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  1. Updated to v 8.5 July 17, 2019
  2. The cruelest part of Microsoft's pursuit of a CPU patch is that it has been clear for months now that Spectre cannot be effectively mitigated in software alone. That makes it a really hard sell to endure a performance hit for a patch that can potentially be circumvented anyway. It's a lot like getting a flu shot that's only about 40% effective.
  3. Try icon # 108 in: C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll.
  4. Updated to v 8.0 March 31, 2019
  5. Updated post and link to working one.
  6. I stopped upgrading MS Word and Outlook at version 2003 and Excel, Visio, Publisher and PowerPoint at version 2010 because MS started removing features I liked, allegedly out of concern for security. What are the advantages of paying an annual $70 to $100 fee for the latest version of MS Office and being encouraged to park your data in the cloud? I don't mean this sarcastically, I'm willing to be convinced.
  7. @Tripredacus. Don't know if this was the case for you or Mr. Turley at the eeJournal, but .pst files are locked when Outlook is open and cannot be copied or altered until Outlook is closed. I recalled this because when I do automated local backups I have to taskkill Outlook before copying the .pst file(s).
  8. Just got the LGA 2066 chipset and it is definitely hostile to Windows 7 & 8. I managed to get a Windows 8 image on it and then update my drivers but Windows 7 is a non-starter, even with an image and USB drivers. Still trying to figure out how to get Linux on it. Man, 2019 really looks like Windows 10 and nothing else moving forward. This is crazy.
  9. Updated to version 7.8e, with several fixes to hyperlinks and expanded "Shell New" items.
  10. Not sure if it makes a difference but I use the slmgr.vbs -ipk with a dash not a slash. Are you connected to the Internet when you try to activate? Also, I usually follow up the -ipk switch with slmgr.vbs -ato to force the PC to to connect and verify the product ID. Afterwards you have to reboot or logoff for the activation message to change on the Windows System property page. Hope that helps.
  11. Thanks for the head's up. The uninstall icon path was fixed in the latest Tweaks_78c.7z.
  12. Assorted bug fixes for 2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks in version 7.8c.
  13. Works for me. Please refresh your browser.
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