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  1. Hey gdogg...never mind him.. (as if we cared..) ...when are we gonna see that thingie pop up in XP section?
  2. So is your haircut! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ahhhh....den satt perfekt!
  3. @Ramtax ..it kinda depends on how you "removed" that service.
  4. Well, you can use sock2http in combo with Sockscap32 and then just let your P2P app go through that line...provided you have some good proxies in your backpocket...(read chineese). Some P2P even support socks nowadays. To bad the development of Waste has stopped, was very promising. http://waste.sourceforge.net/
  5. No problem As I said, it is coz we are dealing with a app that is under development..(constant changes) ..that is built on tweaks and removals...(same as we do)...so it is bound to clash...(if you are doing "hardcore" removals that is). ..nLite is a beautiful tool, BUT....until it's relased in full version (it's still a BETA folks)...you either stick to one version, or you re-evaluate your batches and tweaks for each new beta that is released. ..to clearify, if something is not working that has been....where to look if not in the source of the changes?...in this case nlite...and then what has been done that triggered this condition...guess only Nuhi can answer that one.
  6. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh man...when are you gonna get it....What you remove in one nLite version is not guarantieed to work in another! Can you for one second try to realize what nLite is? ...it is a a bunch of tweaks and removals in a .NET package....so what you have done is applied a unknown set (new version of nLite) of changes to that posted setup of Fridge's..... @Fridge...do you remember this? : ..you see? ..i rest my case
  7. Oops! "short time spanners" Guess thats true, hasnt been here long...
  8. When did I send a resume to you? When did I say I was working on your schedule? I have real life issues I'm dealing with here, not **** DLLs. You and others are so obsessed with DLLs files it disgusts me. Muuch more to life. And go ahead and do your 's at me, you think I care? Ha. The last time you asked me for support, I politely declined it because we weren't going about the same means to reach the same objective. I don't expect you to do stuff for me because I'm too lazy. But when you p*** me off, expect words. As Fridge-RaideR says, I can't be bothered with this right now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, ..man! ..are you referring to the time when I asked you if you were interested in trying my finished setup..? I have never asked you of any other "support" than that. ...and for that "I have a life part"...I study,..am co-running a factory in Indonesia with some 320 employees...active in hanggliding, paragliding, do fly aerobatics with "real planes" (if that isn't real life I dunno what is!)..also helping a few guys with their schoolwork in engineering related stuff like Unigraphics and ProEngineer..(takes a big toll as well) + a bundle of other stuff...so don't give me that crap about having a life. My "problem" i guess is that I like to "excel" in what I do...may it be something as trivial like ripping a OS apart...if I see something valuable to be learned I will finish it off..no matter what other "in-box thinkers" will say. ...but I see this is also going the "kindergarden" way....tends to do that Jer...you did send me some "deep" PM's with seemingly insightful thoughts, but there was something that didn't add up and now it's quite obvious I'm afraid. I hope you will get your life back on track with girlies and whatnot and try to handle that aggression of yours.
  9. @ Jeremy jeje.... ...I have silently..(almost) waiting for Fridge to show something other than just picking from others...and times is up. @ gdogg...exactly my thought...absolutely no need to post it here... and about using the stuff I've posted (not that much really), absolutely no problem ofcourse...from what I've learned you can identify where batches and reggies needs modification to suit a different scenario and still keep the contributor happy ...so I don't have to see that crap like "clint's batches ISSUES" and this here thread that came to the world coz someones "findings" and "nice to be back" statement containing my contributions in a non-intentioned scenario....and beeing so "nice" to titulate the thread with a punctuation on WITH functionality....man! ...so with that said, if you start another thread I will try to contribute as much as my time allows....school takes it's part of my life as well.
  10. Hey Fridge and Jeremy you lamers.. When/where are that "gonna show how it's done" promise and.. "nice to be back in action" taking place? Heheh...I've been reading my old post when you guys butchered up my setup...not much has happened since.. ...man what a joke..
  11. what is it you don't understand in my post?
  12. From what I remember you can only export the contacts but not the messages..when using the exportfunction that is. Open up a windows explorer window next to the opened OE and just pull them files over from OE to explorer and they will be converted...that goes for contacts, mails..and so on...then just revert procedure on the new install. EDIT: when reading more carefully I see you are doing an UA...not applicable then I guess
  13. Ahhh..FREE...that sure gives that warm fuzzy feeling..thanx!
  14. Anyone know any good installation tracker, similar or better than this one?: http://www.evansprogramming.com/tracker.asp thanx!
  15. An excellent initiative, a regcleaning guide coupled with a couple of batches or so...to bad I'm back to school today... But I will stay tuned, maybe throw in a contribution or two if my modest level of expertise will allow so..
  16. Hehe, well...I might have hidden a wav somewhere...one of this days it will pop up.. I did run it on my Fujitsu Celeron 400 with 64mb actually, worked perfectly and did leave me some 25mb of memory to use for other fun stuff. I'm working on that laptop version with dial-up, printerspooler, domainjoining and such "mobile" things...so we can use that old laptop that used to be banished from the windows scene to live in the darkness with some sorry a** textbased linux distro..hehe! I'm also quite near of actually installing office 2000 without MDAC, ODBC, JET and Outlook Express...ability to install Office 2k will cost me only 750kb and some registrymagic...functionality will be ok except ability to use databases ofcourse. Office2k is perfectly ok compared to OfficeXP or that hogger Office2003, only lacking like webpublish and such things...draws only 4mb per app compared with 8mb for OfficeXP...Office2003 is just too gayish for me.
  17. Well thank you! Ehhrrrmm, yes that reading part is a constant returner.. It's good to hear that you can't break it, I have tried quite some time as well...a bit boring kinda when things are in place.. I take it you found the handy switches and such?
  18. heh...BTW, are pulling that link I gave you? Would be nice to hear your opinion.
  19. ok, i see...that is actually not bad thinking at all... My goal with this was initially to squeeze that OS into a CF card and then use it in plane/car/boat...and those environments are actually quite static when it comes to the OS and applications...so why not strip the whole package instead of just the OS?
  20. Well I'll be.. Now I understand that somewhat cryptic signature of yours..lol! Man, that is reall small...do you get this to install by itself or?
  21. And here I was thinking my work was unappreciated at MSFN. Thanks, Clint. I enjoy following along on the threads here. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. Because I'm sure lots of people are getting a lot from what you all are doing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Trust me, lot of ppl are using your excellent descriptive guide and fileinfo...
  22. Thank you for those kind words Bolds is one source I've been constantly returning to for checking up files...I owe him a lot as well..

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