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  1. Goed gevonden / Good find. It took a little digging again, but I found three differences with files in the language pack "nl\devtools\client" folder, all related to WebIDE. (Which was supposedly removed by roytam?, though not really). Anyways, it works now, please try the updated language pack in my edited previous post.
  2. I tried to make a "content.dtd" based on the one found at this link. But that did not work, maybe because of the #ifdef etc. https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/tree/650abe2cb9eb02c14369a807a6225ebb053d0b17/application/palemoon/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/preferences Then I found a local copy of "content.dtd" in the Newmoon 28 "omni.ja" file. Using that file, either original or a translation based on it, works fine. Attached Dutch language pack for NewMoon 28, version 03-2021. Except for the mentioned "content.dtd" file, it is identical to "pm-langpack-nl-28.10.0" Edit: Revisi
  3. ZWCAD is a chinese AutoCAD like program. It is VERY AutoCAD like. Surprisingly ZWCAD 2020 SP2 32-bit still works fine in Windows XP. But with the arrival of the 2021 edition, it no longer does.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! So I will slowly start on preparing a Linux environment for one of the E350 Nettops (yeah I have a spare one too), to make it both the internet radio and a file sharing device. I am already familiar with Linux Solus 4 Mate, so I really prefer to use that, and avoid having to learn about a different OS or distribution. Regardless, If someone has some knowledge about the security or insecurity of Windows XP NAT file sharing, in the current day and age, I would gladly learn about it.
  5. Thanks a lot! I will check if the information you provided enables me to adjust the language pack for latest NM28. If so, I will share a copy here.
  6. I have some systems in a LAN, connected through the usual cable-company supplied WAN/LAN router. Router brand is Technicolor. File sharing is set disabled in the Windows XP systems, in the LAN-Adapter settings. At the moment I cannot say exactly how necessary that is for security, but that is what I did. The router had a nice option to use an USB storage device as a NAS. It worked to some degree, however, it is bugged: At some point certain files start to behave read-only. So the past years I have been just swapping around USB storage. (And experiencing reliability issues with
  7. Much appreciated. Yes I will try v347.26 when I have some time. Your observations are noted. With v347.09 brief testing, I have seen one hang with 3Dmark2001SE. Showing a benchmark intro screen, about to fade in, but it remains very dark forever. Two other runs; no problem. Driver v368.91 had this same issue quite regularly, maybe like half the benchmark runs got stuck like that. With v344.75 I have never seen this hang, despite that I have benchmarked it a dozen times now. Note that for me personally: I am already satisfied with the GT 710 card and the driver v344.75. It performs
  8. Thanks for the tip. Actually I used v344.75 because IIRC you mentioned it in the other topic here. I just tried driver v347.09 for a bit, but at least in my 32-bit setup, it makes little difference, behaves pretty much the same. 3DMarks2001 gives 37230 points with this driver, it was 37285 before. The icafe driver v368.91 was mentioned in a Russian 'guide to running Windows XP 32-bit in 2021', which was also posted here, as a word document. Sorry. I have no idea. Actually I am only recently reading up on the Geforce series, I was using AMD Radeon cards ever since the NVIDIA bad so
  9. Good to know that al these cards worked in XP with that driver. I may try v368.81 when I have some time. But I am somewhat expecting to have the same 3DMark hangs again, which I had with the v368.91. These two drivers are just one week apart in file date. From what I now read, the "iCafe" is just some official NVidia alternative packaging. When you open the installer with 7-zip, the "Display.Driver" folder is pretty much the same. And that is what I extracted, modded and installed manually, in all cases.
  10. I have a small issue with the latest Palemoon/Newmoon 28, with language packs. The dialog in Preferences->Content seemingly had some changes over the past months. Since recently it also has a "Media Formats" field at the bottom. But all the available NL/Dutch language packs that I download are lacking these fields. Therefore that dialog page will appear entirely empty. Inside the language pack the file "content.dtd" should hold these translated fields. I am perfectly fine tweaking "content.dtd" manually, like before, but I cannot do so until I find an example showing the new field names.
  11. Fine with me. Thanks. I since found the term used for the PCI-express lane upscaling and downscaling: "Link State Power Management". Manual override is lacking in Windows XP. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-performance/link-state-power-management-settings-in-xp/b91e3069-3a6f-4a85-bc3c-3a063687946c
  12. Another GT 710 is in for testing: GigaByte GV-N710D5SL-2GL Device ID: NVIDIA_DEV.128B Passive cooling 2GB GDDR5 VRAM with higher memory clocks. Produced Week 26 2020. Bought new this week. Apparently also has a hybrid VBIOS for legacy systems 3DMark2001SE benchmark goes from 30554 points for the DDR3 card to 37285 points for this GDDR5 one. With driver v344.75. Driver v368.91 iCafe version also works, but I had a hang when loading the benchmark and went back to v344.75. No stability issues with that driver so far. I was a little worried that 2GB VRAM is overly large
  13. I edited my post above. long story short: GT 710 (DDR3) works under WIndows XP, but is somewhat slow for its age and specifications, at least compared to the HD 6450.
  14. I recently made a small low power system. A Core 2 Duo 2,66 GHz. Windows XP SP3 x86. Initially I had a trusted old Radeon of the HD 6000 series in there: Gigabyte HD 6450, 1GB DDR3. From around 2011. ---- Works fine. CPU-Z says PCI Express link speed max 16x, current 16x. 3DMark2001SE benchmark says: 30456 points. Today for fun I borrowed an MSI Geforce GT 710, 1GB DDR3. Wikipedia says the GT 710 is a late Geforce 700-series release from 2016. Driver v368.91. iCafe version. Recognizes the card. 3DMark2001SE benchmark says 24245 points. Initially had stability issues, but these s
  15. Symantec Ghost v12.0.0.8019, dated 2015. When I restore an image to a partition with Ghost32.exe (Windows one, under XP) it briefly stated at the bottom: SSD with TRIM support detected; executing TRIM on unused sectors. Then seconds later it starts doing its normal business. Funny.
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