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  1. Sorry to say: The PE patched SumatraPDF prerelease executable locks up after using it for a few minutes in Windows XP. The latest release build 3.1.2 does not have this problem.
  2. @Sampei.Nihira Regarding SumatraPDF-prerelease-11495.exe (portable) Seems to work once you edit the version check in the PE header: Two bytes changed soon after marker "PE" 06 .. 06 to 05 .. 05.
  3. Some Games that had a long run on XP: Combat Mission games from https://www.battlefront.com Their games do no longer work on XP since the last update CMFI v2.10 from a few days ago. It is the updated executable wrapping DRM that is probabaly the cause of this. All earlier releases and patches work on XP. Does OpenGL rendering. SpringRTS / Spring Engine Needs like four parts to get going: Lobby + Engine + Game + Maps. Also does OpenGL rendering. For Windows XP 32-bit I recommend this one: Lobby: https://springlobby.info/windows/springlobby-0.252-win32.zip ( Can use latest one with a hex edit, but that is not really needed ) Engine: http://zero-k.info/engine/win32/104.0.1-409-g07c2800.zip from April 2018 Game: Balanced Annihilation v10.11 from https://springfiles.com Maps: Any from https://springfiles.com Single player opponent AI: "RAI" Actually one can still play the latest maintenance release Spring engine 104.0.1-1455-g39f8fbd by replacing libcurl.dll with one that is compiled to run on Windows XP ( http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/27897 ). But then one is also forced to use Balanced Annihilation v10.24, and then AFAIK "Shard" is the only working single player AI. And that AI seems to eat up more RAM then Windows XP can handle. That was a challenge to figure out...
  4. Thanks a lot genieautravail ! (=Genius at work?) So OpenGL and Direct3D are functioning pretty well. Good news. Now I am tempted to mess with such a A6-1450 APU system myself. I think 640x480 is a really safe recommendation. It depends a lot on the actual workload on the GPU. I can run Flatout 2 on the AMD E-350 in full HD 1920x1080 with comfortable framerate. For some games it may be desirable to add custom resolutions to the driver registry (I use 1440x1080 4:3 a lot myself) and enable GPU video scaling with "maintain aspect ratio". But alternatively one can just use Windowed mode as you are already doing. There may still be smaller issues here and there, as was my experience with different Win XP drivers for the Radeon 6xxx series. With every driver release they seem to fix some and break some. While you are at it, I can still come up with questions. - Why no Radeon Control Center? Is there a problem with it? It has some useful switches for screen-scaling and FSAA. The 2011..2012 Control Center version requires .NET 2.0. - What is the exact Radeon driver version you are using now (Supporting 8210E). - There were no visible rendering glitches while running 3Dmark2006? - Firefox 52 ESR working reliably with hardware acceleration enabled? - VideoLan VLC v3 media player working with acceleration? When I have some spare time I will try 3Dmark 2006 myself on two XP systems with Radeon 6xxx graphics, for a performance comparison.
  5. Thanks for the kind offer, I just searched for suitable software. For OpenGL test; a Quake engine derived game would suitable, like Call_of_Duty_Dawnville_Demo.exe, which seems to be available here: https://http.download.nvidia.com/downloads/nZone/demos/ For Direct3D 9.0c maybe one of the 3Dmark benchmark suites, edition 2006 or older. Available for free on the official site: https://benchmarks.ul.com/legacy-benchmarks In Catalyst control center, Graphics Settings, 3D, Anti-Aliasing: Uncheck the "Use application settings". This will force 2x AA mode to improve polygon edges.
  6. Thanks for sharing your tips and observations. I was considering similar hardware a while back, but decided to play it safe for XP support with this thing: Foxconn Nettop nT-A3500 with AMD E-350. That one comes with the Radeon HD6310. The Radeon 6xxx series is pretty good for Windows XP when using the right driver version. I also have such a card in a normal sized Desktop. Though for me it remains a trade-off: - For 3D games with forced "Full Scene Anti-Aliasing 2x" setting: Catalyst version (20)11-10. With atioglxx.dll from driver version (20)11-5 for better OpenGL compatibility. - For Hardware Accelerated Firefox and Videolan/VLC: Catalyst version (20)12-01 (which unfortunately cannot combine with the above atioglxx.dll). That is the best I could find after trying many combinations. Could you maybe try a Direct3D and OpenGL based game on your system with the AMD A6-1450 / Radeon 8250 system? The downside of the AMD E-350 is that the CPU is pretty weak. Better then the Intel Atom N280, but not all that much. Often it manages in doing the intended tasks smoothly, but other times it just seems to choke or stall. I suppose your AMD A6-1450 has just that bit of extra CPU power to make it more comfortable.
  7. There was this mysterious issue with the game store sites https://www.gog.com / https://www.origin.com and since a few weeks it also got to https://www.epicgames.com. When there is a free game giveaway, and you click the "GET" button. On the usual XP browsers nothing happens, no way to proceed. Normal Firefox 52.9.0 ESR has this issue and palemoon-27.9.7...xpmod has it as well. Changing user agent identification does not help. Fortunately basilisk52-g4.4.win32...xpmod does show the checkout page and all the rest, so that is awesome. Thanks! Edit: epicgames is a good site to test this now, Since they have an active giveway pretty much all the time.
  8. gerwin

    iPad and WinXP

    Interesting. That matches my experience as well, that every App has it's own documents folder. Windows XP interfacing worked fine in 2014. For now my Ipad is still in 2014 software-wise, by choice. - IOS version 8.1.3. - Itools for Windows (3rd party, works on Windows XP, requires iTunes driver like most such USB transfer software) - iTunes v12.01
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