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  1. How do you move the image out of VMware environment? Do you use a external reader to read the virtual disk? Thanks!
  2. Name is required if you are going to re-deploy a custom Install.wim with Windows Setup. The straight quotation marks are required. This flag is not required if you deploy the image by using ImageX. Excellent, thank you both! ..and thanks for the VistaUA, still pokin' in it...will give report later on when things are coming together
  3. Works fine in win2000, no need for IE at all...mshta.exe is all you need.
  4. Hi, I'm just about to get started on this...after a few trials with mounting and unmounting the install.wim after editing the image I must ask you guys. I remove stuff here and there after a succesfull mount of the install.wim, I give the command "imagex /unmount /commit C:\Vista.Mount" and it closes fine. But the install.wim is still the same size? Even when I mount the install.wim again I can see that the files are gone, the size is smaller in the repoistory for example...but the install.wim are the same size as before? And as soon as I reboot the files are back there??? ...how in heavens should I do this? I run this under XP2p2 with admin rights under my account, and the latest RTM of the WAIK. Thanks!
  5. Nah, it should be an application that downloads and installs programs...
  6. I saw some time ago that someone had made an application that downloaded the latest shareware/apps and installed them...I don't remember if it was on a CD of some kind or such though. It was called "the ultimate disc" or something like that...(ofcourse) Anyone?
  7. There is no update feature for shareware apps there. I may be remember it wrongly, it might have been a small program that you could use for grabbing the latest of a bunch of programs. Anyway, it is created by a member here.
  8. I saw somewhere a thread about this "Ultimate DVD" that did have an downloader that grabbed the latest versions of shareware/trials. Can someone please point me in right direction? Thanks!
  9. Clint

    Lite Windows

    You will have to excuse me fellas, but this has been done numerous times already. Utilize Google for a bit and you should find For the beginner I recommend Bold Fortune's site, he has done some extensive trial and error work in the past. There are threads here as well somewhere
  10. I have started to mess around with Multi-Boot finally. I've set up a CDShell bootmenu but I can't figure out on how to have the "press key to boot from DVD" popping up? As it is now it boots directly in to the graphics, and also after reboot when first part of install is done. What shall I do to get that "press key to boot from DVD" to show up? Thanx, and have patience with a noobie
  11. As long as you leave Explorer in it, it needs explorer otherwise it won't run. Succes. Actually it will run without Internet Explorer. Call wpi.hta from mshta.exe and it will run: %windir%\system32\mshta.exe "%wpipath%\wpi.hta" No IE needed and it runs on win2000 as well..
  12. Did any of you even tried my tweaks...?? hehehe...unbelievable..
  13. Hehe, thats an old reggie right there Actually you can ditch the hta.reg.. mshta will find it anyway if you use the %windir%\system32\mshta.exe "%CD%\wpi.hta" command....gives you freedom to use the disc even in a secondary boot or such I didn't knew that back then
  14. I'm glad I could contribute, thanks for a great util
  15. My tweaks should work, allways have.. "sick and tired beeing sick and tired"...padabadimpadabadam...
  16. Nah, I meant a executable that holds drivers to drop in root of source....I've seen that long time ago but can't find it now..
  17. Thanks! Maybe I was unclear, but what I need is a driver as well...win2000 doesn't have any decent driver...simply can't change the res and depth to higher than 640x480 16 I do remeber though that there was something like a executable that did hold generic drivers that you could call at install.... But thanks anyway bro
  18. If my memory aint fooling me I beleive there is a util that you can drop in your source when installing OS that will allow you to display high resolution. I believe it was an small executable that you simply dropped in the rot and then called upon. Anyone has a clue? Thanks! Admin: sorry for doublepost.
  19. I use WPI_Lite 1.2 I dropped WPI.CMD in I386: (add entry in txtsetup.inf) WPI.CMD: @ECHO OFF REM Example, how to look for CDROM-drive. Must have a file to identify in its root (like CDROM_NT.5 or WPI.ico). for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\CDROM_NT.5 set CDROM=%%i: echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM% REM Determine the WPI startup path. REM if wpi should run off the cd the replace %~dp0 with %cdrom%. set wpipath=%CDROM%\WPI\ REM Hide this command window. "%wpipath%common\cmdow.exe" @ /hid REM Special registry tweak needed. regedit /s "%wpipath%common\wpi.reg" REM Make WPI directory the current directory. for /f "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%wpipath%") do %%i: cd "%wpipath%" REM Start WPI and wait for its end start /wait %windir%\system32\mshta.exe "%wpipath%\wpi.hta" REM Undo registry tweak. regedit /s %wpipath%common\undo.reg exit :end IE has been ripped out so I called it with "%wpipath%\wpi.hta" from mshta.exe and it worked fine. I set up wpi.cmd to run @ runonceex from WPII.INF during T13 stage (for me only add the line to already existing .INF that I run there) WPII.INF: [version] signature="$WINDOWS NT$" ;Calls wpi.cmd from systemroot [DefaultInstall] AddReg=add.reg [add.reg] HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\ZZZ",111,,"%11%\wpi.cmd" thats it.. now if someone could give me a hint on this I would be a happy camper : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=78753&hl= Thanks!

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