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  1. Been using Notepad3 for years. Great piece of software. I wish it were a little more robust with columar search-and-replace or end or beginning of line search and replace, then I could get rid of my other editor that does those things: emedit.
  2. Download fixed. Thanks for head's up.
  3. There is no listing of all 200 tweaks per se. The setup only installs seven new Control Panel applets shown in the online screen shot and a half dozen new desktop context menu shortcuts, also shown in the screenshot. But, after installation, if you click on the "Tweaks Guide" link in the start menu you will see a guide to detailed instructions on installing the the other tweaks. The setup package is uninstallable, so you can read the tweaks guide and keep it and uninstall everything else. Hope that helps.
  4. Updated to v 10.0 February 8, 2021.
  5. Yes! I got that message on one of my Windows 8.1 workstations yesterday after upgrading to DotNet 4.8. This is crazy.
  6. Yes, commericial video ads on PCs and text messages to your phone when you logon will be the next big "innovation". I can hear them now: "Let's see how we can monetize 2-factor authentication."
  7. Looking at the recent list of removed or deprecated features in Windows 10 got me thinking about why I almost never upgrade Microsoft products anymore. Microsoft, and many aother developers, increasingly seem to want more money for less functionality. What happened to improving the ReFS file system and making it ready for prime time? Countless other useful features are discussed but rarely implemented. there have been nearly a half dozen iterations of Microsoft Office since 2007 yet they show little real innovation. As a result, I still use Word and Outlook 2003 to retain the ability to pipe
  8. Updated to v 8.5 July 17, 2019
  9. The cruelest part of Microsoft's pursuit of a CPU patch is that it has been clear for months now that Spectre cannot be effectively mitigated in software alone. That makes it a really hard sell to endure a performance hit for a patch that can potentially be circumvented anyway. It's a lot like getting a flu shot that's only about 40% effective.
  10. Try icon # 108 in: C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll.
  11. Updated to v 8.0 March 31, 2019
  12. Updated post and link to working one.
  13. I stopped upgrading MS Word and Outlook at version 2003 and Excel, Visio, Publisher and PowerPoint at version 2010 because MS started removing features I liked, allegedly out of concern for security. What are the advantages of paying an annual $70 to $100 fee for the latest version of MS Office and being encouraged to park your data in the cloud? I don't mean this sarcastically, I'm willing to be convinced.
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