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  1. If your problem is installing it, then it's just a matter of grabbing the free Application Compatibility Toolkit from Microsoft...then emulate XP and it will install. I'm able 2 get bf1942 installed fine, it's just i can't play the game. all it does is the screen goes black for a second (like it would, starting up any game), and then gets out of itself. Ok, I see...well, then they have some kinda OS checker within the game itself (startup sequence)...I'm sure it can be dealt with but thats out of my range I'm afraid.
  2. Ok, last one...got it stable so far in SuperPi1m ..one wonders how many got their chip running under 1 volt ???
  3. Another "playsession" resulted in this: Check the voltage!! B) ..did I hear someone thinking ...HTPC?
  4. If your problem is installing it, then it's just a matter of grabbing the free Application Compatibility Toolkit from Microsoft...then emulate XP and it will install.
  5. What kinda bus, RAM and NF4chipvoltage did you give for those numbers?
  6. Yup, already been @ 3.1 but that required tooo much voltage for my taste. Better stay on 2.8 and it's cool 'n' quiet. That cmos reloaded makes it so easy to switch between configs anyway.. Those dual optys seems to be hard to get up there, kinda expensive to burn as well...
  7. Heres what I run now.. Maybe you have some advice for best dividers and such.. CPU run best @ 2.8 RAM run best @ 233 HTT..well, that is VERY flexible..obviously
  8. There ya go ...aint that load cmos a excellent thing...just load that crazy config and a sec later your back on it! I lied about two things it turned out, LTD voltage is raised to 1.3 volt and CPU is on stock...I run different config lately with CPU volt turned down a bit...must be that high HTT that demands CPU to run at stock. temps are accurate, idled for some time after SPi32 is done...but CPU never exceeds 38C
  9. Again, subjective opinion. Some people had good experience, some didn't. I am one of those who didn't, but I'm not going to beat DFI to the ground just because I had a possible dud. Well, I have finally got through testing and tweaking my setup....and I must say that the DFI board totally rocks!!!! I have reached 400mhz HTT stable in sp32 with all standard volts...and that is the sickest OC I have seen... My Opteron do reach 3Ghz stable but I don't like volting it so I sat it @ 2.8 and turn DOWN the voltage to 1.360 instead I now see temps like 32 idle and 38 sp2004 torture (did 8 hours) Superpi1m reached at just under 30 sec....not bad on 2.8Ghz ...only need a couple of new sticks...the Kingston HyperX 400 does 1T @ 466..(2.7 volts) All and all this is a happy dude...
  10. You might be looking for Resource Hunter http://www.boilsoft.com/rchunter.html ..can't replace them for you though, but in combo with one of the other editors you can get it done
  11. By chance, what core did you get? Well, I really don't know coz it was tested some 1000k from my home...I bought 2 dirtcheap through a wholesale channel....but after that test my brother did for me I decided to sell mine right away...a friend here decided to buy the tested one anyway and that is on it's way here...so I will know in a couple of days... ...(I got them REALLY cheap, otherwise I wouldn't go through all this trouble )
  12. The problem with Connect3D's X800GTO is that the conversion is a hit or miss. Apparently they seem to be using the R423, R430 and R480 core on the X800GTO so I hope you are lucky enough to get the R423 or R480. When you do get the card, don't try to change the BIOS yet. Install the card and the drivers, run ATITools, and click on Settings. That should tell you what core it has, and other miscellaneous information. If it has a R423 core, you should be able to BIOS mod it into a X800XT. If lady lucky is really on your side and a R480 core shows up in your hands, it's a X850XT. hehe, well...bad luck for me...it wasn't moddable when I had it tried yesterday...seems like the lady wasn't on my side this time
  13. very true, must be hard to resist sending a throughly tested cherry sample to a reviewer for any producer...I will hold on to my DFI until the better RD580 chipset has been out for a while and we can see some viable results popping up. Also got some disappointing info regarding that 3DConnect X800 GTO...apparantely the failurereports on unlocking those extra 4 pipes have increased dramatically just the last couple of weeks...aint that just typical...I ordered it 3 weeks ago and now when it's finally here...I will see on tuesday when I get it in my hands...
  14. I found this at Anandtech : http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2617 that is the Asus A8R-MVP that are supposed to be a budget mobo and did OC BETTER than the DFI board...also have HD audio and crossfire...hmmm, maybe I should return my DFI Lanparty Ultra-D and go for this? I also have a 3DConnect X800 GTO coming in, maybe the ATI chipset based Asus will like it better than the Nvidia based DFI? Any thoughts?
  15. hehe, I seriusly doubt that you know....DFI boards gets top ratings all over...and the Opteron is a value hard to beat. Reason the board burn I think is the heavy overvoltage you can give it...there will allways be stupid ppl nomatter what you do..
  16. After some delays I finally have bought the CPU, MB and RAM. What i finally decided to buy was a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D. (can't resist, just too superior) Also got my hands on a Opteron 146 CABYE 0540 that should OC very well...aiming at 2.8 at stock volts. Coolingsolution will be a Thermaltake Big Typhoon That bundled with Kingston PC3200 HyperX DDR 1024MB KIT Non-ECC Ultra Low Latency (2-2-2-5-1) should at least give me a decent start...whattaya think? thanx for input boys
  17. iZArc is the best in my book, you can choose the higher compression that are used on the original compression on you win install disc.
  18. W2K3 has a later NT version, but most importantly a better memorymanagement...speaking in layman's terms it holds a bigger part of memory ready for "action"..making it use a bit more but also more responsive. ..as for that thing i have maid, I doubt it will be posted here or on other site...to much headache when ppl can't follow simple instructions, sorry. ..I think I will have to delet that other post, it was kinda off-topic anyhow.
  19. Anything ELSE than Vista/Longhorn...my integrity is just too valuable to me.
  20. grab IZArc, has high compressionrate as well...
  21. I'm on it...but will not install xpice itself..(working on a minimized W2K) ...is it in any means possible to do the alterations directly on the .dll's that holds the bitmaps and icons?
  22. Thats nice! ..waiting for it
  23. this is just the beginning folks, you just wait until Vista has been installed by the general public...
  24. welwellwell, whattaya know...this comes very handy...thanx a bunch for this

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