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  1. UltraEdit v26.10.0.72, binary editor kernel32: WerRegisterRuntimeExceptionModule, WerUnregisterRuntimeExceptionModule <-7 API
  2. Hex Editor Neo or Free Version, binary editor + disassembly view kernel32: TrySubmitThreadpoolCallback, StartThreadpoolIo, CancelThreadpoolIo, CloseThreadpoolIo, CreateThreadpoolIo, CloseThreadpoolTimer, SetThreadpoolTimer, CreateThreadpoolTimer, CallbackMayRunLong, WaitForThreadpoolTimerCallbacks<-Vista API'S
  3. DnsFree ok. next. PROGRAMS Mozilla Thunderbird 60.8.0: kernel32: GetProcessIdOfThread <-Vista API shell32: SHQueryUserNotificationState, SHGetPropertyStoreForWindow, SHGetStockIconInfo<-Vista, 7, & Vista API's uxtheme: UpdatePanningFeedback, BeginPanningFeedback, EndPanningFeedback<-Win7 API's Blender 2.80: kernel32: CreateEventExA <-Vista API Inkscape 0.92.4: iphlpapi: CancelMibChangeNotify2, GetIpForwardTable2, NotifyRouteChange2 <-Vista API'S
  4. Please add new APIS, if its possible: GAMES Northgard Relics kernel32: DebugBreakProcess <-XP/2003 function Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, The Forest dnsapi: DnsFree <-XP/2003 function PROGRAMS FileZilla FTP Client v. 3.43: kernel32: GetQueuedCompletionStatus, ReOpenFile, SetFileCompletionNotificationModes <-XP/2003 and Vista APIs
  5. Can you INTEGRATE KB979683 (hal, ntoskrnl.....), to KB935839? Thanks for updating Win2000. You're the best
  6. what tool are you using to patching DLL's?
  7. missing API: build:1515 ExAllocatePoolWithTagPriority KeBoostCurrentThread MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache NtQueryOleDirectoryFile PoQueryPowerSequence PoRequestPowerChange PoSetDeviceIdleDetection RtlFindFirstRunSet RtlFindLongestRunSet You can drop these API's to NT5
  8. ntoskrnl from nt5 alpha/beta ins compatible ;/ missing API's
  9. Can we customize One-Core-Api(XP/2003) for 2000?
  10. Hi, Can somebody explain how configure & compile One-Core-Api? Video is unavailable
  11. Please use fcwin2k.exe(blackwingcat), and set compatiiblity to WinXP SP3 or higher and ICQ v10. works ok on Win2000. blackwingcat: Can you add fcwin2k to your package to default install??
  12. What progress with you extension. Do you bought FX-5500? Does anybody on MSFN/forum have hardware compatible to run setup NT4 on real hardware??
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