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  1. If you add to REGINST in SHELL32 these lines we have new VIEW in SEARCH RESULTS: THUMBNAILS: [RegShellNamespace] HKCR,"CLSID\%CLSID_DocFindFolder%\%EXTVIEW%\%VID_ThumbView%","Attributes",%REGDW%, 0x60000000 HKCR,"CLSID\%CLSID_DocFindFolder%\%EXTVIEW%\%VID_ThumbView%","ISV",%REGEXSZ%, "%VID_ThumbView%" Copied from Whistler 2211
  2. i'm trying to update REGINST of shell and NetCrawler uses it. These code in TXT is from Whistler 2211
  3. shell32 please add 1 function from XP. its very esy to implement SHCreateLocalServerRunDllSHCreateLocalServerRunDll.txt
  4. NETAPI32 from XP: If you replace netapi32 to XP version, we have 2 missing APIS in samlib.dll ->SamGetCompatibilityMode; SamRidToSid SAMLIB from 2k3 have all functions, should be compatible... ESET SMART SECURITY v8.0.319 v2015: I succesfuly installed this version from 2015, but there's 1 missing API in ADVAPI32.DLL: eComServer.exe->advapi32->RegSetKeyValueW RegSetKeyValue its easy to implement. Add this from VISTA 4051
  5. SHELL32 if its possible, please add SHCreateQueryCancelAutoPlayMoniker to run Movie Maker from XP
  6. EXPLORER Please update explorer.exe to version: 5.0.3900.6920 from: Windows2000-KB324446-x86-JPN.exe download here https://mega.nz/#F!2lBVBBLI!WqmqhpxuX0qyCY1LiX4-gw?HlADUKib https://twilczynski.com/windows/updates/
  7. Hi blackwingcat, I'm tried to run Process Explorer v16.30. There's some missing API procexp.exe ->NTDLL.DLL: NtResumeProcess NtSuspendProcess procexp.sys ->NTOSKRNL.EXE: ObCloseHandle
  8. UltraEdit v26.10.0.72, binary editor kernel32: WerRegisterRuntimeExceptionModule, WerUnregisterRuntimeExceptionModule <-7 API
  9. Hex Editor Neo or Free Version, binary editor + disassembly view kernel32: TrySubmitThreadpoolCallback, StartThreadpoolIo, CancelThreadpoolIo, CloseThreadpoolIo, CreateThreadpoolIo, CloseThreadpoolTimer, SetThreadpoolTimer, CreateThreadpoolTimer, CallbackMayRunLong, WaitForThreadpoolTimerCallbacks<-Vista API'S
  10. DnsFree ok. next. PROGRAMS Mozilla Thunderbird 60.8.0: kernel32: GetProcessIdOfThread <-Vista API shell32: SHQueryUserNotificationState, SHGetPropertyStoreForWindow, SHGetStockIconInfo<-Vista, 7, & Vista API's uxtheme: UpdatePanningFeedback, BeginPanningFeedback, EndPanningFeedback<-Win7 API's Blender 2.80: kernel32: CreateEventExA <-Vista API Inkscape 0.92.4: iphlpapi: CancelMibChangeNotify2, GetIpForwardTable2, NotifyRouteChange2 <-Vista API'S
  11. Please add new APIS, if its possible: GAMES Northgard Relics kernel32: DebugBreakProcess <-XP/2003 function Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, The Forest dnsapi: DnsFree <-XP/2003 function PROGRAMS FileZilla FTP Client v. 3.43: kernel32: GetQueuedCompletionStatus, ReOpenFile, SetFileCompletionNotificationModes <-XP/2003 and Vista APIs
  12. Can you INTEGRATE KB979683 (hal, ntoskrnl.....), to KB935839? Thanks for updating Win2000. You're the best
  13. what tool are you using to patching DLL's?
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