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  1. I know, but I prefer Windows 7 instead
  2. Hi everyone! So recently I was tired of Wintrash 10 on my system, and wanted to use Windows 7. However I didn't know that Windows 7 would even work on this laptop, and sure enough it didn't. Here are some steps I tried: (Credit to some fine folks at the r/Windows7 reddit for helping me till here) 1. Used a complete up-to-date ISO with NVMe, USB Drivers built in 2. Used UEFISeven to try to get Windows 7 booting (failed, have attached a few videos showing what happened) I'm not sure what is stopping me from getting Windows 7 running on my laptop, I've seen multiple people getting it running on Comet/Rocket lake or even Alder lake systems! As for the drivers: I don't care about most of them. I have a dGPU so it that works I'll be just as fine, I don't expect the built-in UHD 630 GPU to work. As for WiFI, it'd be nice to have it but I doubt that the new AX201 chips would even work in Windows 7, the last OS they work is 2015 LTSB, and I did try Win 8.1 but it didn't work. If anyone could help me get Windows 7 on my laptop, I'd really appreciate it, thanks! My specs: Intel Core i7-10870H GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (Notebook/Mobile GPU) 16 GB DDR4-2933 MHz memory 256 GB NVMe + 1 TB HDD Intel WiFi 6 AX201 (Again, don't expect any modded drivers) Some images showing my problem after using UEFISeven: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au5nqkprJeoQ0BGQ2WpfeBoHz-nK https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au5nqkprJeoQ0BJjMA_eGDVsF198 After this happens, and I try to boot, it reboots after it stucks on "Starting Windows" and goes into the UEFI or sometimes goes to "Windows is loading files" even though I don't have the install medium installed. Thanks in Advance!

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