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  1. This looks legit right out of the 90s, though without the GIF spam lol! I think you should make an author column for your software links though, just to be kind, as well as maybe "external links" in some sort of dropdown list that takes you directly just like you used to see back then :p
  2. This is actually amazing lol, and yet another reason I find Discord's murdering of TeamSpeak, forums etc everywhere more than loathsome... (then again if users aren't willing to find info outside Discord and Twitter, are they actually worth having on a forum/IRC? Maybe it'll help quality control in the long run.) HTTP deprecation everywhere seems to be a tactic to scare older devices users into upgrading, which could explain Google's insane pushing of it in 2015 and beyond.
  3. Surprised at that to be fair lol. That said, I never really used Silverlight seeing as I don't tend to buy into DRM holding crap like Netflix or Spotify, for instance - I dunno if it would at all depend on the language seeing how this browser reacts to certain other things that aren't in the zh-CN locale it seems... Could just use FF49, or heck, even an older version may perform more sweetly, perhaps 45 ESR or previous but idk if it would work properly (I know someone was stuck on 47 for a long time on a much more recent OS due to issues)
  4. ... bugs the hell out of me. I have the system set to a really high DPI because my eyesight is really poor, but all the desktop icons just look disproportioned somehow (the recycle bin for instance for me is in the bottom right corner and it doesn't go to the corner with a higher DPI) is there a way to fix this?
  5. The first half of this thread is toxic as hell, wtf. As for the whole piracy thing, typically - redistribution or usage of a product you don't hold rights/proper licence of to redistribute = illegal in most aspects. Same goes for FOSS too, depending on the licence (like the GPL, think the XCP rootkit scandal which illegally reused GPL'd code). I'm not a legal expert but this is roughly what I make of it on both the free, FOSS/OSS and commercial side of things.
  6. I don't see why W10 uses 1.6GB at idle on a system with 4GB RAM, while Windows Vista uses... less than half of that at idle on the exact same hardware.
  7. This would presumably work on older versions of Windows? What about Vista, which doesn't auto-create a boot partition?
  8. Charon could be the rebrand name of New Moon in that case, while my previously proposed name in June would work for BOC-UXP/"Navigator" IMO. (Yeah, me and Cosmo are the same person: I thought I'd highlight that before any eyebrows are raised)
  9. This. I think it was the mere disappointment with there not being a NT merger in 2000, the millennium hype, etc. that's given it a bad name. A lot of this stuff is news to me though, as a newcomer to all this. I guess also it depends on your hardware too, and a lot of people likely didn't turn off System Restore either...
  10. Block most of Eastern Europe and you should be able to call it a day, most of the spam farms there operate under the same kinda ISPs and web hosts too, so this may help for weeding things out. I remember having to block Ukrainian/Russian/Romanian hosted spam farms before on a tiny forum and it was... insane to say the least. Doesn't help matters that Bing has no means of detecting spambot traffic either, so bots regularly use it to scrape for new sites. I guess the idea of country wide blocking is done by the proportion of legitimate to spam traffic and if there happens to be a pattern.
  11. Not entirely unrelated but things like spamming software tend to spoof using extremely old user agent strings, which could hint at the age of the software used in question and correlates with the idea of cybercrime code being kept around for long periods of time with little change. Maybe they have more sense than most of the big tech people now do who love changing things every five minutes lol.
  12. When did .NET 4.0 come out again? lol This is what "mobile first" causes, treating most of Generation Z those people on the same level as those actually willing to do anything with their hardware and software - a culture purely focused on making it more convenient for the former to lose even more of their mind, and anyone else to want to be even more stubborn about change.
  13. This is easily one of the best forum posts I have read in a long time, can I just say that now. WannaCrypt didn't even run on XP, remember: but all the ISPs and other tech sites just used it as an excuse to spread FUD about NT 5.x and 6.0 to scare people into upgrade to Windows 10. Also the whole thing of Microsoft trying to kill CPUs by lagging out Windows Update on Vista the day Win10 released (due to the free upgrade being exempt for Vista THANKFULLY, so let's try to make less smart users throw their devices away!)
  14. It's also totally fine with me, too. Would rather not link to anything Chinese and security especially given Qihoo's less-than-good reputation (false updates; sending better builds of their software for testers; etc) and ridiculous levels of false positives.
  15. It displays an error if I'm not mistaken, related to a kernel32.dll missing function iirc. That said, YT Studio loads fine in 50? Interesting... know any other pages that load better in this build?
  16. Tried changing the useragent string to Windows NT 6.3? Could be a Netflix-side UA block which would be completely unsurprising as "non-supported" OS and DRM isn't something that go well together, is it. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Silverlight itself is in some way totally broken in the browser (maybe only checking for zh-CN version), or if its fairly recent discontinuation prompted it to be removed from Netflix?
  17. Oh, roytam1's thread? I'd suggest using @i430VX installer if you're new to this stuff, which should auto-fetch the latest product build for you and let you choose what fork you want. In regards to reCAPTCHA, I'm literally beyond unsurprised. That horrific piece of junk loves to discriminate against people not using latest Google Chrome Stable on Windows 10, MacOS, Chrome OS or Android... if you get into a loop just use the audio captcha which actually works properly lol.
  18. Nah - a fullblown web-forum for support on your stuff work work better (like this but just for your browser projects, kinda like how K-Meleon kindly did that for you). This is a worthy enough project that deserves it.
  19. @roytam1 Have you still got any form of personal infrastructure yet for a support forum or the likes (seeing what happened with Moonchild Manchild)? You don't need anything fancy, in fact go simple so that it doesn't tax resources on the users' end :3 I've got some personal experience with this stuff, though I don't have much technical knowledge concerning your project... I'd suggest some sort of phpBB (which nowadays is pretty good compared to its past, and a good legacy theme exists compatible with old browsers); if not, perhaps an option that resembles the likes of old PunBB before Informer killed the project.
  20. Yeah, a good idea IMO. Perhaps having a global sticky for old updates archives would be nice too.
  21. No problem. On a side note, is there anything in the way of... a collated guide to doing all of this? I've seen some links and info sparsed all over the forum, it's kinda confused me (like, even getting started from a stock SP2 installation I just done).
  22. Didn't someone put a backup of the XP x64 WSUS Offline ISO a while back? It should be okay, while IA is sometimes a treasure trove of piracy (for a lot of people tbh excepting Wayback Machine) it's also got its moments of legally great backed up stuff like well, this eventually. I kinda think this stuff and up to whenever they altered the build number to 6003, could be integrated into an unofficial Service Pack 3 (at the least, the Main/Security/Hotfixes) and then the remainder of updates up to Jan.2020 in a "SP4". Bloating it out with crap like the XP SP4 project did that is generally up to the user to decide like the .NET Frameworks would be against advisory IMO.
  23. That's modern web snazz for you: if it is broken in anything but Chrome, don't fix it. I seriously wonder why we run on a software like this, though it's by far better than most of the crap that many forums use now (XenForo and Discourse are my enemies lol). There however does seem to be fallbacks when JavaScript is disabled - so try to do that as it will disable the WYSIWYG post editor, you should be able to edit the spoiler then. I know it's unrelated but it should be helpful
  24. I imagine it's because of how about:config's naming scheme is set up - General Settings > User Agents > Overrides > [insert site here] Do be aware some sites may try to block you purely for the Windows NT 5.1/2/6.0 portion of the user agent string, this is usually due to ancient scraper bots using old 2008-era browser agents.

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