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Found 3 results

  1. After getting MSO 2010 SP2 installed recently, I found that there was no easy and intuitive way to get Office 2010 fully up to date. Even the latest cumulative updates on Microsoft's websites (and it's not at all obvious which ones are necessary, since the "latest" ones go back to September 2019 or even earlier) omit nearly 60 standalone updates that need to be downloaded separately. The goal here was to see if I could get Office updated from the get go w/o using Windows Update post-install. Starting with SP2*, this will get MSO 2010 fully up to date. This is for 32-bit Office 2010 Professional Plus (+Visio) on 64-bit Windows 7. (*This was starting with the install files for Office 2010 with SP2 already slipstreamed into the "Updates" folder, I don't think there's an official SP2 ISO anywhere). However, in Word and other Office applications, the version number does not change higher than 7243/7237 still, which is annoying since 7245 I believe is the February 2020 build #. But by "up to date", I mean when you run Windows Update, it will give you the green checkmark and say "No important updates available", woo hoo! The folders referenced below are where I have saved extracted copies of all the downloaded CAB updates, because obtaining them is a pain. The updates that are contained in each folder are provided below. Sadly, using Windows Update post-install is the only way to get the last 3 updates to install, to my knowledge. I tested pretty much every possible way. They cause problems if you try to install them manually. Anyways, hopefully this is helpful, it took hours of testing but using this procedure any vanilla Office 2010 SP2 can be brought fully up to date. PART I: 1. Copy "Office 2010 x86 Pro Plus VL with SP2" to local Desktop. This contains the latest cumulative updates. 2. Copy contents of "MSO 2010 Latest Standalone Updates" to the "Updates" folder contained in the folder on Desktop. Click "Keep both copies" when prompted in the Copy dialog. 3. Run setup.exe 4. Install Update for Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime (2017) PART II: 1. Copy SW_DVD5_Visio_Premium_2010_W32_English_Std_Pro_Prem_MLF_X16-51030 with SP2 to local Desktop. 2. Copy contents of "MSO 2010 Latest Standalone Updates" to the "Updates" folder contained in the folder on Desktop. (Yes, this means all Office updates.) 3. Copy contents of "MSO 2010 Visio Latest Standalone Updates" to the "Updates" folder contained in the folder on Desktop. 4. Run setup.exe PART III: 1. Run Windows Update and install all IMPORTANT updates only. There should be (3) important updates. The steps above minimized the amount of updates Windows Update is needed for. The 3 important updates in Windows Update for MSO won't install manually (they still show up in WU), but if installed via Windows Update, they will disappear. *** UPDATES IN THE FOLDERS *** Latest Office 2010 Cumulative Updates: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/officeupdates/office-updates-msi UP TO DATE THROUGH 2020/02/21 FOR KB # RELEASED REPLACES Outlook 4484163 (2020/02/11) 4475573 (2019/08/13) Excel 4484267 (2020/02/11) 4484243 (2020/01/14) Office 4484236 (2020/02/11) 4484192 (2019/12/10) Office (Access) 4484193 (2019/12/10) 4484127 (2019/11/12) Office (Word) 4475598 (2019/12/10) 4475531 (2019/08/13) PowerPoint 4461613 (2019/12/10) 4461521 (2018/12/10) Word 4475601 (2019/12/10) 4475533 (2019/08/13) Office 4464566 (2019/09/10) 4462223 (2019/04/09) Project 4461631 (2019/09/10) 4022147 (2018/11/13) **NOT DOWNLOADED** --- Install these standalone x86 updates for MSO 2010 --- 3114416 3114414 2553154 2553313 2553332 2850016 2881029 2956063 3114565 3115120 3115197 3115248 3191908 4022206 4022208 3114872 2999465 4018363 3114879 2817369 2553092 2553140 2553347 2553388 2589298 2589375 2880971 2597087 2791057 2825640 2881030 3054886 3055047 3128031 4092436 4461579 4462187 3114559 2553308 2760601 3115314 4461626 982726 2956076 2589318 2589339 3054873 4462172 2883019 2589386 4011186 3115475 --- Install the applicable (e.g. language specific) component of these MSO 2010 x86 updates --- 4022136 2956084 4461625 3114885 2956076 3203468 3213626 3213631 --- Install the following updates during Visio install AS WELL (install all other updates above also) --- 4464566 4484193 2881025 (English only) *** END OF UPDATES TO SLIPSTREAM ** --- Duplicate CAB updates --- 3203468 3114885 --- Problematic updates --- 4011610: The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service b/c the program to be upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.
  2. Here's the issue When going to Word 2010 starting an envelope, we click the Address Book icon to view addresses from Outlook. It is completely empty. If we check Outlook, it has all the addresses and works fine. We just can't see the address book in Word to do envelopes. Here's what we are using: Windows 10 Home 64bit (Brand new computer - 1 week old) Office Home and Business 2010 What we've tried with no success. We created a new Outlook profile. We created a new PST file and imported the address book into that new PST file. We tried with Outlook open and closed. Other software same as previous computer which worked fine. It never worked on this new computer. I hope someone has a suggestion that might work?
  3. I'm trying to get our corporate Office 2010 installer fully patched via dropping .MSP files in the \Updates folder and am running into a peculiar problem - updates seem to conflict with each other and undo one another's application. For example, if I drop SP2's extracted .MSP files in the \Updates folder and install Office, I can then run Windows Update and get a list of patches for Office 2010 that doesn't include SP2. Great, makes sense, I pre-installed it via the Updates folder. However, when I drop the MSP files from another patch into the folder, even if I rename them so as not to overwrite like-named files from the SP2 application, when I run Windows Update it shows SP2 as an available installation. It's a reduced filesize, but it's still there. This suggests to me that some component of SP2 is no longer installing once other updates are added to the folder. Complicating matters further, re-integrating SP2 then undoes some of the other patches and they show up in the WU update list. Has anyone had success in getting a fully-patched installation of Office made using offline patching, such that a "Check for Updates" operation will yield no missing patches? How did you do it?

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