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  1. Strange.This feature in chrome or Firefox never worked for me
  2. Hello again,i use to view pdf's a lot,but the last version of adobe reader for xp is slow and outdated...I tried sumatra pdf but that is not really good for me.I would like to know if its possible to get a more upto date version of adobe reader dc to work like from 2016 or newer on xp Thanks!
  3. someguy25

    anyone used Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs?

    What about pinball?
  4. someguy25

    Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in Windows XP correctly

    if you're trying with IE8 then you can't (i think). I rememeber trying myself, too, but it doesnt display the page
  5. someguy25

    Why Windows Vista doesn't suck

    Vista was only garbage in RTM we all know that.service packs improved the os.No OS with RTM will be the most stable one!
  6. someguy25

    Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

    Now,im going to install office 2010 on my xp pc and now i wonder what updates as of NOW i should hide/uncheck?
  7. someguy25

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    Seeing ATMs runnning xp just makes me fell happy
  8. someguy25

    XP/XP64/2003 Picture Thread

    Time to contribute http://prntscr.com/m4ifcy
  9. This 2.49.5 version works on xp so; t should on vista too
  10. They are probably having a hard time switching from firefox esr 52 to firefox 60 esr codes
  11. someguy25

    Windows XP security after POS Ready 2009 updates cease

    Even if april 9th will come i wont be worried.Why? Because i have a fully up to date antivirus, up to date browser programs and mainly XP might be more secure then 10 since 10 has more holes then Windows XP . Like they patched 39 holes on december? or november? in windows 10! Even XP doesnt had that much holes!
  12. I always disable the "Skype Updater" service is services.msc after installing skype
  13. Hello,here at my Windows XP machine Skype 7.36 is running fine for me. 7.38 works too for me
  14. someguy25

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    SNI support Internet explorer HTML 5 support
  15. someguy25

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    For god sake when i opened TeamViewer 14.0.13880 after long not use im getting this and even updating to the new version gives this error.After of clicking the latest version works