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  1. Linus, famous hardware reviewer from canada literally just today posted about a release his team did on a custom windows 10 for performance. Not surprisingly mine is going to be better. They simply didnt put as much heart into it. The point is I really wouldnt worry about it.
  2. "You are not allowed to redistribute any Windows OS image. It is software piracy and the OS is then warez." Logic. You can download a windows 10 ISO and install it, activated or not. My method allows you to use a legitimate means to activate. Im not selling it, so whats the problem? As for the forum rules, im still wondering what happened with my alternate accounts termination, and why I never received a return email declaration on the why. As to having multiple accounts, may I have one for each personality? What if a qualified professional said its ok? Seriously, I busted my *** to make this
  3. Moderators. Im going to tell you right now, you banned my alternate account and refused to reply despite the fact I did nothing wrong, one or possibly all of you are too lazy to get back with me. This is NOT A CRACKED or illegal copy of windows PERIOD. Allow me to BE CLEAR, this is a legal image, which requires the user to OWN WINDOWS 10 to use properly, meaning with full features. DO NOT remove my hard work and literally ignore my emails as that is extremely DISRESPECTFUL not only to me but the community. I made a 2 hour long video on how to do basically most of all these changes, but people
  4. Figured out the built in windows image back up. I was clicking the wrong option because I never used it, im now educated on corruption. Working on partial ramdisk for strategic files rather than the entire app, which many people dont have the ram for that.
  5. I made a mistake because I'm not familiar with having to use commands for system partitions and I lost my clone OS along with all my files TRYING TO BACK EVERYTHING UP. The image feature on this program doesn't work, only the clone feature, and that's a hassle and leaves room to mess up and put you back weeks of effort. Microsoft help desk then proceeded to forward me to the wrong windows iso TWICE. So much wasted time. If I could id get them fired for being so f****** useless.
  6. I have an announcement. I just finished backing up my work after downloading all my applications on my notebook. The stock CPU max score in 3Dmark11 was 24.5fps, using the build to the fullest extent I could get out of it (1511) 25fps... with the build lacking ram compression...... 25.8fps. Thats pretty significant actually. Things like IP helper are now linked to connectivity on build 10240, whereas before I could disable it. Made a clone backup with freeware, something reflect. God this is a lot of work, but ill eventually get it done. Playing with it right now. Looks like the latest nvidia
  7. The current struggle is finding the service dependencies responsible for the function of the windows based image back up. Instead of asking users to go third party, id rather preserve the service as it saves an additional step in an already rather large input of work for potential followers. It is a lot of work, and I welcome anyone who looks over my service disabling list (@ 1 hour and 14 mins) to clue me in, if they can do so before I ultimately figure it out myself.
  8. Im still working on the finalized guide, and I also found out how to get rid of system and compressed memory. You simply install an older build and stop waiting on microsoft to do their job. I have been to help desk 3 times in a row, and I decided to mock their incompetence in that I had to figure out the solution myself after pop ups sarcastically for surveys of customer satisfaction impede my forward progress to their wastes of time and hourly wages. Now im stuck at how to get updates WITHOUT the new trash builds. Im using 10240. I found a page with registry tweaks, but a list of windows 10
  9. I didnt realize so much of it was so blurry you cant even read it. I uploaded it at 720 which should have been enough but the free software im using the compression and other factors makes it horrid. Ill leave it up because its still useful, but almost barely; until I can revamp the guide and actually quality check everything before I put it in the public domain. I will go ahead and make task scheduler part not so ridiculously awkward, organize the defrag stuff to the back where it really should be, add a complete back up guide since standard image capabilities are disabled along with a thorou
  10. Quality wasnt too much a concern, it was the substance I was after. I already spent weeks putting this together, and believe me, there are parts i will consider remastering like the task scheduler part. As long as people can get what matters out of it im not too worried. I video edited the crap out of it to the limitations of free video editing, which is the main reason that one section mentioned could be a lot better. The fact is you cant see what you are doing, and I have to literally run the video twice in different windows and sync them, its a huge pain in the a**. If it gets enough traffi
  11. http://blog.zorinaq.com/i-contribute-to-the-windows-kernel-we-are-slower-than-other-oper/ Please note this is not the finished product. I intend on doing a final upload when ive checked it for quality. In the meantime this shall suffice, just be aware you should probably fresh install build 10240 and tolerate disable windows update altogether. Its the only reliable way I could get rid of "system and compressed memory". All of that will be ironed out when I get around to completing it, with walkthroughs for total techtards and a table of contents so more advanced users can skip over the fluf
  12. A brief reminder that you cant be apart of the PC master race without direct x 12 asynchronous compute rendered shaders bouncing off your eyeballs and off that new characters elegant breasts. All while livestreaming in 2k resolution in front of thousands of envious non DX12 owners waiting for vulkan to become a thing.
  13. I am currently fusing everything together. Its a bit rough in places, so consider it version 1.0, but ill be making a new thread with an appropriate title. The upload will take rather long. It is afterall literally almost 2 hours of content, and thats with a extreme amount of video editing. Fun fact, windows movie maker likes to corrupt your files and is total garbage. All are welcome to suggest polish.
  14. "You might want to reign in the attitude a little." Not everything my fingers produce is a direct indication of your personal ability, and when that is the case you message me back things like "You seem quite forward about expecting me to provide materials for your guide." Perhaps I should include exacting words so as not to offend the most promising lead I have to polishing every nook and cranny.
  15. Is there a method to find out which 32bit games those are? Crysis 3 runs in 32 bit for example, not that it has crashing issues, nor is it modifiable. But just as an example of a more modern engine.
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