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  1. Great news, I'm one very big fan of WPI...can be used in a numerous different kind of scenarios!
  2. My opinion: If you are the only user of your puter and do not have any weird/shady surfinghabits you will be just fine with a good software based FW that has the basic functionality like not responding to those glue-sniffing lower teens network-poking. I use both, the software-based FW I use mainly for controlling applications/wincomponents outbound requests and browser popups....and for that Outpost is just the best in my opinion.
  3. Hehe, you know...I think it's Doctor Changs brother.. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...8120&hl=disease
  4. Well, I don't know..it must be something that doesn't match in my system...I'm installing XP Embedded database now and it is slooooow.....and has hanged two times already...also had to disable speedfan..maybe a low level hardware conflict? ..as I'm typing it hangs yet again..it just will not accept sp2...****! I have assigned 400mb in memory, that should be enuff one would think... EDIT: well, it turns out that the installer starts at 20mb and then eats up to 400...clearly something aint right here...will try VPC and see how much it pulls there..
  5. Oh, guess I spilled some of that coffee I have been drinking this last coupla days on that install... Nah, mine is a "barebones"...kinda. not that much to copy over and install...73mb. footprint looks like this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=At...pe=post&id=7936 can't really compare with a fullblown install ofcourse..
  6. Aweeee!! ..man, do I feel stupid..just a matter of go custom..(as I usually allways do) And I have burned an hour on imaging and whatnot... This is what you get when not sleeping for a couple of days.... But, as for the speed...my latest build of that XP mini install in about 4 min on VPC...when tried on VMWare this morning it took 7min...but then again, I surely missed something coz of that lack of proper sleep...I'm at it again now...with a 10gb sysdisk
  7. just throw them all in and then remove them one by one whilst opening the window repetedly..
  8. HAHA, what a joke...did finally had a go at vmware....man, only 4gb as a systemdrive! What were they thinking? And sloooooow, only thing that piece of s*** has that is something is the snapshotfunction....I have read that you actually has to use ghost to mirror an system install to a bigger disk that is made in the app...turn it off and boot in ghost...and jadda jadda jadda...4GB!!! what can you do with that? out it goes, back to VPC..
  9. hmm, actually no..other than a faulty CPU...I had very similar issues wit my 3.4 a while ago. INTEL in UK did send me 2 CPU's so I can't say I'm too upset about it..
  10. It's a Prescott..they tend to get really hot..especially if you are using stock cooler. As for the compability issue, only thing I could think of is that you have a CPU with 1mbL2 Cache...from what I understand DELL are shipping the 8300 with a CPU with 512kbL2 Cache...DELL has allways some weird stuff implemented in their hardware...
  11. Hell no, smoking is just plain stupid (and discusting)...nomatter how beautiful girl..if she smokes it's either quit or bye bye...
  12. I can open CAB's from windows install disc with winrar but I don't know how to compress them back in a for setup usable CAB archive...what do I use? have searched but didn't find anything useful.. thanx
  13. I had to look that word up, Swedish and all.. Level headed = Characteristically self-composed and sensible...well I say.., thats the nicest someone said to me in a long time..
  14. "the master"..that is almost as scary as the sometimes fanatic Nlite fans here.. Windows was actually invented by a bunch of much more clever engineers than we sorry a** bunch here..(and other forums). We are merely just tearing it apart....the credit goes to BG himself....
  15. Well, I'm 41 and a grandfather...but I still run around you kiddos in circles...
  16. So..? I do not think this is that well done but still offers a lot more than those "giants" did..., a guided setup that includes more than just "this you can delete and this not". ..phuii, this "sandbox" mentality is taking its toll...
  17. Well thats an answer! Everything you say makes sense..ofcourse. I should have been more specific in my explanation..and also as you say..tell any daredevil that would be interested in helping to backup his reg first.. CurrentControlSet is just that, and pointing to the actual ControlSet. ControlSet001 is usually used by default to boot the computer and ControlSet002..or higher.., contains the Last Known Good configuration...usually.... ..thats why. Yes, with this it was only a matter of removing it from the console...but not really what I'm doing... the whole package out/in is the intention (related executables and extensions pared with unregging them if it is required). ADMIN can delete this, sorry for taking up space
  18. Actually that is what I am doing, removing the service entry and then restore it again. But thanx anyway
  19. Fridge, I think you should just remove those "clint" referenses...it confuses ppl I think....only generates more questions. "my regtweaks, to be used at T12 just like clints, with the $OEM folder way" ...for example. ..there was a guy asked what clints is...hehe! just keep my name out of it...only confusing for the poor newcomers with "clint this" and "clints that"...wasnt ment to be used like this anyway..
  20. well, no I can't..this is a part of something I'm pokin' in. But wasn't sure however someone else that asked for this demonstrated ( yes, removing a service entry and then restore it ) had done it right or not....coz it works on my machine. And do I need to have a reason really, I'm simply asking for help with testing this...nothing else.... But can you please tell me what is incorrectly formatted..and maybe perhaps give the correct one...... ?
  21. Nice, shaved of a big chunk for me EDIT: I just had a go at an installed with a modified shell32.dll that had been compressed with those switches...and got me an BSOD "page fault in nonpaged area" caused by setupdd.sys. If I use that regular makecab without switches it installs just fine... Is this compression supported at install ?
  22. When using makecab I will not get as high compression as in installationfiles on CD....is there any switches that will make them compressed at a higher rate?
  23. http://www.theeldergeek.com/services_guide.htm Very nice resource.

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