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  1. in the 16.2.0 says that directx11.1 is not supoorted on this host.any way to fix that?
  2. someone better start digging the kernel......
  3. UPDATE: python 3.9.1rc1 x64 installer patched by 'Illen'' thanks!!!
  4. python 3.9.0 officially drops.but the portable version adding the api file works.the thing is if someone can patch the intaller.
  5. new version of vmware is out 16.1.0 can we installed it or it needs patching?
  6. because i love them and i will still using them until the end (2023)
  7. yeah and in 7 also .i think that theres a workaround .maybe the app checks the OS version and stops.maybe to bypass that check ,the app will open.if you see in the programs filder it has the prerequisites (visual c++)
  8. thanks for the respond.i have tested them but i was hoping someone will help about the official app.
  9. even thought it installs from here https://www.messenger.com/desktop Messenger.75.4.124.exe without any errors when i double click it it does not open in the task manager the messenger.exe is shows at the processes how can we track the process to find the cause of the problem if is it possible? i'm using win7 with all the latest ESU updates and vc++
  10. try to download the file that it says that is missing from here ,so you can test it https://wikidll.com/microsoft/api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0-dll UPDATE test it with the portable version of 3.9.0 and the dll file and it works. can someone now guide how to patch the installer?? thanks...

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