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  1. Well, if you ask MS you should be alright...but I wouldn't actually. There has been issues with sp2 in the past...it's just doesnt feel right to me. I would do a new install, and format your drive if you please...no problem.
  2. This can be done in all of them I believe. Either you use the export function, or pull them contacts from within the program to an open explorer window...that will autoconvert the files to a more manageable format. Then just do in reversed order if you want to transfer them to the new client.
  3. I always do. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, when installing new driver dependent stuff..like Daemon tools and such...don't you get asked for XP disc?
  4. Holy crap, that gave me an idea for my future cd's. All the apps I want preinstalled will be ones that I dump in the $OEM$\$Progs folder, and this way I'll only have to script making the shortcuts in my startmenu... which will keep my reg mostly clean. Until I run the apps and they create whatever reg files they absolutely need. But still, this is easier than switches and crap. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, my WPI setup looks exactly like that... I just copy over the needed files, shortcuts and a few regentries....it involves some preparation initially but is well worth the time invested
  5. Heh, dirt..you lazy warrior! @ Fridge..if you use my regtweak you need to check it against the "GONE" files you are not removing so you are not removing any entries for them. and I see that you are removing "Driver Cache"....is that wise? You can also remove this from the regfile: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.hta] @="hta_auto_file" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\hta_auto_file\shell\open\command] @="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\mshta.exe\" \"%1\"" it's for WPI purposes, doesn't apply here.
  6. Edited by Clint // swedish (by MikeMike) lang = 'se'; msgStartInstall[lang] = ['Windows Post-Installation Wizard kommer nu att avslutas, och inom de närmaste minuterna kommer valen du gjort att installeras.\nLuta dig tillbaka och vänta tills processen är klar.\n\nTack för att du använder Windows Post-Installation Wizard.']; lblTimerTitle[lang] = ['Installationen<br>kommer att starta om']; lblTimerStop[lang] = ['Klicka här för att stoppa timern']; lblInstall[lang] = ['Börja installera']; lblExit[lang] = ['Avsluta']; lblHelp[lang] = ['Hjälp']; lblSelectAll[lang] = ['Markera alla']; lblSelectNone[lang] = ['Avmarkera alla']; lblSelectDefaults[lang] = ['Markera standard']; lblMusic[lang] = ['Audio Player']; lblOptions[lang] = ['Inställningar']; lblConfig[lang] = ['Konfigurera']; lblSource[lang] = ['Show Source']; lblmanual[lang] = ['User Manual']; ttInstall[lang] = ['Starta installationen','Startar skriptet<br /><br />Klicka här för att starta installationsskriptet.']; ttExit[lang] = ['Avsluta knappen','Stänger programmet<br /><br />Om du vill hålla dig till standardprogrammen, klicka här. Minimala uppdateringar och program kommer att installeras. Detta inkluderar även Windows XP säkerhetsuppdateringar.']; ttHelp[lang] = ['Hjälp','Visar normalt användande,versionsnummer och information']; ttSelectAll[lang] = ['Markera alla','Välj denna för att markera alla tillgängliga val.']; ttSelectNone[lang] = ['Avmarkera alla','Välj denna för att avmarkera alla tillgängliga val.']; ttSelectDefaults[lang] = ['Markera standard','Detta val gör alla standardval tillgängliga.<br /><br />Välj denna om du endast vill installera de rekommenderade valen.']; ttMusic[lang] = ['Audio Player','Allows configuration Of the\naudio player']; ttOptions[lang] = ['Inställningar','Här ställer du in dina egna inställningar för WPI.']; ttConfig[lang] = ['Konfigurera','Konfigurerar programlistan.']; ttSource[lang] = ['Show Source','Shows the Sourcecode of WPI.']; ttmanual[lang] = ['User Manual','Opens the WPI user manual.']; txtRunOnceExTitle[lang] = ['Installerar program...']; txtUsage[lang] = ['Börja installera - installerar valda komponenter\nVälj standard - installerar endast rekommenderade komponenter\nVälj alla - installerar alla tillgängliga komponenter\nVälj inga - Avmarkerar alla komponenter\n\nInställningar - Ställ in dina egna inställningar för WPI\nKonfigurera - Konfigurerar din programlista\n\nAvsluta - Avsluta WPI utan att installera några komponenter']; // Please remove my latest post
  7. Lemme see, it was a long time ago I had similar issue...from what I recall you will have to open Outlook and pull them contacts from within the program to an open explorer window...that will autoconvert the files to a more manageable format.
  8. Sure you can, search for RIS, PXE, Sysprep in NT/2000/2003 forum...that should get you started in right direction
  9. I sit on a 10/10mbit but the ISP here is using the new technology that you will see sooner or later that is called packetlogic.....so they basicly decide what bandwith you will get from what application you use. Bottom line, when doing a bandwithtest you get full 10mbit...but when using P2P u get like 10k.....it's a f***ing joke! Lucky for them it's so cheap...25 euro/month.
  10. 2/3 of initial size huh? That must we have a look at
  11. Well, they tends to get filled up regardless the capacity....I have 4 x 250, 1 x 160, 1 x 80...but only 55gb free space now.... What I have on it is mostly movies, I'm a Documentary-freak and most of it is scientific oriented....also quite a few homemade movies.(no, not porn..aviation ). I keep all of it in DVD format rather than burning them, so my hd's tends to fill up pretty quick..
  12. Great! Thanx for support for both glossy and classic..suits me perfect!
  13. Welcome, you have come to the right place
  14. I voted RegVac...also had a look at Ccleaner...looks pretty neat but I really miss a secure delete function with selectable levels of random writes. If they implement that they have a winner ..but for now I'll stick with RegVac.
  15. Can you tell me the reason why you wanna go this way? Is it coz you have a laptop with no CD/DVD drive and/or no PXE utility?
  16. I only say: Janssons frestelse....or Pitepalt.
  17. pah..never touch the stuff...either a s***load of sugar or a dose of Aspartam (light)...wich is REALLY bad for you. If I need stay up I chew on a caffeine-pill.
  18. yes but that better part, will be bottlenecked because of my specs =O. i know that 9800PRO will run full performance on my system =D. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So then you will have some as a reserve to kick in when upgrading the rest of system...
  19. Longhorn = Piece of crap! (just my humble opinion.. )
  20. Not even a competiton, 6600GT is at least 40% better.
  21. Yes, I use Outpost myself...can't stand those FW that are "in the same bed as MS". With that I mean letting through way to much stuff that I prefer not get out. Outpost is the best, no question about it.
  22. Well, actually you can install it on 2003... If you grab application toolkit from MS you can emulate XP and install any app that is supposed not to install on 2003 server. I would not recommend that if it were for a AV but as for FW's and other apps I don't see any problems. Good Luck!
  23. WTF are you talking about? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Easy now, those strong words are not needed... TF I'm talking about is http://emailmaker.net...just the fact that I provide my active mailaddy is enuff for me to stay away...I'm NOT saying you have any doubtful intentions (I know you are one of most respected members here) but you must agree this is a excellent way to get those addys...even statistics due to the linking via the page. The "generic" way I guess would be another method that doesnt includes linking to third party. Maybe this is a very common thing, I really don't know...just a brief reflection on the possible bad thing that this kinda thing could be... Thats it, not more not less.... http://www.emailmaker.net/email.php/bWFpbD...j1ibGFjaw==.png

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