them and attached them, I would be banned. Your only option is Google. Sorry about your luck. Maybe you'd like to read this before posting again? http://www.msfn.org/board/guidelines/
  13. submix8c

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Folks might want to check out the changes so they'll be forewarned (nothing serious). http://www.rarlab.com/rarnew.htm
  14. submix8c

    Windows XP 64 bit nliting questions...

    Those that won't integrate are placed into the SVCPACK folder. I've collected all of Kurt's list and integrated into an XP 64 with SP2 (pre-Integrated) on a Server 2003 x86 with nLite and tested the install on Server 2008 R2 Virtual (it runs x64, unlike older Windows VM's) then installed all optional Add/Remove. I found that only one fix was missing (can't remember offhand what it was). Please note that I integrated nothing more than Security (e.g. no dotNet). It weighs in beyond a CD capacity so you'll need a DVD. BTW, thanks, Kurt. Took me a while to unscramble your dotNet explanation, though. I'll try to test again (time permitting) and find that other update and post in your XP Updates topic.