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  1. someguy25

    KernelEx for Win2000

    What "Modern" programs work with this?
  2. someguy25

    KernelEx for Win2000

    Ok,so i tried PM @blackwingcat but it says "The user cannot receive messages".That means time to see if im able to PM @tomasz86! Edit: Never mind didnt see the other post lol =P
  3. someguy25

    KernelEx for Win2000

    The download site for KernelEx for Win2k
  4. someguy25

    KernelEx for Win2000

    Im completly confused on your site.What is the latest version to download?.Someone help me
  5. someguy25

    Python 3.5 Runtime Redistributable backported to XP

    This is cool I installed it and.... this happened Something is wrong here
  6. Thank you soo much! It worked everything is back to shape And dont worry about Automatic Updates it was always english for me
  7. Oh so PosReady until April 12 2019 i though it was April 9?
  8. Altough i have asked lots of questions and i dont want to be anoying,but what update updates the security center?After installing all of the Posready updates the security center is in english before that it was lithuanian
  9. There are but most of us dont like it
  10. I would uncheck TLS 1.0,enable TLS 1.1,TLS 1.2 but the Escargot MSN Messenger server would not for me after that..
  11. That's ok.I just dont know how do i upgrade to a newer version of New moon.Lets say a new version comes and i want to update to it how do i do that?Do have to delete the folder ans start everything new???
  12. Thank you! Oh soo that's why the IE8 2018/05/30 update is on the top of search result on Microsoft Update Catalog when i search "Posready 2009"
  13. When will New Moon or the Upto date version of Firefox 45 have installers?
  14. https://www.techradar.com/news/atm-security-still-running-windows-xp https://www.itproportal.com/news/security-firms-warn-that-most-atms-still-run-windows-xp/ https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/11/14/atm_security_lousy/ https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2018/11/16/how-to-rob-an-atm-let-me-count-the-ways/ Maybe those ATMs run POSREADY 2009 or Windows XP with the Posready trick.
  15. How do enable TLS 1.2 and 1.1 in the internet options i have the update installed but it doesnt seem to be appearing in the internet options