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  1. I think that it's possible to avoid installing KernelEX for that. You only won't be able to download songs with copyright, for example, songs uploaded by artists. So where is the old Youtube DL?
  2. I recently found an interesting thin https://github.com/ttalvitie/browservice It only have one problem, it require a Linux computer/vm, but I think that it's an interesting stuff.
  3. What radio players could be used on Windows 9x?
  4. When I tried to install it, it apparently can't connect to the server. I think it only happend with Windows NT 5.x
  5. Guys. What is exactly this? As far as I know. There's an extended kernel for Win2K created by Blackwingcat.
  6. I've got another question, does exist a player for Retrozilla? I answer this because that is a common element of modern browsers and I want to try to play audio in Retrozilla. If it exist, where can I find it?
  7. It doesn't help me, I think I will wait when extended kernel will be more advanced. However, thanks. And about Office 2016 in Windows Vista, did anyone try to run a portable version of Office 2013/2016 on Vista Extended Kernel?
  8. Ive got an idea, if Office 2016 and 2019 have practically the same files, creating and sharing portables of Office 2019 could solve this problem.
  9. I could find extended kernel files in the download url of a youtube video uploaded by Winclient5270. I made a backup of the original dlls, then I booted my vm with a Windows PE disk and replace the original dlls with the modified dlls. I could boot the vm successfully but the extended kernel broke my screen reader (nvda 2017.3). It gives an error. I tried to run the narrator and it also don't work. Then I ran the .reg file which he had included but it doesn't help. So I don't know if it break something of MSAA. What can i try?
  10. I've got a suggestion. When the extended Kernel will have more functions, create batch or exe files which would replace the original files because some people can't use programs like cf explorer. It for example don't work fine with Screen Readers. Moreover, I think that Windows 7 will need also an extended kernel because there are programs which will drop it such as chrome. Good luck with this project!
  11. I want to download all Windows Vista ultimate sound schemes for Vista x86. Where can I find it?
  12. I read that you can install Windows 7/8/10 on a .vhd virtual hard disk and boot it with your pc. Could that be done with Windows Vista? And the second question: has Windows Vista deffaultly Realtec drivers for my sound card Realtec ALC 269? I ask that because I wanted to install Windows XP/Vista/2000 on my PC and I have a lot of problems trying to install XP. Thanks for replying!
  13. I discovered something. Jaws 7.10 works with Retrozilla better than other Screen Readers. I think this happen because Retrozilla is based on old versions of Firefox and Jaws 7.10 is the first version of Jaws which have a script for Firefox. That Jaws don't work on Win95 or NT4. Is important to remember that there are two versions of that Jaws 7.10, one for Win2k/XP and other for Win98/ME. I also tried to run the Win2k/XP version on Win98+KernelEX and discovered that Jaws installs some drivers which are different for Win9x and NT. The Win9x version have the letter a and the NT version have the letter U. Remember that you can't test the Jaws 7.10 for more than 40 minutes unless you have a license (usually in a flopy disk) or a crack for that version. You can find that Jaws 7.10 on the page "grossgang.com". Before testing, I noticed that Jaws 7.10 and NVDA 0.6P3 don't detect some headings of some pages. It also don't detect some cells where you can write a text to search or login. For example, I can't login in the page "qcsalon.net" using Retrozilla because any screen reader detect that those are cells for writing. If anyone want to try Retrozilla with a Screen Reader, use Jaws 7.10 with Windows 98/me and NVDA 0.6P3 with Win2k or later. Unfortunatelly, nothing could be done with Win95 or NT4 unless it could be possible to port Jaws7.10's Firefox script to Jaws 6.20 (the last Jaws for Windows 95 and NT4). In conclusion, there's no necessity to have a very modern screen reader for Win9x.
  14. I tried to install FireBox, and it don't start automatically as it would do another screen reader before installation. Moreover, it use another commands which combine various keys. I don't know if Firebox don't starts automatically because is the version 3.6.12 or because the Screen Reader requires a special command to start up. But I think that there would be necessary to modify all the commands in order to make it easier to use.
  15. I made an experiment! I tried Retrozilla on Windows 10 with the last version of JAWS and with NVDA 0.6P3, ¡and it works! As I could see, Retrozilla displays the web differently in comparison with modern browsers. NVDA 0.6P3 activates the apropiate cursor, so is a big step in comparison with JAWS 6.20 and I can browse the web. Firebox requires the Sapi5, so I asume it would use Sapi5 voice sintesizers so we would need an old Sapi5 sintesizer for Windows NT/98/ME. Apparently, the project was abandoned around 2008. What Firefox did you used at that time?
  16. I tried to add that FireBox to Retrozilla and it not work, we would need to make special builds. It is a good idea if it have simmilar commands in comparison with JAWS and NVDA. I think that FireBox was abandoned because NVDA is very easy to download and use. However, I think that we could try to compile NVDA with the Python 2.6/2.7 for Windows 95 and make a build which probably would work with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows ME with the most updated MSAA for those systems.
  17. NVDA is dessigned originally for Windows 2000 and newer, so I don't think that it would work with and older version of MSAA.
  18. That document apparently was writen in 2003, and extended support for Windows 95 finished in 2002. In that case, NVDA apparently can't be ported to Windows 95. I think the last version of MSAA is 2.0.
  19. Sorry guys, I forgot to tell something important. Screen readers use a special technology, MSAA. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/winauto/microsoft-active-accessibility Windows 2000 and later has that technology. I remember that when I find a Windows NT4.0 VM and I ran the JAWS 6.20 setup, it installed me the MSAA. It's possible that you need to install that on Windows 9x, or even download a Setup of JAWS 6.20 and run it. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=21596 Unfortunatelly, the pages don't talk about Windows 95, so I don't know if it work with it.
  20. I will try next week the NVDA 0.6P3 on Windows 98SE with Kernel EX. But as I could see, the NVDA 2011.1 (one of the last releases for Win2K) couldn't be installed on Win98+Kernel EX. I was thinking on the possibility to install on my PC Windows 98, but I had been using WinXP/7/8/8.1/10 and I like Win98 and 2000. If anyone can, try the NVDA on Win95 with the special Python for Win9X and post the results.
  21. The NVDA 0.6P3 requires Python 2.6, and that Python apparently isn't compatible with Windows 98.
  22. You usually use the mouse to copy the text to the clipboard, but I use shift+arrow keys and ctrl+c. Jaws and NVDA have a special cursor for the web so you can browse the web and copy something of the web to the clipboard, but Jaws 6.20 don't start the web cursor in Retrozilla as well as it works on Internet Explorer 5 or 6. Consequently, I only can use the tab key to browse the web in retrozilla on Windows 98SE and I can't copy the text to the clipboard. Moreover, browsing the web with tab I only see the lincks. I create a new topic because it could be in the future only for NVDA and screen readers for Win9x.
  23. I posted about some Retrozilla problems related with the accessibility, but as I could see, the problem is on the screen reader. A person suggested me to use a text to speech application, but I can't use a text to speech system because I can't browse and select text with JAWS 6.20 and Retrozilla. Only think that I can do is saving the page as an html document and open it with Internet Explorer 6. The best screen reader for Windows 9x is JAWS (usually the version 6.20). That version of JAWS haven't any help documentation related with Firefox And JAWS isn't opensource. Consequently, I would know if could be possible port the NVDA screen reader to Windows 9x or create a special screen reader (bassed on NVDA) only for Retrozilla. NVDA is writen in Python. And NVDA 0.6P3 (released around 2009) has some scripts for Firefox. Other remarkable thin is that there are a JAWS 6.20 for Windows 95/98/ME and JAWS 6.20 for Windows NT4/2000/XP. The same happens with JAWS 7.10, but the version for Windows NT systems dropped Windows NT4 and the version for Windows 9x systems dropped Windows 95. I don't know why happens that. If anyone want to help with that, you can download one of the first nvda versions and tell what could be done. Thanks!
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