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  1. If you specify the names of your installed devices, maybe you could find recomendations of drivers for older Windows versions.
  2. I mentioned in my previous post a problem with sound. That's not a driver problem, that is related with services and similar things. I'm sure of that, because I connected my usb card to the vm, but it still didn't had sound. And I can't do nothing without sound because I can't use Windows without a screen reader.
  3. As far as I know, you can't run Windows 10 apps on Windows 8.1. However, it's possible to do that in Windows 10 ltsc/ltsb with a special script. I'm wondering what will happend if you try to apply that script on Windows 8.1!
  4. As far as I know, telemetry is just some services. Someone published a bat in Windows 7 or 8.1 forum to dissable telemetry. Another thing, you don-t need the latest vmware to run Windows 10 inside that software unless you want an insider version, so you can run Windows 10 inside Windows 8.1, 7 or XP on old VMware. I run Windows 10 x64 inside Windows XP x86 with the help of Dibya-s PAE patch!
  5. I'm also agree with that, try to upgrade to 4gb ram if you want to use a 64 bit OS. Someone here told that there's no modern browsers for Windows Vista. False! Roitam's bowsers like Serpent still support Windows XP and Vista!
  6. This week I had a problem with a Windows 10 VM. The sound dissapeared misteriously. As a friend of mine told, the thing is that the audio service couldn't start due to problem with another things, so I needed to reinstall Windows 10. That VM has dual boot with Windows 7 and Windows 10. Windows 7 there still works properly! That issue only affects Windows 10. And that Windows 10 was a stable version (20H2).
  7. Don't forget that the Windows XP code was leaked, so Microsoft must do something in order to protect all Windows XP computers. Maybe they must make updates for all people, but not free.
  8. I would to use WinXP as far as I can. I even can run Windows 10 vms inside Windows XP, and the experience is better using PAE (my pc have an I5 processor with 4 cores and 8gb of ram). I expect the One Core API/Extended XP will make XP able to run modern software. I'm also thinking that there will be XP bassed operating Systems, maybe with the addition of Linux shell and dlls. So, I still will be using XP, but I don't know if that will be forever. I just expect there will be alternatives to Windows 10, Linux and Mack.
  9. Here are an example. Don't forget that you would need to be registered in that page to play it. https://audiocinemateca.com/system/files/La caza (1966).mp3
  10. I managed to open such lincs in WinXP with VLC!
  11. Yesterday, I made an experiment. I tried to install Windows 10 LTSC x86 on a VM inside Windows XP x86. When the installation finished I dissabled services such as Windows Update and other services in order to avoid high ram usage. I also disabled Windows Deffender, visual effects and I reduced the screen resolution to 800x600. Both machines (main and virtual) have nvda installed with the remote addon so I can connect from my physicall machine to my virtual machine, and doing that the screen reader is quite faster (in the virtual machine) and I also avoid sound distortion. That is also helpful if I want to copy text between both machines because VMware give me an error when I try to install VMware tools, ¡and a virtual machine without vmware tools is very secure! ¡That experience (for me) is like running modern software inside Windows XP! Even Skype calls work in the virtual machine while in my main machine don't work!
  12. Maybe that stuff could be tried with the direct WU page, but you may open it with IE.
  13. I discovered something that maybe could be useful! There is a website called theoldnet.com There you put an url and select the year. When you press go button, you see how was seen that page in the selected year. It takes linc from waiback machine and probably other stuffs, because it managed to archive old website megaupload.com which apparently don't exists on waiback machine. I made an experiment, i put there the linc of Windows update v6 (extracted directly from Windows XP and IE 8), and here is the final url when I selected the year 2010. Here is the final linc! http://theoldnet.com/get?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.update.microsoft.com%2Fwindowsupdate%2Fv6%2Fdefault.aspx%3Fln%3Des&year=2010&scripts=false&decode=false Maybe it's not very useful for Windows XP but it maybe could be useful for Windows 9x/2k/nt if anyone needs to reconstruct Windows Update.
  14. If you decide to use Windows 10 LTSC, you should create an image of your system with a program like Macrium Reflect, so you can restore Windows and some data. I really lost lots of information when that happened to my computer.
  15. That happened when I forced the shutdown. That can happend to your computer if you start Windows and your computer don't have a battery, and you suddenly disconnect it and you force computer's shutdown!
  16. That program isn't usable with a screen reader, so I can't use it. Just can modify the initial configuration.
  17. I'm not an Itunes user, but as far as I know, you maybe could acces ICloud with Basilisk and download your data.
  18. There are URLs which requires login information. These URLs don't work under WMP11 or older. I'm wondering if any Windows 9x/XP music players support these kind of URLs. I suggest to add support for these kind of URLs on this project if it support URL's streaming.
  19. I'm also not able to like Windows 10! I'm also mading experiments with Windows XP. I once tried to make a Windows 10 VM (inside Windows XP X86 and VMware Player 6) with 1,5gb of ram in order to avoid restarting my pc and booting Windows 8.1 when I need to run a "modern" application. Windows 10 (version 20H2) was installed successfully, but when I installed my Screen Reader (NVDA) it became too slow so I wasn't able to use the VM when I restarted it. I plan to make again that experiment, but using Windows 10 LTSB 2016.
  20. As I could see, Teamtalk 5.2 works under XP, but it don't detect any input or output device while I use my USB audio card. The same thin happened with Zoom, and debut (a program which captures the screen and record audio produced by the computer and even the microfone. However, Windows XP's sound recorder and Audacity detects and even can use my microfone properly.
  21. A thing that could be done if you need to use Windows 10 is install Windows 10 LTSB/LTSC. It's lighter than the normal Windows 10, but as I discovered, it has a problem. If you suddenly shutdown the system, you break it accidentally and you try to repair it with the disk, the reparation options don't work, and you can't upgrade it. So in that case you need to do a clean installation. So create an image of your System. That happened once with my Windows 10 installation.
  22. I had Windows 10 in my computer, but I needed to format it because it started to boot too slow. I really didn't have problems with it, but I prefer to save my hardware. Remember what happened with chkdsk and SSD disks! Probably, old Windows 10 1709 and older were better options. In conclusion, I downgraded to Windows XP and Windows 8.1, so I use Windows 8.1 when I need it, but most of the time I use to work with XP because it's fun and I'm feeling better using it.
  23. I'm wonder if anyone created publicly a Windows NT 4 Extended Kernel previously!
  24. Teamtalk is becoming so popular, specially for calls, so I'm wondering if anyone use it on Windows XP.
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