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  1. The Sysinternals Suite Installer installer built by my scripts does not delete any registry settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce. Those registry values get automatically deleted by the Windows operating system after they have been run once, thus the name of this registry key. You add a registry value there for an application that needs to be run only a single time, and after that application is run, Windows removes the registry value by-design.
  2. I haven't worked on this project in some time now. And I tried to find a quick place to upload the last version. Try this link and let me know if you can download the file okay. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B41zyr2PAmYmSWJzWjM1Q2VNY1E/edit
  3. Please try the download link again. It should work correctly now.
  4. If you folks notice, this is the exact same link I provide in my guide. It's a static link--it doesn't change between ActiveX control versions. You just have to wait until Microsoft updates the download behind the static link. B)
  5. For a regular silent installation, just use the Slim build from the CCLeaner Builds Page like this: ccsetup225_slim.exe /S
  6. I think I may have found the answer to why you had download trouble. Please try again.
  7. A new version is out, go get it. B) Sysinternals Suite Installer Builder Version: 2.7 Sysinternals Suite Current Build Date: 2009-11-04 SysinternalsSuite.zip Changes: Executable Program Version Date ------------------------------------------------------ NewSID.exe New SID Retired Required End User Action: Read Version History in second post. Re-download SysinternalsSuite.ulz from first post. Re-download SysinternalsSuite.zip and SSIBuild.exe. Execute SSIBuild.exe to recreate SysinternalsSuite.exe. I've also provided Directory Opus users an early Christmas present, check out t
  8. No, it's not really required for this project, it's just a habit of mine. I've posted direct download links in this guide. Yes, it is still active I just updated to a new version. But even still, I could download the old version just fine. Can you try the download link in the first post and let me know if it works for you?
  9. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-051 - Critical Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Runtime Could Allow Remote Code Execution (975682) Published: October 13, 2009 | Updated: October 14, 2009 This security bulletin above actually lists three (3) different update downloads for Windows XP SP3. DirectShow WMA Voice Codec Windows Media Audio Voice Decoder Audio Compression Manager Of the three updates above, only one (KB954154) is listed among the WMP11 updates list on the WMP Slipstreamer page. Q: Are the other two updates not really part of Windows Media Player 11 or is there something else going on
  10. Your English is fine. As strel mentioned (and I quote him below), follow the guide directions to edit a custom SFX-MSD.ini file (the file is documented internally). The MSDownloadsESN.ulz file, provided by Hippo Loco, should address all Spanish-related download urls. Hippo Loco also posted some notes earlier in this thread that you might want to read. This is all correct. Thanks for covering my thread strel! MSDBuild.cmd doesn't know about, or care about, Office Genuine Advantage Notifications, which is relatively new. This update is similar to KB905474 Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications.
  11. You should have posted your question in my Guide thread. You must download WUD install it it, import my MSdownloads.ulz list into WUD and then you get all the download links. Use the earlier version of WUD. v2.30 b988 or the latest version WUD. v2.50 b988. See the screen grab in my guide (link in my signature below) for how to select a category.
  12. strel I re-integrated an XPCD for Windows XP Home (OEM) and Windows XP Pro (Volume), both installing .Net Framework packages built with the latest SNM Syth build. Both install the .Net Framework packages from svcpack.inf in this order: DNF20.exe DNF30.exe DNF35.exe DNF11.exe I installed the Windows XP Home to the actual PC, and Windows XP Pro to Virtual PC, and in both cases Windows Setup never hangs. It is still puzzling about why RunOnceEX would just hang, but it looks like the issue is safely worked around when installing from svcpack.inf (which I would rather install from anyway). Now
  13. Since my last post, I attempted installing my XP Home OEM XPCD again, this time with the new .Net packages generated by the most recent version of SNM Synth (again using all .NET Framework updates actually listed in Microsoft Update). This time, not only did the installation hang, but the .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool report shows errors. FYI, the older SNM Synth .Net installation packages that worked (after resetting the PC in the middle of RunOnceEx) were built by 20090514_SNMsynth.zip. The only other difference between those packages and newer ones is the new ones contain NDP35SP1-
  14. @strel Hey there. I wonder if you can help me trouble shoot this one. It's a head scratcher... I downloaded your latest build of SNM Synth and created default packages (no .ini file changes) for each .Net Framework using all related updates currently listed in Microsoft Update (including the Firefox related one), but no language packs. I integrate them into my WinXP Pro SP3 XPCD as follows: DNF20.exe - installed from svcpack.inf DNF30.exe - installed from RunOnceEx DNF35.exe - installed from RunOnceEx DNF11.exe - installed from RunOnceEx NOTE: All packages are fully updated with all their
  15. There is no need to post the parts, the file download is working now.
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