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  1. Oh man, now you are fighting about "copyrights" and "betas" and whatnot...what happened to the pioneer spirit? Do your scripts and batches, share it proudly and give cred where cred is due...why do you all wanna play "developers" with this "I sue you for $100.000.000 for stealing my projekt I've done in Silicon Valley for the last 5 years" attitude...it's just silly. Well, I saw this coming quite some time ago...left the boat and are quite happy about it now when I see this... Sorry for littering the thread Aegis, I'm not accusing any of you in person but the phenomena i whole.
  2. If you are satisfied with 1.55volts you do not need to remove or solder anything, only dab some conductive paint on a couple of spots. That is easily removable and will not void your warranty. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=92874
  3. just enter the portnumber that the computer you are going to connect to are listening on after the IP:
  4. So utterly unneeded, that is nothing but a few regtweaks.
  5. This is the highest I will go on air: ..only 1 hour..I know...also "cheating" in 10C ambient. In the process of ordering water, then we gonna do some serious volting/clocks
  6. Got this after a brief session on my newly arrived 170'er:
  7. Opteron 146 CABYE 0540 FPAW @3Ghz (1.39v) Leadtek Winfast PX6600gt TDH @640/1300 Mushkin XP4000 991483 2x1GB @270Mhz (2.5v) ..Opteron 170 coming in
  8. I have an Opteron and clockgen works for me...
  9. well,..hehe..I did provide you with meausured voltage directly on board with a Multimeter...but please speculate on..
  10. I have had a long time away from my projects and now I can't remeber which graphic driver that are used when installing win2000. The graphic driver that are loaded at GUI portion of setup, it's not located in either SP4 or DRIVER.CAB.... Can anyone knowledgeable help me out here..? thanx!
  11. deleted...didn't really have any value here
  12. Hmm, well...I see you are debating about sizes on your creations. So it turns out now that if you wanna keep this and that and still have compatibility you get a footprint of closer to 100mb than 50mb. the biggest criteria was for me to fit the OS on dedicated storagespace..lets say a 128mb usb memory (or 64mb)... So if you strip it to a minimum why don't you use w2k as a base instead?
  13. I was wishing for that wonderful woman that I've been looking for now the last 25 years to materialize, but that didn't happen'...as usual. ..if I can't have that, well...then I don't want anything really. I wish you all a prosperous 2007...(ain't that looking much better than 2006?)
  14. Thanx bro! will have a closer look at them..
  15. Aye, will do...as soon as I decided what sticks to order: OCZ GOLD GX XTC, DDR PC3200 2048MB Kit Mushkin High Performance DDR 400 2048MB Kit ...please give me hints of other good clockable 2gb sets these sticks I have now (Kingston HyperX) are not that good match with the DFI Ultra-D board
  16. Well, it's same as everything else...just think outside the box and I'm sure you will find use for it. Lots more to computing than just hit that on/off button
  17. Some screenies Will not stay there though, to much voltage for me...but fun anyway! Not bad for on air.. ...all and all I must say this switching to AMD has been a very pleasant transformation

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