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  1. Hey dino hows life =) Nice to see ur still goin at it, at this student home we are all still using ur app I pretty much retired IT n dont use my own methods in conjunction with nlite anymore.. just nlite out of lazyness keep up the good work mate Cheers, Tony
  2. Still using, honoring and loving the nLite program ^^ GO NUHI!
  3. Hmm suddenly vista is gettin intersting ^^ keep on scripting!
  4. Hey nuhi ^^ Had a problem last night with my nLite, coss i dont have outlook express n the mail api it needs, the latest windows messenger live doesnt work WLM_8_1_064.exe (version 8.1.064 beta) it somehow needs the mapi32.dll and gives an error about mpr.dll I think u have to test it for urself to really know if that is the problem, if not, i will format sunday evenin n leave the mail api in, and i hope it ll solve the problem... for now i'll just go back to an earlier non beta version. also could u clearify wot do to with the mpr.dll file? i do have it, but i guess its part of a program a lil googlin gave this, but still dont know wot to select in nLite to keep This isnt ur fault btw coss stupid microsoft wants the turn Windows Messenger Live into Windows Messenger Live With Build in Outlook Express Feature Crap.. Ur work is great stuff n i format at least once if a new nLite version comes out Cheers!!
  5. NT -> moves pages from RAM to swap even with 1GB of unused ram -> much slower when trying to access these pieces of data. But still fast enough, don't misunderstand me (maxthon nmay have 50MB of used memory, there's still 350MB of paged data!). When comparing XP with 2k, people did not think "hey, my computer does not have enough ram", but instead started wondering what the hell MS developpers had done with this OS. However, this is getting incredible here. As a part-part-part-part-part-part-time developper, I know that mem usage can grow very quickly when you a GUI (having the possibility to move a bar from top to bottom of the window for example!) I'm sure some people here are comparing usage on 32bits systems with usage on 64bits/32Bits with PAE, without knowing what it implies! nice post mate, its so futile, these topics... everybody uses the browser he can do the most with, and has things he wants in a browser. maxton+IE, great opera, great firefox, great <-- i use this coss of the nice favorite bar, not that firefox is better, its just suited for ME and all 3 are fast, if a warm start of ur browser takes 5sec, is slow, if its 3 or less, its fast... who cares about the 1.8 or the 2.4sec :/ and memmory usage, with 500mb who gives a ***** if it uses 70mb or 120mb :/ but fridge i do a lot of 3d modelling, i need ram yeh but u got 1gig of ram oh yeh thats true
  6. *Stumbles in* Hello lads, and nuhi in particular nice goin, just stopped by to congratulate u with the first final keep goin on the good work, it is still being used
  7. Gdogg.....as u say in ur 1st post U were prolly thinkin of me But its infringing... not in-fridge-ing
  8. U were prolly thinkin of me But its infringing... not in-fridge-ing
  9. U have to make urself familiar i think, add some usefull stuff etc... no offence but would u give ur hot beta project to a guy who just made 4 posts?
  10. allright m8, send me the info for the beta thing. I got a laptop as well who needs a format 233mhz & 128mb... so i could give that one a try too I'll start monday with it.
  11. Thnx for still willing to include me in it, If i have time, i'll give u a message Still got a standalone pc who's waiting for format;) luv
  12. hiya ^^ just wanted to say thnx for crediting me was just about to format again n saw a link to microwinx, just checkin the progress n noticed credits to me. I hope u wont quit, n if so, leave ur work to somebody else so slimmingdown will neva stop kinda to busy with school n gf is also high maintance, u dont have to reply to me as i will prolly forget to check this thread again ;D have fun guys n good luck!
  13. Nearly all windows users use it, correct. But do all windows users use nLite? Nope. And of those people, I think half of them doesnt use ms office btw gdogg, the only reason you got a second windows is for minlogon... which can be copied there with 1 windows as well. Rename winlogon.exe to winlogonbackup.exe copy winlogonnew.exe to system32, rename winlogonnew.exe to winlogon.exe reboot
  14. u ever read his guide? I think he has enough knowledge of it that his tests are accurate. Anyway I have at work a problem, the server administrator hasnt replied on my email yet. but it seems prefetching is broken on all pc's at the university. There is a prefetch folder with about 15files with it. But thats it, if u open new programs, it doesnt create more. If I delete everything inside the folder, then there arent new prefetch traces being made. Putting /prefetch:1 behind an app doesnt work, forcing the prefetcher on by means of: %windir%\system32\Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks doesnt work as well, although in the register it says the value is 3, so app & boot... got ideas?! Neverminddddd stupid task schedular was off, why would the system administrator do that "
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