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  1. Windows Source Files?

    Look in your Windows folder, normaly there is a folder called "I386". This is the folder that you need.
  2. Is it possible?

    I want to use Windows Vista as soon as possible. My parents have now Windows Vista Ultimate (Build 6000). They use the key for RC2. To make this possible is have to replace two files, so Vista will accept the key. Now I`m wondering if it is possible to use the same way to get Windows Vista and when the final come`s place back the original files and go legal.
  3. XPero's utilities

    What theme are u using XPero? BTW your programs are great!
  4. Anti-Xpize Shell Pack - Inexperience 0.6

    you mean VISTA? stable, but need atleast 512mb of ram and a high-end vga card If you dont use the 3D interface it use only 287MB. (Note its stil a Beta so it will be better and better)
  5. Use this program to test your computer. Now you know if you can run Vista or not.... It works only under Windows XP, 2003 and Vista. (32Bit) Download 3.97MB
  6. Will you upgrade Windows Vista?

    You do not know te price! How can you say this?
  7. [Release] XPize 4.4.2

    Thanks XPero! Nuhi has release nLite RC8, Bâshrat comes with a new DriverPacks BASE version soon and you have release Xpize 4.4. Me happy
  8. Where is Bâshrat the Sneaky?

    Het volk hier wordt steeds vager
  9. [Release] XPize MCE 4.3

    What colours will come?
  10. XPized Setup.exe for your UACD

    @ ScubaSteve: Thank you for the duch version!
  11. Yes, it is possible but I do not know any version exept 5308. Did i miss someting? But for the best result you remove the older version of Vista before using a new version of it.
  12. [Question] - windows' hibernation

    What you can do is: Set in the bios that the computer have to start when you press a button on the keyboard.
  13. $OEM$ Files dont copy

    Can you post your Winnt.sif?
  14. XPized Setup.exe for your UACD

    Very nice, but how can I make a Dutch version?
  15. [How-to] - Windows XP Gamer's Edition

    Yes there is, but in Windows XP X64 there is not. XP X64 only support 32 and 64bit