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  1. @Tripredacus I'm not even touching the Keyboard though while Music is playing through iTunes or WMP.. some songs just skip and its getting incredibly irritating to the point where I'm almost ready to return this laptop..
  2. Hello, recently got a new laptop a Lenovo Y570 with Win7 Home Premium 64bit. I moved my entire audio collection from my old laptop over and attempted to play songs in iTunes it repeatedly on the majority of songs skips to the next track at a random point throughout the song. This is not the 20 second preview setting in iTunes as it has skipped the same song at 5 seconds or 45 or even 2 mins in. I then tried the songs in Windows Media Player Classic same thing, and again in Windows Media Player 12. However from a few tests QuickTime seems to play songs fine though with no skipping issues. I updated the Renesas audio driver and tried the CCCP codec pack, then removed it and installed the basic K-Lite codec pack to no avail.. If anyone know what may be causing this please let me know! It must be software related if Quicktime is fine... Thx in advance.
  3. Last night I was on my laptop, closing down some programs when all of a sudden vista shuts down. Upon reboot, I have a black screen with the cursor. I hit ctrl+alt+del bring up the task manager, run explorer.exe and its back up. I rebooted, back to black. Ran explorer.exe booted up firefox, browsed around, no problems (facebook etc), browsed my google reader. Then i type in goofle. explorer.exe wont start and my laptop boots down.... So i find a soln on a PC, says to run regedit, make sure the key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDSOWSNT\CURRENTVERSION\WINLOGON the key shell should say explorer.exe When i run regedit from the task manager, or start menu once i run explorer.exe I get an error, it says registry editing has been diabled by the admin and then proceeds to shut down, even tho I am running under the only user acct and its the admin one. cmd.exe also shuts down my pc. Tried running gpedit.msc to change regediting to ON, but there is no gpedit.msc on my system. I have no idea whats going on now. So now im thinking I have a virus, as doing these same things in safe mode results in the same problem. So I dont have an AVG installed, never needed it as for the last 2 yrs ive never had a problem, i know what im doing on my PC, my gf has dled limewire tho for music, so im assuming some crappy file was renamed... I was thinking of loading the PC-CILLIN online free tool, but the virus if its stopping me from searching the web for explorer.exe using firefox will prob also shut down if i try running an AVG. What steps can I take from here? I need my laptop up and running asap. Thanks for any help.
  4. Mirror mode works because it fores the res of the laptop, which is 1280, 1280 looks fine, as does any res besides 1680x1050.
  5. Hi there! Dont know if this is the best Forum for this question, I was debating between this and Hardware... if im in the wrong one can a mod please move this? Anyways. I recently got a VAIO laptop, won it in a competition. Its way better than my current desktop which is approaching year 6, it still runs flawlessly though. Anyways Im wanting to start migrating more towards using my laptop as my main device, I have a 22" WS Monitor with best res at 1680x1050. I connect my monitor to the external VGA slot on the laptop. So vista gives me 3 options: 1. Mirror displays 2. Extend 3. External Only. I actually get a lot of control, more than I thought I would. My only problem is this: When using extend or external only and I choose 1680x1050 as the resolution for my monitor the image is not aligned on the screen, its way over to the right, so much that im missing about 30% and have a black bar on the left. Is this a vista error or a hardware/driver error? I recently upgraded the intel graphics driver as before this driver I couldnt even get higher than 1280x800... Thanks in advance!
  6. Still cant drag the toolbar from the bottom to the desktop, I tried it does nothing. I can move it to the desktop but when I let go expecting it to be sitting there, its not. Ah well, ill just wait for vista
  7. He wants file sharing and printer sharing on the seperate divisions though I think. What you should do is configure the router with 2 subnets, one for each department. Configure the subs to allow file/printer sharing amongst themselves and all traffic will pass through the main router.
  8. I tried this, but for some reason or other I cant drag the toolbar onto the desktop. Its not locked but it wont move. I am using a different windows theme, maybe that has something to do with it. Cool idea though, I was going to give it a try.
  9. I think this is it: hxxp://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/asx/OfficeUIIntro.asx
  10. lol illegal copies of MS Office 2007. 'Software piracy' for home users is ridiculous. I personally tried MSO2007 and liked it, but when its released to the public its going to come with a hefty price tag. When will software companies realize that consumers who are not using the product for a profit should not pay full price like a company should. Then people might not feel the need to track down an illegal copy. Just my 2 cents, and MSO 2007 is great, id use Open Office, but seeing as 99% of large corporations use MSOffice its probably better to get a better feel for it.
  11. Daemon. Alcohol is an emulator + burning program, with a stupid format that only Alcohol uses (mdf). Daemon is just an emulator, does virtual drives etc I, awesome program.
  12. No I think he said Next gen consoles, Revolution is just a small console with less power than half of either sonys or MSFTs console. If nintendo were smart they would leave the console war to the big boys and become a software developer for one of the two companies or both. The age of Nintendo is dying, heres hoping sony can take over the handheld market in the next 5 years. Oh my vote is ps3 as Sony pwz MSFT.
  13. PSP is getting Sega Virtua Tennis with WIFI, which will own. I make a 7hr trip north every summer, I go snowboarding usually hours away every other weekend in the winter, the PSP would be a great asset.
  14. Did they add in switches for this installer or is rebuilding this still neccesary?
  15. Does no one else like GAIM?

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