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  1. Apparently, in modern times, the foundation of GUI development is to make sure it is forever changing. Why not make it as a "GUI randomizer" and be done with it? (sarcasm)
  2. Wanted to say thanks again to Roytam1. Your work is very much appreciated! Past months several of the addresses I regularly visit upgraded their websites, making even the browser releases from around 2019 crap out! Looking for the fastest or most responsive browser releases thus became a moot point, only Roytam1's more recent builds are now practically usable for me.
  3. I fail to understand the question completely. Do you want a list of all XP updates 31-03-2012 to 8-4-2014 (EOL). Does your localized unofficial SP4 have documentation with such? Some such lists were posted around here, but they are usually about how to get a stock a Windows XP SP3 05-2008 install up to 04-2019 POSready level. ( And it is quite a task task to do it manually. Though I have collected these individual updates in my localization, I hope to never use them. Instead prefer cloning images of fully updated installs, that were updated when the auto-update servers were working.
  4. This is a nice surprise: MinGW compiler v8.4.0 works on Windows XP Not the normal release though (the latest v6 is already not working on XP) but the ReactOS Build Environment 2.2.1 version. This v8.4.0 MinGW compiler does seem to have difficulty finding its headers in the normal .\include folder, but it works flawless when I put these headers inside the other include folder, some subfolders down the .\lib\gcc\ folder. ReactOS Build Environment 2.2.1 also includes CMake v3.17.2, but without the GUI component. As for the official CMake packages: v3.13.5 is latest that runs o
  5. Thanks again ArcticFoxie! I will save these summaries of yours, for when I have some time available to compare browsers. @j7n You are right. With the last Firefox 52.9.0 some pages just never appeared as they should. Like checkout pages. With roytam's NM28 (2018 to 2020 versions) I haven't had such issues. That is the main thing. ( For me a secondary demand is, that there is a workable color changer add-on, to prevent looking at bright white backgrounds. )
  6. Performance tables are appreciated. Maybe it would be appropriate to make a separate topic about speeds/benchmarks of the different Windows XP browser choices? This topic is so crowded already, and not really about the "non-roytam" options.
  7. yes: 3 AHCI mode systems: C partition FAT32 affected, about 1 to 5% of files gone. D partitions NTFS on same disk seemingly unaffected IIRC. 1 IDE mode system, same partition configuration. Not affected. I am not at home to check which 3rd party toolkit it was. And in hindsight it is obvious I should have been more careful. I was updating SSD firmware and for a moment TRUSTING that the TRIM tool would work, and could considered everything done. Tested it a bit. seemed OK. did the other systems. Then later reboot problems and me re-imaging the c-partitions.
  8. Thanks. I am positive the extend of the filesystem damage was in no relation to any possible pending chkdsk problems. That would mean all 3 AHCI configured systems had pending chkdsk issues, and some of them loads of chkdsk issues, with windows system files. Whilst in reality, I hardly ever have such issues. In all cases it concerned a FAT32 C-partition. The NTFS D-partitions remained OK IIRC.
  9. Using NM 28.1.0a1.win32-git-20180922 for a few weeks now. So I can make my feedback summary: 2012 Laptop with Windows XP + NM 28.8.0a1 2019-12-06 = Bit of sluggish browsing + once every few hours it can get very unresponsive. 2012 Laptop with Windows XP + NM 28.1.0a1 2018-09-22 = Bit of sluggish browsing. No problems otherwise. (Downgraded as advised) 2012 Desktop with Windows XP + NM 28.10.1a1 2020-07-04 = Reasonably responsive. No problems 2012 Desktop with Linux x64 + Firefox 82 = Noticeably faster. That last entry may be a bit snarky, but it is what I see. Know t
  10. Thanks, I just imported your 3 lines into my NM28 ublock filter settings. Seems to work on Youtube, which was the only one still annoying me. So now I enabled again my old "no cookie for google search" addon. :) I also see the font graphical issue in the google translate page. I do not have gstatic.com blocked there. It was not blocked.
  11. Yeah I found out that last part the hard way, one or two years ago. Using some tool that suggested it knew what it was doing, but in actuality wasted my time forcing me to re-image 2 systems and such. Problem was that I did not immediately notice the filesystem damage, and thought all was well, for a while. Also a system in IDE mode instead of AHCI was unnaffected. Can TRIM not be communicated in IDE mode? Or was it just a coincidence? PS. As I wrote before: I use and have used Crucial M4 drives of various subtypes/sizes under Windows XP. I update firmware once in while, but don't us
  12. I can trigger errors of this kind with just doing page-up / page-down on very simple multi-page pdf files.
  13. The Altarsoft out of memory error seems to occur with pretty much any PDF file. Like even this one causes it http://www.pdf995.com/samples/pdf.pdf when you browse through it for like 20 seconds. Using Windows XP SP3 with all POSready updates. The system has 4GB RAM.
  14. Jaclaz: I just tried the Altarsoft one, but it causes an out of memory error, even for quite simple pdf files? It is AltarsoftPdfReader.exe v1.2. On Windows XP Edit: Here is that older Foxit Reader version: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/download/foxit-pdf-reader-4-1-1-0805
  15. For completeness: Foxit PDF Reader v4.1 of 2010 is really simple as well. One can just put the single executable somewhere and run it. I use it together with Sumatra. This foxit seems to be faster with some pdf ebooks, compared to Sumatra.
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