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  1. Sure does, but that goes for both parts...for some reason all focus is on one of them. ..is the bolt to small or is the nut to big?
  2. I need to make a couple of installed folders "superhidden", and need to do it from from a .cmd that is run @ guirunonce.....is there any clever ppl here that can help a lost soul out ? thanx!
  3. "Historically, certain functions of new versions of Windows are integrated in the service packs of previous versions." hmm, lemme see...how about some kinda "light" form of that DRM/Palladium/TCPA implements...?
  4. Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy Ron White George Bush
  5. That can be done, just a few files and a bunch of reggies...
  6. "Back in Action" are we? I take it you wanna help gdogg out.... B)
  7. At your level (no pun intended) I think you will be much better off if starting with searching around for informative pages that could give you the whole picture..perhaps a "start your own" tutorial/guidelines......must be a zillion of them out there.
  8. Or better yet, go here and open the page within that one : http://babelfish.altavista.com/ Will save you some time and effort
  9. Oh, I guess that is a far bit smaller than the shrunken files I sent you..... Wich ones of those I gave you are you still using? If you have succeeded to shrink them even more please let me know
  10. Well, thats about time....I had a looooong "penfight" with RyanVM about this but he refused to admit or even understand my concerns. Tends to get agressive that lad...
  11. I guess this is out on the rim of what is allowed here.....but click additional tasks and then make ISO. Use that instead when nLiting. I take it that you own your own license..(that came out funny.. )
  12. How about invest in a NV Silencer? http://www.arctic-cooling.com/vga2.php?idx=62 very quiet and effective, will pay itself in longer life of all your internal components....heat is the enemy for any electronics the temps I see with this mounted on my 6600gt is half of yours
  13. Scary stuff,..this fanatism.
  14. I personally don't use nLite anymore but I know this: 1. It can help you to minimize your footprint...(good if you have a old laptop with only 2Gb harddrive for ex.) 2. It can help you to cut down on boottime..(less stuff to parse and start) 3. You can "design" a install disk for a specific purpose...I have a minimalistic 210mb 8cm disk in my chestpocket that has the tools and bare essentials that I use when checking out new computers..(read old laptops)...it installs in 6-8 min depending on hardware....if you calculate the time I cut everytime I'm making big bucks..! Bottom line is: XP or any Operativ System isn't a live creature or something to "be cautious" with...it's a engineered product like anything else, that can be plucked down to pieces with only your skill, knowledge and persistence stopping you....then put together in any configuration and for any function you desire. It is not "alive". Sometimes it seems like ppl have the strangest relation to this, "protecting" files and batches that are based on already invented components and configuratons like it is their GF or pet or something. EDIT: heh, that last sentence came out funny...girls and pets..no pun intended girls.
  15. Speaking of Fred Vork... Would this be useful in finding out exactly which registry keys are required to run the NT4 shell in Windows 2000? (And eventually one could hope in XP too..) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmm, not really the target function I would say.. But, actually in a far fetched way you can use it to gather some usable keys and knowledge. 1. Install a fresh NT4 install in a virtual environment. 2. Install ART and UnregDll..(grab the one I've attached or use the regtweak found here at the board on various places). 3. Make a "snapshot" of the registry. 4. Rightclick that shell and unregister it. 5. Make another snapshot of that registry. 6. Use compare function. 7. Export BOTH "redo" AND "undo". ..now, if you rightclick the "redo" file and choose edit you can see all the keys that has been deleted/modified/added ..further, if you do the same with the "undo" file you can easily grab specific keys for that particular dll you have unregistered...(also as you will see, labeled with recognizable names ) ...RNG, Cryptographic and user specific keys are of no use..(not entierly true, you can use .DEFAULT and CURRENT on some of them...but that depends on other factors..can't go into that now) Ofcourse the registry of XP and NT4 differs so there will be things to consider, but this should help you localize and get a "feeling" of what that shell are attached to/in. A direct comparison between XP's and NT4's registry using ART I would save as a last step...better to have some knowledge/"feeling" before getting into that. Good Luck! EDIT: I forgot, what do you mean by Fred Vork...? unregDll.zip
  16. I use Advanced Registry Tracer for things like this, you can save the whole scan and export it for later comparison with a different comp...and then export the differences. Jump to the registry key, export specific keys, filter function...and so on.
  17. @ Jeremy...lets just bury this thing..ok? I do not want to go that way when we are talking about getting physical and so on...I have been there and there is nothing to gain...please believe me on that one. @ gdogg...just make sure you drop it in a new thread, then everyone is happy.
  18. You are 25% addicted to Porn. There has been 18079 person(s) as addicted as you. ...you dirty ol' w*****s

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