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  1. Good to know. May do that when the times comes and projects require it. (I use KernelEx tricks sometimes, but I find them a solution of last resort. It makes the kernelEx-ed software XP only, the software crashes when starting them from Windows 7 in a multiboot)
  2. Bit of necro, So I just found VLC 3(.0.3) crashes when trying to play a H265 encoded video. libx265_plugin.dll contains NT6-specific kernel32.dll calls. The program crashes whenever that plugin dll is loaded on demand. Here is a great summery by gho421 on this particular issue, with XP API-tests for the other plugins as well. Showing these for version 2.2.2 up to 3.0.10. https://code.videolan.org/videolan/vlc/-/issues/24858 Now I can imagine tricks like: plugin re-compiles, kernel-ex wrappers, mix-and-match of files of different VLC versions. But for the time being the safest bet is to stick with VLC v2.2.1 on Windows XP. Yes it plays H265 without crashing. EDIT: below a copy of gho421's report on v.3.0.10
  3. When I see some interesting hobby projects on github, it is fun to try and build a Windows XP compatible version from the sources. Preferably by building on Windows XP itself. For that one needs a somewhat recent version of CMake. https://cmake.org/ Official CMAKE packages dropped windows XP compatibility after this one: cmake-3.13.5-win32-x86.zip from 2019-05-14, last in 3.13 serie. ReactOS Build Environment package RosBE-2.2.1.exe includes an XP compatible CMake: cmake-3.17.2 (without GUI) By comparing and selecting MSYS2 packages, I assembled an XP compatible version of CMake v3.20 (08-07-2021). Available on my website in the back-ports section. http://www.gb-homepage.nl/index.htm
  4. At work I need to put Windows 10 on some older Hardware. Z68 Chipset based. BIOS and MBR config. SATA SSD 500 or 1000 GB. 8 to 16GB RAM. I already had a test setup for it, from 2020 already, with Windows 10 installed from CD with some unfinished SysPrep intentions. Decided to connect it to the internet and let Windows Update run. Unfortunately, The 21H2 Feature update repeatedly failed. It is detailed as error 0xc1900200, Which may mean that the system requirements are not met. Now I suspect it is because back in 2020 I did not let it create a "System Reserved Partition". Thinking; Such dependency would just complicate the backup and imaging of the OS. I am not sure though if that is the sole reason. Windows recovery "bootcfg" failed too, saying "access denied". So instead I made a 22H2 install media on USB stick, and installed it like that. This works and runs, but the partitions are unchanged afterwards. so again no System Reserved Partition. No complaints from Windows setup about that (just the usual Windows 10 silly questions and remarks, styled as if the computer is a person now). On one hand I think I should retry and make such a partition in some way. On the other hand I read here that 22H2 is the last feature update, in which case I don't really need to ever do a feature update again, and I can just as well leave it alone.
  5. Just tested a rapidgator download, and it works fine here. The captcha is to fill in a bunch of words. It passes. Roytam's Newmoon Version 28/10.6a1 (32-bit) (2023-01-13) Useragent switcher fake ID; Firefox 105 (Win10 64-bit) Ublock origin running
  6. U-Bahn (Metro) Duesseldorf, Germany, Last week. Cannot identify the OS exactly. But it has the classic theme and icons.
  7. IMO Freakin file explorer "auto-sort" makes it annoying in day-to-day functionality. https://superuser.com/questions/279200/how-can-i-disable-windows-vista-7-explorers-auto-sort-after-file-copying
  8. Well, II suppose if the admin or someone is annoyed they can move the MAME posts to a new thread. If you want to talk about MAME in general this may be a good place. Vogons: Console & Arcade Emulation https://www.vogons.org/viewforum.php?f=11 As for me, I don't really have more to say about it, I am afraid. I don't have actual arcade nostalgia. Just that some old games were told to have their best version on some arcade platform, whilst the DOS/Sega/Nintendo versions were inferior ports.
  9. Thanks for updating this Chrome package. This time I took the unGoogled version. Then copied over the user data folder from my previous regular version, with addons and all. That seems to work. Appreciate the choice of an alternate skin besides the Windows XP Luna Blue one. I will have to decide which one I like best.
  10. Thanks for the list. With software of that kind, combined with an older OS, and particular use cases, versions matter a lot. As for HqMame. I noticed some other versions gave stuttering audio on a Sandy bridge laptop. And from 2012 to 2016 executable size grew from 60MB to a whopping 120 MB.
  11. Six months ago I was curious about some old arcade games. Which, as usual, got me tinkering with software without playing much I found it preferable to use the HqMAME fork, because it can smoothen the pixelation out nicely, and it does it internally to the sprites or layers for better effect. This one: HqMAME v2.2 based on MAME v0.147u3, dated 11-12-2012. Modded with HqMAME v2.16 scaler dlls, which seem to work fine. On Windows XP SP3 x86 that is.
  12. In the linked post at vogons.org Falcosoft added screenshots to illustrate things. In that quoted bit, I am also wondering what Falcosoft meant with the term "PC resolution", I don't know...
  13. Coincidentally, Falcosoft at vogons just posted a good summary of NVidia/WinXP custom resolution support. I already intended to append it here. QUOTED, from https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=92849&p=1143505#p1143505 Falcosoft Posted on 25-2-2023 The last XP driver that has working GPU scaling option is 355.98. Also you should use VGA or DVI instead of HDMI. Important! Under XP do not use HDMI since: - You will not get scaling options. - You cannot set the dynamic range to Full RGB so you will always get limited RGB. This results in incorrect black levels in case of PC monitors. Important! In order to get these options you have to switch to a PC or non-native based resolution. After you selected the desired option it also applies to native based resolutions or non-PC resolutions. (The below examples show what is possible with DVI) 1. Use Nvidia scaling: In this case the display always stays in its native resolution but no aspect ratio correction is applied by the GPU so you will always get a full screen image. This case is trivial so I do not attach a screenshot. 2. Use Nvidia scaling with fixed aspect ratio: In this case the display always stays in its native resolution but the GPU also applies aspect ratio correction: Nvidia_aspect.jpg 3. Use my displays built-in scaling: In this case the display is switched for the given resolution and no aspect ratio adjustment is applied by the GPU. Your display has to correct aspect ratio either automatically or manually. 4. Do not scale: In this case the display always stays in its native resolution but the GPU not only corrects aspect ratio but draws a centered pixel perfect screen inside the native resolution (so in case of smaller resolutions you can get a tiny image) Also: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=899374#p899374
  14. Thanks a lot!, I can also confirm this rebased dll cuts chrome360 memory allocation to about a quarter compared to the original dll.
  15. ctfmon.exe is a useless and stubborn MS Office 2003 related service. I remove it sometimes, sometimes I forget. Then alg.exe, I am not sure. It is a manually started MS service, the question is what starts it? Windows XP Firewall maybe? https://www.auditmypc.com/alg.asp

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