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  1. I tried the mouserate.exe tool: Windows XP x86 on Intel Z68 with i5-3550: about 300Hz max with "show" checked / around 4000 to 5000 Hz with it "show" unchecked. Windows 7 x64 on Intel Z68 with i5-3550: 125Hz max ** Windows XP x86 on Intel GM45/ICH9M with Core 2 duo: 125Hz max ** Windows XP x86 on AMD E-350 Nettop: 125Hz max ** ** = Both with and without "show" checkbox. But I have no practical issues with the Windows XP x86 on Intel Z68. Not that I know of. All loads and temperatures are in check. 3Dmark 2005 scores the exact same on both Win XP vs Win 7.
  2. gerwin

    GPU XP X86

    Yeah. Bummer. At the time, these Atom systems seemed like compact and fun systems to toy around with.. But I figured Windows 7 would make it an annoyingly slow experience at times, so I never considered any Atom system again... Did toy around with an AMD E-350 nettop with Windows XP. Which is in the same class, but slightly more desirable: Much better 3D, but the CPU is almost as slow as the early Atoms.
  3. gerwin

    GPU XP X86

    For Atom N270 Chipset, the above quoted hardware. EDIT, hold on, I think we have mismatch, and that both your systems actually have a newer Atom model CPU, compared to the Atom N270/N280 that I first got as a search result. "GMA 3600, This integrated graphics system was released in Intel Atom (Cedar Trail, 32 nm) and based on PowerVR SGX545" See this topic, which seems to be an exact match of the issue at hand: https://community.intel.com/t5/Graphics/Intel-R-Graphics-Media-Accelerator-3600-Series-WINDOWS-XP-driver/td-p/214041 In the last post there, there is a working 4shared link to "intel® graphics media accelerator 3600 series - winxp-x86-sp3.zip". If that does not work either, I don't know what to suggest. I remember, back in the day I got an Atom N280 Netbook especially because Netbooks with newer Atom CPU's/Chip-sets were dropping Windows XP driver support.
  4. gerwin

    GPU XP X86

    Your ACER D270 seems to have a Diamondville N270 Atom processor on the usual intel chipset with integrated graphics. It should be a netbook actually, smaller then a laptop. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Atom_processors#"Diamondville"_(45_nm) I stored this intel graphics driver for use with an N280 Atom netbook, and it could run some Direct X games: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bjrem67xjmizvt5/VGA_iGMA950_WinXP_v6.14.10.4926.zip/file (VGA iGMA950 WinXP v6.14.10.4926.zip, 17 MB, 15-02-2008)
  5. The browser discussions were moved here: https://msfn.org/board/forum/201-browsers-working-on-older-nt-family-oses/
  6. Code::Blocks Win32, rev.12857, June 20, 2022 with working symbols browser. Kindly provided by developer Miguel Gimenez on request. Download link here https://forums.codeblocks.org/index.php/topic,24592.new.html#new Link is told to expire soon, so download now if you care for it. The drmingw-0.8.2 trick still applies.
  7. Even if they included those, one would still have missing calls in kernel32.dll and ntdll.dll. On second look codeblocks-20.03 still shows promise for running under Windows XP. The dependency trouble all branches from exchndl.dll, which branches to dbghelp.dll and mgwhelp.dll. The issue is with this debugging library, v0.9.1.0 https://github.com/jrfonseca/drmingw Download v0.8.2.0 from there and copy the dll and sym files to the codeblocks 20.03 folder to make it run in Windows XP. (I did have some wxWidgets non-fatal error, which was caused by v20.03 portable referring to my v16 install location. When putting 20.03 portable in the path that I had previously installed v16 to, there is no error) Edit: Deal breaker in attached image, back to v16 or v17. Or if someone manages to find a Win32 nightly build dated march 2021 or later, which is when the symbols browser was fixed.
  8. Github currently works reasonably well with current NewMoon (Palemoon) 28 unofficial fork supplied by Roytam, together with an unofficial "github-wc-polyfill-" extension, also supplied by Roytam (based on JustOff's original). See the "My browser builds" topic on this forum.
  9. Multi-function Printer Epson WF-4830DTWF (sold from 2020 to this day) with driver package epson645995eu works on Windows XP SP3. Scanner part also works with driver package epson636209eu.
  10. The guy behind the website wp.xin.at is also a user of the Vogons forum nicknamed GrandAdmiralThrawn https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=784051 . Surely it is all with best intentions, though you cannot expect someone to check all the sourcecode when doing some backporting.
  11. I am not an expert, but so far I have done a few Kernel-ex mods without changing anything to the main Windows XP installation. Instead it was done by adding the wrapper dll files in the root of the troublesome program, then hexedit the executable of the troublesome program, to refer to the wrapper dll names instead of the original windows dll names. Like search for the "advapi32.dll" string and changing it with "advapixp.dll", and make sure the wrapper dll is in the same folder as that modded executable, and has the file name advapixp.dll. That xp suffix is just something I made up, it does not matter what it is, just that it is different from the windows one. Sometimes things are more entwined with multiple dll libraries involved.
  12. This project also wraps RegGetValueA https://github.com/UncleVasya/EU4_WinXP_fix/blob/master/source/advapi32/advapi32.cpp
  13. This donation of mine was never acknowledged here, AFAIK: 50,00 USD 16-09-2021 Paypal reference 9J944236YT7310825 ---------------------------------- This one added today: 25,00 USD 10-03-2022 Paypal reference 3LL94829V36859139
  14. Yeah, my fault, I mistakenly understood that the lock-up occurred when starting your computer, but it occurs only when you start that particular program. So my advise did not really apply. I suppose the Nirsoft monitoring tools, which were advised by jumper, are the first way to go. If those do not suffice maybe try OllyDbg 1.10. It can hide its presence with plugins.
  15. Sorry it seems these shortcuts have the "lnk" extension. But the extension is hidden in the GUI. "pif" was also a Windows shortcut format, but an older one for MS-DOS executables...

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