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  1. Builds are now available here https://github.com/RamonUnch/MPlayer-Ringo-builds/releases You need the latest DirectX for Win98, try also with different -vo and -ao drivers. try -vo gl/directx/direct3d/sdl -ao win32/dsound
  2. New build: MPlayer Ringo 2021-01-08 (ffmpeg N-100581-ga454a0c).7z https://mega.nz/folder/zbJiHIqK#garNgPLQaYp0Tu9bF--MsA
  3. == AltDrag 1.32 == + Added the PearceDBClick option in [Advanced] section of Altdrag.ini. Use 1 to disable the maximize on Alt+double-click. It only applies to the Move action for now, maybe more will come if needed. + Added the UseCursor option in the [Advanced] section of AltDrag.ini Use 0 to disable any cursor handling (not recommended). Use 1 to enable all cursors changes (default). Use 2 to disable only the Hand cursor when dragging a window (icyhoty2k). Use 3 to always use the default cursor, even when resizing. Note that none of those settings is expected t
  4. == AltDrag 1.31 == + Added option to replace the resize center mode with Move mode. GUI was adjusted accordingly * Improved the non full windows dragging mode, it will no longer move the window when it snaps but only the transparent square and the window will be moved when click is released as expected. * Simplified window database and removed useless code. * Fixed slightly too large window when resizing from a maximized window inside an MDI. * Fixed some annoying behavior in the in case of unresponsive windows. Download MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/mW5ExCCT#gI8DQ
  5. It should be possible to use SuperKoko's Win9x/NT python 2.6 / 2.7 builds I made a quick test with latest youtube-dl but could not make it work for some reasons. Probably this python 2.7 build is buggy, but maybe has still potential with modified youtube-dl.
  6. == AltDrag 1.30 == + Re-introduced the Aero snap at top to maximize a window. this behavior can be disabled with the AeroTopMaximizes option in the [Advanced] section of AltDrag.ini. The Shift key will also invert the behavior. + Now when auto re-maximize option is on, the re-maximizing can be prevented by pressing the shift key before releasing the mouse. * Fixed overcompensation of Win10 invisible borders in center mode in the case of double click Aero-snapping. * Fixed horizontal double-click Aero-snapping maximization in the case of MDI windows. * Fixed: Now the Vo
  7. Winamp is in my opinion the best music player for Win9x or later windows, If you want to listen to radio, I wrote a plugin for Opus file/radio streams (in_opus.dll) that works for Win9x. however it only supports http streams, no https... http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?p=3190368 Look at last post to have the latest version.
  8. There is also https://driverscollection.com/ That helped me more than once.
  9. == AltDrag 1.29 == + Added Maximize scroll action that behaves as expected: wheel up maximizes the pointed window, wheel down restores a maximized window and minimizes to taskbar a normal window. This action was proposed by bluebird11. + Now when Aero-snapping with double right-click, the window will be resized to full monitor width when double-clicking on the center of the window while pressing the shift key. * The cursor is now properly limited to MDI client area when using Ctrl. * Cleaned up some code by removing useless global variables. * Lower action will no long
  10. New build: MPlayer Ringo 2020-11-28 (ffmpeg N-100076-ga83098a) Based on the latest snapshot from MPlayer and ffmpeg. Include SDL and latest FreeType... https://mega.nz/folder/zbJiHIqK#garNgPLQaYp0Tu9bF--MsA
  11. Now this fork of AltDrag is on GitHub https://github.com/RamonUnch/AltDrag == AltDrag 1.28 == + Added hardening flags for gcc. + Added a RefreshRate in the [Performance] section of AltDrag.ini that allows you to set a minimum time in milliseconds between two Windows Redraw when FullWin=1, I recommend a value that corresponds to the refresh rate of your monitor ie: 60Hz => RefreshRate=16. + Added Maximize action, it can be used to toggle the maximized state, combine with Shift to minimize. (Thanks to Jim Teunis for suggestion). + Added the CenterFraction in the
  12. == AltDrag 1.27 == Very important WIN 10 DPI fix is now a real fix... + Added Elevate option to the tray menu as suggested by Loxaan Oxyde. + Added Pause Process option, use Alt+Shift+Pause to Pause the process of the windows under your cursor, press Alt+Pause to Resume. The Option AgressivePause must be set to 1 in [Input] config. Use the associated Pause blacklist. This function needs XP or later. Note 1: This is a very aggressive option use with caution. Note 2: The windows of the paused process will no longer be drawn leading to screen tearing on the windows itself
  13. A new bug fix update. == AltDrag 1.24 == * Fixed Crash in the config dialog. * Fixed some windows such as mplayer's windows can now be resized again. * Fixed translations and French and Italian translations in particular. More will come on this. * Fixed Incorrect snapping of windows in an MDI under Windows 10. * Fixed: Now on a blacklist, an empty title will be considered as a really empty title instead of 'any' title. You should use '*|class' to include all windows from a given class instead of just |class. This gives a more fine control over blac
  14. == AltDrag 1.23 == + Add option to disable resizing windows that are not resizable ie: No WS_THICKFRAME. Default is to resize everything. * Fixed: Now config dialog can be used on NT4. * Fixed: Now AeroSnap takes into account the taskbar on NT4. * Fixed: Now when a windows is not responding, move/resize will be disabled. * Some optimizations were done. * Fixed: Windows will be moved/resized in an independent thread avoiding any mouse delay/lockup when a window is very unresponsive. This is helpful for Slow video drivers on Win8/10, and for web browsers win
  15. The main problem is not the font nor the file system itself, but the fact that Win9x does not support Unicode. This means that any character that goes out of your code page cannot be handled. in your case you are probably limited to the Windows-1252 encoding that includes all ASCII plus many accentuated characters used in western Europe (255 in total, but you have to exclude control characters). Some of them are specifically not supported by the explorer (? : / \ " < > tabs, carriage-return etc.), but those are the same than for modern Windows versions. So my answer is that you
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