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  1. yeah gdogg, what's going on? will you ever release Microwin7 ? MicrowinX was great^^ loved my micro XP back then... now i'm using arch linux primarily, but a gdogg'ed windows 7 would be great^^

  2. Yup that seems to be what it says. You just setup one raid , lets say using 100GB raid 0. Then create another raid 1, select the same 4 drives but select a raid 1 this time. Intel matrix storage manager also said something along those lines , setting it up from windows.
  3. Yup nice part of ich8r also, is you can run a lets say a 60GB raid0 for OS/Gaming, then have a raid 1 for storage on the same drives. Here is my 60GB raid 0 boot partition. Its 4 samsung spinpoint 250GB sata 2 from almost 2 years ago now, so my performance isn't upto date hardware.
  4. The performance of the ich8r is much better then any cheap pci / pci-e raid card you will find. But if your looking to invest in a hardware raid card (ones with built in ram, intel processor) those are def worth the investment. For a 4 drive raid 0 , on ich8r / ich9r , I get 2500MB/S + burst speeds (hdtach) and 260-300MB/S sustained
  5. My Asus P5B-E has eight...but it's six via the ICH8R southbridge and two more (one of them being eSATA) via an integrated JMicron controller. Odds are, the one you saw is the same way as the ICH7/8/9 southbridges only support up to six SATA ports. I believe that NVIDIA's and AMD/ATI's southbridges also only support up to six SATA ports. 680i mcp supports 4 , so does rd600, for intel socket 775 ati/nvidia boards. The other 4 ports use another onboard raid controller. (Promise , etc) I had a Asus Commando intel p965 chipset board, like p5b-e, it only had 6 sata ports, but ich8r only supports a max of 4 drivers per raid set, so you can't run a 6 drive raid with it. But you can run a 4 port raid and a 2 port raid. My Asus Maximus Formula though, intel x38 chipset board, has ich9r, which shows (untested) that I can add 6 drives for a raid vs 4 on ich8r
  6. Here is mine. Not best pic Another showing main screen. In the dark though. Still need to pimp out my case.
  7. Hey guys. Not sure how the project is going (without me) . Just wondering if I should renew microinwx.com, anyone interested in updating the site? Spazmire11 want to use the site? I just don't think I'll ever have time again. Updated my signature to give everyone an idea why I just don't have time anymore.
  8. Ya, that will be 32bit version, it won't loose compatible with 2k, from what i've seen, 2k might actually require more files, (or rather, different files) I'll have to do more testing though. My focus is more on x64 atm, as this is where the future is with the trend of new games and high memory usage, (x64 is needed for 4GB of ram)
  9. i have try to run that file from Run command but the same error... it Gives the same error when i double click on the file devngmt.msc and i always log on as administrator plz help me Not sure where the casue can me , did you use nltie to intergrate sp2 to the sp1 cd, or install after? Seems like something is missing, not sure what.
  10. Hey guys, download link I think will stay removed, I have lost beta 2.5 in my last raid crash. I'll have to remake it, which is what the next 32bit will be about. Busy with work, so I have no ETA on when this will be.
  11. Sorry I am just too busy to work on microwinX most of the time. I have a job now working from home, helping others more then I ever have. I am trying to get out the next microwinX 32bit and microwinX x64 but these builds are taking more time then I have expected due to being extremely busy. I am now working for a memory "ram" manufacturer to support their customers, but I don't want to sounds like I am marketing something, so lets leave it at that. Who knows, one day I'll help support you with a hardware issue your having. But when I am not working, I'll try to complete the x64 build first then the new 32bit build, which some of you have been waiting for.
  12. Yah you did attempt to start a flame war, and no I will not be involved in your childish behavior. No where in your quotes did super-prefetch come into the topic. I have reported you, and I hope you get your post removed, as I said it was childish behavior nothing more. I made many valid points in my posts, and refrained from insulting you, and like I though, you got offened by being told you were wrong, thanks and welcome to msfn, where people act civil.
  13. Would be nice if you could of quoted someone? Who are you directing this to? Normally when you do that, your directing it to the above post and if your directing it to my post, obviously I am not the one smoking the crack.
  14. I do know this, we are in the day's of directx 10 cards, 4GB of ram, and shortly solid state disk's but especially hybrid hard drive's becoming the common. Why would you even want to do vista unless you planned on playing directx 10 games, needing a directx 10 card. I see that I know a huge amount more about the user base of vista, and especially what a "Gamers" pc is, voiding all your points about superprefetch for gamers. You think in 2 years, my current pc is going to be anything but the norm. I think you need to get out of your vista on a crud old pc testing and get realistic. Vista is about hardware advancements and a new OS based around these hardware advances, not to be run on a pc best suited for a nlited windows, because it can't even run a full version of xp well. Vlite so far, has done nothing but remove stuff, leaving alot of resources to be free'd. Most of which I do on my pc (wow someone with a pc like mine actually disabled every service except what is needed for bootup, using the pc, gaming the UI, and lastly superprefetch). I still use a full version of vista x64, why? Because vlite offered no benifit as of yet, I am waiting for it to offer more of what nlite has, services controls, patching of usb/tcp/themes/ etc. But mainly I am more worried that something might not work under a vlite'd windows, like something that was needed for dx10. edit I just re-read what you said about superprefetch and gothica game. You obviously have no idea at all of how super-prefetch works. But your debating like you do. "you start gothic 3 ( game uses between 900mb and 1500mb ram. ) 3. free ram on system = 1150mb 4. game gets to 1150mb but needs more, what happens now ?? 5. game starts using virtual memory to make up for ram needed ( virtual ram is very slow ) 6. because virtual ram is slow, your game suffers from lag spikes during fighting or when alot of activity is on the screne, also loading times are alot longer now." 3. yah 4. wrong, as the game starts or any app that needs the memory, its given to it, this is similar to how os x works, and linux, its how new operating systems work, its the efficient way of doing things. 5. game doesn't use virtual memory, the super-prefetch data might, but never the game unless their is not enough system ram for the game in the first place, regardless of super-prefetch 6. wrong, maybe some reading might solve your issue here. and no, this isn't meant to sound rude, but I don't know how I can tell you you are wrong without offending you.
  15. Personal experience. it is my job to load windows 200 times a week on different pc's. I am a serious gamer too , but i do alot of work in office and cad too. so really i am the third type, i workin both worlds .I have also been running and installing and testing vista since before beta even, back when it was still known as longhorn, so i am not new to this scene. but if you want a second opinion you can searh around on the net, you will find other people discussing these issues as well and coming to the same conclusions. put it this way here is an example : Ram on pc is 2GB Example 1 ( superfetch on ) 1. your vista takes 450mb of ram. 2. superfetch takes an additional 400mb of ram ( this ram is locked and cannot be accessed. ) you start gothic 3 ( game uses between 900mb and 1500mb ram. ) 3. free ram on system = 1150mb 4. game gets to 1150mb but needs more, what happens now ?? 5. game starts using virtual memory to make up for ram needed ( virtual ram is very slow ) 6. because virtual ram is slow, your game suffers from lag spikes during fighting or when alot of activity is on the screne, also loading times are alot longer now. second example : ( superfetch off ) 1. vista takes 400mb of ram you start gothic 3 ( game uses between 900mb and 1500mb ram. ) 2. game is running smooth now because even in intense battles when the ram usage required gets close to 1.5gb your pc can provide the needed ram. 3. loading times are much faster now because there is additional ram to make use of. ---------------------------------- understand now ? running apps like office and autocad that require 200mb of ram or even 500mb of ram are not as memory hungry, so superfetch is great because you can afford to waste the extra ram which in turn speeds up your pc. but when you cannot afford that memory to be wasted superfetch will infact slow down your box. make sense ? I have to completely disagree with your logic. My games in vista start faster than ever, especially those than need a disc in drive, vista does really well at paging that stuff it put into memory when you start the game. To me, I have seen nothing but benifits from super-prefetch, in both 1GB and 2GB setups. Soon I will have a dx10 card, and 4GB of ram. I will love if vista uses ~70% of the 4GB due to superprefetch too.
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