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  1. Copy all resources from taskmgr.mui to taskmgr.exe save & run, it works. Prepared for you MULTILANGUAGE ver of taskmgr: PL/ENG. password: taskmgr
  2. 1. SYS Drivers: %windir%\System32\drivers or %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers 2. INF Files: %windir%\inf or %SystemRoot%\inf
  3. Im looking your 'hotplug.dll' and its not compatible with original "2ksp4" ; there are missing: DIALOGS: 330 & 603
  4. GDI32.DLL - Please add function: ClearBitmapAttributes (XP) 5.1 USER32.DLL - Please add some functions: PaintMenuBar (XP) 5.1 CalcMenuBar (XP) 5.1 IsServerSideWindow (XP) 5.1 RegisterUserApiHook (XP) 5.1 UnregisterUserApiHook (XP) 5.1 ChangeWindowMesageFilter (Vista) 6.0 DisableProcessWindowsGhosting (XP) 5.1 DwmHintDxUpdate (Vista) 6.0 GetGestureInfo (7) 6.1 GetRawInputDeviceInfoA (XP) 5.1 IsThreadDesktopComposited (Vista) 6.0 IsTouchWindow (7) 6.1 LogicalToPhysicalPoint (Vista) 6.0
  5. What software are you using to modify icons in 'explorer' 100, 130 ?
  6. ofcourse, but its not compatible..... Replacing 01 to 11 at address 574F doesnt work
  7. Hi. I want to patch explorer.exe from Win NT 4.0 with Desktop Update v.: 4.72.3612.1700. dr-hoiby webpage is deleted, available in wayback, but theres no info about this version i found bytes to patch, but its not compatible with NT with Desktop Update, LINK_1 patch from this TOPIC doesnt work... on MDGX, i not found version with DeskUpdate
  8. your modification doesnt work.... STOP c0000269 {invalid system DLL}... kernel32.dll was relocated in memory... ntdll.dll occupied the range of reserved addresses
  9. ok , i want try. But dont know how: add code to dll add new imports what tools use etc...
  10. Can you try expand NT4.0?? yunior600 tried but his project is dead... ;/
  11. add to: CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3A CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3W ConvertThreadToFiberEx CreateJobSet DebugActiveProcessStop DebugBreakProcess DebugSetProcessKillOnExit EnumSystemFirmwareTables FindFirstStreamW FindNextStreamW GetComPlusPackageInstallStatus GetConsoleProcessList GetConsoleSelectionInfo GetLargePageMinimum GetNLSVersion GetProcessIdOfThread GetProcessWorkingSetSizeEx GetSystemFileCacheSize GetSystemFirmwareTable IsNLSDefinedString IsTimeZoneRedirectionEnabled NeedCurrentDirect
  12. I have big request. Please update these DLLS to port ADMINTOOLS from 2k3 to 2k SERVER version DCPROMO.EXE (Active Directory) NETAPI32: DsRoleIfmHandleFree NetValidatePasswordPolicy DsRoleGetDatabaseFacts ADPROP.DLL advapi32: LsaQueryForestTrustInformation LsaSetForestTrustInformation netapi32: DsMergeForestTrustInformationW DsGetForestTrustInformationW dsprop: ADsPropShowErrorDialog ADsPropSendErrorMessage ADsPropSetHwndWithTitle FindSheet CERTADM.DLL CERTCLI: ORDINALS 249, 251, 254, 256, 260 CERTMMC.DLL CERT
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