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  1. It was somewhat expected. Just to be clear, this 2018 build is not mine and you may be still interested because it has more chances to work for you. https://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer/files/MPlayer-win98-r38116+g23fe072e43.7z https://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer/ Maybe you already used this one; but from your other posts it seems you use a version from 2009 which is quite dated.
  2. Last MPlayer build without the -Ofast and with latest ffmpeg https://github.com/RamonUnch/MPlayer-Ringo-builds/releases
  3. -Ofast is an alias for -O3 and -ffast-math -fallow-store-data-races those fast-math makes a lot of optimization for the fpu disregarding IEEE 754. those optimization are ignoring infinite, NaNs, associative math ie: 3*(4*5) is considered to be equal to (3*4)*5, which is an approximation because of rounding etc. They should be perfectly safe in the case of Mplayer, they should just lead to slightly less accurate results (maybe) and it is enabled by default by the configure. the -fallow-store-data-races should not be a problem outside of multi-threading (that should not be us
  4. Your CPU being "slow", I would be interesting in some benchmarks from you, from the versions of MPlayer that run on your system. > mplayer shortTestFile.mp4 -vo null -nosound -benchmark Also try different -vo to know which is best on your system (I guess sdl will be fastest). I think those details may help also others to make their choices. If you need better performances from MPlayer there are some flags that you may want to consider: Fast: >mplayer filename.mp4 -priority high -lavdopts "fast:skiploopfilter=all" Faster:>mplayer filename.mp4 -priority high -l
  5. I forgot to update here but there is the latest MPlayer Ringo build. https://github.com/RamonUnch/MPlayer-Ringo-builds/releases/tag/v2021.02.27 I changed again a few things, may have an effect, I have no idea at this point. I do not perfectly understand your problems. PTHREADGC2.DLL was no build by myself I think, (need to check that because I have several versions lying around) So actually it seems that after a clean boot Ringo builds work after lunching the test mplayer-a1.exe, that I build for you. If it is reproducible, then it is a solution to your problem, b
  6. == AltDrag 1.39 == * New the LowerWithMMB option can now be set to 2 and you will need Alt to be pressed to lower the windows with middle click on title bar. * New: An 'Enable on full screen windows' option was added in the advanced tab of AltDrag default is on like previous versions. A full screen window is a windows that fits exactly into the monitor and has no title bar. * New/fix: A Killkeys list was added in the [Input] section of AltDragh.ini. It contains a list of key that will disable AltDrag when pressed down. Default value is 09 for the TAB key. This fixes a bug with D
  7. There is a Win98 build dated from 2018 if you would like to give it a try. https://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer/files/MPlayer-win98-r38116+g23fe072e43.7z
  8. @Wunderbar98 Try one of those builds. https://github.com/RamonUnch/MPlayer-Ringo-builds/releases/download/v14alt/MPlayer1.4_altbuilds.7z The one with a1 and a2 suffixes correspond to builds that "should" be optimized for athlon. If they does not work try the one wi the nosimd suffix.
  9. This file in 360Chrome has exactly the Same SHA-256 than the version in ungoogled-chromium_86. SHA-256: 27993E2079711D5F0F04A72F48FEE88B269604C8E3FBDF50A7F7BB3F5BFC8D8E I did not check the original Google Chrome version but if there were any difference I would prefer to keep the ungoogled one. It seems newer versions of D3DCompiler_47.dll can be loaded under WinXP (according to Dependency Walker). In 360Chrome 13 you have version 10.0.17134.12 with a certificate dated from2018 With ungoogled chrome 86 or 88 you have version 10.0.19041.1 with a certificate dated from2019
  10. Do you have any idea of what is the "MobileAdapter.dll" for (in Application\{version.number}\) I removed it and I do not see any side effects. Any idea? Maybe I am missing something obvious.
  11. Very nice ArcticFoxie. I did go through similar process but I had a slightly different approach. with version 12 of 360Chrome. I did not really care about the translation, however instead of using the Host file I simply went through the dlls and replaced all domain names strings with invalid ones. The Host technique is simpler and better though. I like to keep the errorpage.zip because I prefer to see errors in Chinese than no errors. the newpage.zip is the first thing I removed. I like very much your modifications. I think you should consider to do an other repack (just a
  12. Thanks for your info, Actually I will try to make a build without any MMX/SSE support to see if this is the problem. I do remember that some builds of MPlayer were not functional when having a SSE1 only able cpu, In theory CPU autodetect should be the best but we will see.
  13. It would be nice to add this support. unfortunately I have little time for this project and the only thing I did was actually to build a minimal MPlayer that runs on 98SE. I never actually tried anything URL related. For XP if you want more features there are other builds around that you may try. Also VLC is quite good decent for XP. Could you give me some examples of such URLs so that I have something to work with when I get more time to work on this project?
  14. == AltDrag 1.37 == * Fixed: Now moveable full screen windows should be restored to full screen when changing monitor. This was not working properly in 1.36. Note that many full screen windows are really not moveable anyway. Under Windows 10 the file explorer will behave correctly, not Firefox. * Fixed: the Scroll list was added in the [Blacklist] section of AltDrag.ini in order to disable the scroll action for any window. In addition the Processes blacklist will apply to scroll action as well. * Fixed bug when the origin monitor was a NULL pointer in some cases under older windo
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