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  1. Control Panel/Regional Language Options/Languages/Details/Add/Keyboard Layout.IME follow instructions
  2. Control Panel/Regional Language Options/Languages/Details/Add/Keyboard Layout.IME
  3. Clint

    "Das Keyboard"

    Trust ne, a lot og dudes fall foe that....80 buckaderos...wee! ..**** typos, hard to see what I type coz...ops!
  4. I have been there, I don't know what airline you are using but they can help you if you give notice and give the disk to designated personel...then they will examine the disk..(not data) and it will be transported for you without going through xray. You will also need to provide requested form of authorization from company you work for...(or other document local authorities might require) I did it with Singapore Airlines from Singapore - Amsterdam at least. The reason you got this "click clack" can be both xray or handling related.
  5. I recommend you take some time to spend actively with those who look up to you, family is much more important these days than any operating system. 0s and 1s do not compare to the emotions and experiences shared with loved ones. Sometime, but definitely not a priority for the time being. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmmm, well...now that was more of a anecdote of sorts...not a invitation to make remarks about my loved ones... my relations with them I don't need nor want any assistance with.
  6. Congrats to you and your GF! (I wish I could keep mine as long.. ) But isn't it kinda cool to get a grip of what those dll's are doing and triggering what? This ResHacker has really helped me to more understand what is going on and when they are called upon and so on....at least the ones that has "useralerts" (dialogs). I have managed to shave off almost 10mb in all of them by just editing out all non used dialogs and languages except english, spanish, german, french and swedish. But again, as soon as you do a update that concern one of those that particular dll gets replaced and your back on original size...... Actually there is no point in chasing those mb under lets say 150mb, you will not gain any performance except if you are trying something like to get that OS on a 128mb CF.' But then again, it's kinda fun and helps us all this here "competitive" dialog we have here about "I got mine down to this and this size with so much running"....it forces us to study behavior and learn (google and so on) about every single component we are dealing with.... I was at my sisters yesterday and helped my 15 year old nephew (again..) when he got his comp hijacked and I could actually just browse through the system and find those files that didnt belong there.... ...he was mildly shocked and called me "computer-nerd"....even dissapointed actually..(I used to be quite in to extreme sports and now I have turned in to a geek...hard on a kid that looks up to you.. ) Bottom line is, we might be considered wasting our time by doing this...BUT, we WILL learn more about our system than the regular lurker here and subsequently be a more competent computer user. That said, @ Jeremy - look at it as we are keeping the "spirit" alive and will get others into this...no matter if we have hit the "bottom" or what we might call it....this is fun and educational...so when your done "GF'ing" please dig in to those dll's with that ResHacker...lots can be done there
  7. Grab Application Toolkit from Microsoft and emulate XP....easy.
  8. Girlfriend..pah! My girlfriends name is ASUS I'm completely done BTW...all is fine and dandy
  9. This thread is awfully dead now, I think I bump it...Fridge, how is you progress? Jeremy, are you working with that reshacker?
  10. CleanUp After install of CLEANUP.MSI, save %SystemRoot%\System32\cleanup.exe in a safe place. It's the (32 bits) console application you will use.type cleanup /? to view switches available for UA install. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ahh, very nice.. In combo with startX this will make my life much easier
  11. Ah, nice to hear Yeah, you'r right...I shoulda said that.. So when you say "need for method 2" I take it you mean that's the only modification that gets done when using method 2... Thanx again bro!
  12. heh, well..that was the thing I was wondering about,,,if there were any modifications in other textbased setup files than these entries in txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf: presetup.cmd = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0 setupORG.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0 I recall seeing a few "modifying" *.inf messages flashing by when "installing" the pack in my setup. Thought it would save me some time and effort to ask
  13. I couldn't send you a message coz your box is full I have been using the LAN pack in my testenvironment with great success..thanx for providing it! Now it is time to remove ALL entries made by your batches coz I need a goldie for my proceedings.. Can you share with me exactly what was made by your batches when using 1.BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V508 2.DriverPack_LAN_V5073 I know I should have noted that down in which setup's there were added entries..and what...but, you know how it is.. Also what files and where that were added to my setup would be nice to know... I could repack everything ofcourse, but I figured this would be the easy way out coz I thought you prolly could give me this info even though you were sleeping.. thanx in advance
  14. Yeah, something like that...a big red button on desktop that you MUST click to get access to network..and then you loose those rights temporarily..
  15. In a security prospective it's not wise, because this means you're admin: it'll be better if, for everyday task, you'll use a normal-user account. If a vulnerability works with the privileges of the hacked account and there's only admin account, you can understand that someone is in trouble. Many flaws doesn't permit privileges escalation, why do we wanna hurt by ourselves? Doing this it'll be like going back to the win 9x series, and that IMHO it's not such a good thing <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, ofcourse in a perfect world...but as gdogg says...I gladly admit that I'm always logged in as admin..but then again..hmmm,
  16. I can't believe I've missed this one....truly amazing and beautiful..
  17. I second that, it's the perfect candidate...you get the new NT and less all the heavy stuff...
  18. Nice one! That comes in handy when editing that shell32 "live"...
  19. I might as well make use of this thread then...I'm thinking in terms of removing the group policy all together...that would mean no access to user rights. This can all be done directly to the registry at install, and if one as I are the only user that would be a good thing in a security perspective...right? What are your opinions in the matter, maybe I'm not thinking straight...?
  20. Hey fridge, what happened? I throwed you guys a 20mb "install sized reduction" bone (more to it really) and you came up with this thread and proclamated "nice to be back in action"....but where is the "action"..? Are you simply just waiting for another bone? C'mon now...Jeremy has promised to show some action as well... hehe, ...I hope this will fire you guys up....I sure got fired up coz of the above mentioned (yes, p***ed me off.. )and that did actually produce some progress.....
  21. Thanx for reply, did solve it but stumbled across this thread again.. I found IZArc, does the trick as well...
  22. No, I'ts more to it than that I'm afraid....we are dealing with DELL here...

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